Baby’s Journal #5

5 min readNov 6, 2021

Wow, our baby is 5-month old!!

The biggest thing to us is that Baby Metaverse is officially released!! The market this month is not quite positive, but we have stronger holders who believe in babies and be patient ❤️ We know that we have to do better and keep up with the fast pace, so please wait and see our growth!

Our baby started writing journals from the first month. Today, I found Baby’s Journal #5 to share with you. Let’s see how much the baby has grown in October 2021.

Baby’s Numbers

GameFi was still leading the market, so we have made several gaming friends and the baby is learning to be a pro player. The most exciting thing is, our own game is in production and will be released soon!

At the end of October, here is our financial data in brief:

  • DAU (Daily Trading Users): 2,380+

On the other hand, thanks to people who love BabySwap that our social media and group’s status is overwhelming:

  • Twitter Followers: 183.6K+
  • Telegram Group Member: 122.7K+

Our price fell back a bit, but we are still BUIDLing, so it’s a great time for users to consume more.

The gap is still huge compared to the top existing DEX, but we already climbed to #3 in BSC DEX and #15 in all BSC projects! We must keep up the good work!

BUT, we are beyond the DEX.

Baby’s Achievements

AMM+NFT+GameFi=Baby Metaverse, and let’s create a pure crypto land! Baby Metaverse is here for you, where users are able to trade, stake, earn, and play in the metaverse. It will essentially be a crypto space for each crypto identity to live.

We have more friends coming in this month, and If you go to the playground section, you can find all different places that can use your $BABY to play and earn.

Here’s the BabySwap Friends overview as of October 31st.

We worked with Binance NFT team to make staking available in October. Users can now withdraw their The Crypto You NFB to wallets and stake them in our NFB pool. Conversely, users can also deposit their NFB to Binance NFT Marketplace and list them for sale.

Moreover, we made friends with several other partners, and they can best help the baby to be the popular one in the crypto world! We did 19 AMAs in our own Telegram group for our cooperated projects to help them grow. We’ve done 4 airdrops to people who put faith in us.

Auto Baby Pool is still doing amazing, and it keeps attracting BABY to the pool. People love convenience so we offer that for sure! We also introduced limited pools and offered users a better place to allocate their funds.

Last but not the least, we have made several friends with other projects! By the end of October, we had 25 more Farms and Trade Minings with 18 more Pools. The projects were grouped as Bubbly Baby, Celebrity Baby, Housewarming Baby, Flash Baby, MVB III Baby, and the ordinary type.

BabySwap NFT Ecosystem

By the end of October, we did 2 NFB airdrops, including Diamond Hand, Gold Miner, and Halloween NFB. We distributed 150 Diamond Hand NFB to our top 150 holders, and 50 Gold Miner NFB to our core yield farmers. We didn’t have charity sales last month since we are waiting for Binance NFT marketplace’s full support on that! The new charity sale is on the way, please stay tuned!

Baby’s Plan in November and Later

We didn’t have many new features last month because of the development lag we have. Due to the problem of resource and energy allocation, our progress in product development is somewhat slow. This is why the promised version features were not launched as scheduled in October.

Hereby, we would like to sincerely apologize to users who have always supported us! Babies have already realized the problem and made quick adjustments.So, we have plenty of things going on this November and December.


1) Smart Router

To better upgrade the trading experience, a smart router is under development and the audit is almost finished!

2) vBABY

A membership token of BabySwap that has more benefits.


1) Profile

Thousands of avatars for you to choose. Which one could represent you?

2) Marketplace

Trade you NFT/NFB on BabySwap


1) The Crypto You

The card game is on its way.

2) Baby-themed Games

To be disclosed.


1) Bug Fixed: daily routine

2) Audit: We got audited by CertiK 7 times, one of the most in BSC! We will make sure everything has an audit before it goes online. Another full-round Audit is also around the corner. We are working with PeckShield, another outstanding audit company, and the new round of audit is almost finished.

3) As BSC’s native BABY, we will cooperate with more partners in the ecosystem. Let’s build a crypto world together.

The future is bright, and the baby is going to fight!

The above is the summary of October and our plans for November and later. However, please understand that we need to act fast and adjust immediately according to the market, so if the schedule is changed, do not worry about that, we will deliver the service eventually. Time adjustments are for better performance, please trust us on the operation.

People pay most attention to our BABY, but I think we’ve performed well under this market situation. Everything we’ve done so far empowers BABY to realize its real value, and we will continually do so. We aim to be People’s DEX, where everyone is capable of trading, farming, voting, creating, making profits… with BabySwap. And please always remember our purpose: as the best AMM+NFT+GameFi DEX on BSC for newborn projects, we want to help more projects grow in the best way they can to achieve their goal.

Baby is the future, and thank you for your 5-month support.

BabySwap will do better.

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