Baby Metaverse: A 5-month letter to our dearest users

7 min readNov 1, 2021


Dear Babies,

This is a letter for you, from the deep down of our hearts.

Since June 1st, 2021, BabySwap has been born for 5 months! BabySwap has experienced troughs and peaks, silence and highlights, success and failures during this period of time. Even though it has been said thousands of times, we still want to say it again.

Thank you for your support and company all the way.

As time passes, we would like to share our stories, our thoughts, our future, and our plans, with our dearest community, before we start our journey in the 6th month.

It was just like a Dream!

One day in late April, when Baby Jobs used PancakeSwap to trade altcoins, he felt that the whole purchasing process was not that smooth. Before you actually purchase it, you have to enter the contract address, and you are not sure if the address is right or not, because there’s barely any support for the newborn projects. And the trading route is not so common as well, so it made the whole process take an even longer time. As a product manager, a DeFi and DApp hardcore users, Baby Jobs proposed an optimization plan and convened other Babies to discuss whether there can be an AMM DEX focused on serving long tail projects.

BabySwap then was formally established.

Babies have always positioned ourselves as the best choice for newborn projects and help them grow better. We continued to BUIDL as we launched Exchange, Trade Mining, Farms, Pools, NFB, Playground, IDO and other features to provide more comprehensive support for newborn projects such as basic exchange, increasing transaction volume, increasing liquidity, airdrop distribution, attracting users, brand promotion, and token sales.

In the past 5 months, we have received strong support from the Binance Smart Chain, BabySwap partners, and community users. We have cooperated with 70+ project parties and opened 80+ pools, and many of them wanted to extend our cooperation for longer and deeper. Now there are 3,000+ users trading on BabySwap on a daily basis, and the members of our community have exceeded 100,000+. We also created a Baby’s avatar, a cute and valuable little baby. You have to admit that Baby’s NFT is extremely popular.

Nonetheless, we are not here to brag about the achievements we have. To review our progress, we feel like it’s way far from success.

We could do way better…

In the process of operation, we realized that not only the cooperative project party was the “baby”, the community users were also the “baby”. It’s someone’s first time entering the DeFi world and using DEX instead of CEX, or even someone’s first time entering the crypto world. Along with the communication back and forth, huge accomplishment and satisfaction filled our hearts.

We believe we are really helping more people to enter the mystery crypto world, and we believe we are truly helping those new projects to succeed and become more popular in the public.

Yes, this is something we especially care about, not only about the projects, but also about the people. We want to be “People’s DEX”, we want to be your first choice when you have the interests of exploring the new gems.

With the connection with projects, communication with users, and the integration of protocols, NFTs, and Games, It’s no longer “BabySwap-only” anymore.

“Baby Metaverse” is here.

Baby Metaverse, a virtual crypto world with Baby’s Avatar as the core, including AMM, NFT, Gaming, and more.

Each user will have a customized Baby character, and in Baby Metaverse, you can trade cryptos, conduct financial management through AMM, cast your favorite NFT avatar, and have fun with a variety of entertaining Baby Games.

You can do whatever you want and be totally free in Baby’s virtual crypto world.

BabySwap is just the first step!

(Metaverse Map in progress — You can trade, earn, and play in the game)

(Season settings of the metaverse in progress)

After establishing the goal of Baby Metaverse, our Baby team started research and development work on multiple lines, non-stop with limited human resources.

I have to admit that we are facing a development lag right now. Due to the problem of resource and energy allocation, our progress in product development is somewhat slow. This is why the promised version features were not launched as scheduled in September and October.

Hereby, we would like to sincerely apologize to users who have always supported us! Babies have already realized the problem and made quick adjustments.So, we have plenty of things going on this November and December.

How’s the Bright Future?

We will continue to enrich and deepen the functions and services of AMM on BabySwap as the core, while having differentiation on it. At the same time, the GameFi will be gradually realized through NFT, and then form a complete wonderland.

Clear Roadmap — To-do-list of features

The development team is reallocated! And let’s focus on the core features first!! Let’s go, babies.

Community advancement — Discord

Good projects are inseparable from high-quality communities!

In order to better interact with community users and meet the communication needs of different users, we established the Discord community!

Here, you can chat about projects, industries, hobbies, participate in different activities and conversations, switch between different channels, and talk freely!

We always feel like the communication between BabySwap and our users was not enough, so we will give more active feedback daily and weekly, directly from the team. We will let you know every step we made and inform you of the dilemma we faced as well as the milestones we achieved. There will be a more comprehensive structure in Discord, however, we will still be using Telegram for sure.

It is clear that users who first get to know BabySwap can interact with us on Twitter; users who have strong interests in using our website or buying BABY or started to learning can use Telegram; users who have deep faith in us and are willing to give smart advices can join our Discord!

I heard that there will be more juicy rewards in Discord, guess I will see you there since you are already reading the letter! 😉

Gem Digging — MEME Plan

Guess who is trending these days? Da MEME!! We will have an exclusive plan for MEME assets!

Any MEME project can apply to join “MEME BabySwap”, and we will refund 100% of trading fees of your tokens!! It’s about 0.05% of your token’s trading volume. 💰

The Kindness — Charity

We didn’t actually have any charity sales last month, since we want to do the next one on Binance NFT marketplace!! Yes, Baby NFB can now be listed and purchased on Binance NFT Marketplace. In early November, we will team up with Baby’s friends to cooperate with Binance NFT and Binance Charity to conduct the charity NFB sales! Getting ready for some massive noise!

In the past few months, we have donated 150 BNB in total. Charity is a long-going process for BabySwap, and we hope to help real-world babies from what we earned and share our love with them. For every baby, the crypto baby, the baby project, the baby user, and the real baby, we value you all.

The Baby team hopes to help build a future where people have more ways to play and connect to the crypto metaverse. It is formed by solid features, strong community, acute understanding of the industry, and also the on-going love.

We all want to spread kindness, between the projects and us, between the users and us, between the outsiders and us. We are truly thankful to our users who have faith in us and understand the difficulties we face.

Fast action, huge amounts of collaborations, farms and pools, etc.

Lack of communication, lag of development, etc.

Let’s face the success and the problem at the same time and move forward.

BabySwap will always do better.

November 1st, grab your ticket for Baby Metaverse!

Let’s go beyond the DEX.

Principal’s Note








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