Baby’s Journal #1

BabySwap is 1-month old!

Starting from June 1st, Baby has been behaving well and impressed all of us. Today, I found Baby’s Journal to share with you.

Let’s see how much did the baby grow.

Baby’s Numbers

It has been a tough month, where the Crypto boss BTC has gone through a tremendous dump that led to a decrease in the whole Crypto market. Besides, the DeFi market especially projects on BSC frequently got attacked by hackers, and it also bothers all of us a lot.

However, BabySwap is doing a great job, that it doesn’t seem to be a huge dump but several normal price adjustments, and there were no security issues since we always put security as our core goal!

By the end of June, here is our financial data in brief:

DAU (Daily Trading Users): 1,100+

DAT (Number of Daily Active Transactions): 15,000+

TVL: $8,500,000+

24H Volume: $8,500,000+

On the other hand, thanks to people who love BabySwap that our social media and group’s status is overwhelming:

Twitter Followers: 73.6K

Telegram Group Member: 75.8K

As of June 25, the circulating volume is 26,731,040 BABY, and the circulating market value is $2,773,959. There is still a long way to go, but we have to BUIDL before pumping since it will essentially provide a stronger base for BABY.

The gap is still huge compared to the top existing DEX, but as a DEX that was only born for 1 month, let’s all cheers to Baby!

Baby’s Playground

Baby is never lonely! With all your supports, our baby can grow happily and healthily. Yes, I’m talking about you, the family, and them, the BabySwap Friends!

Baby has made several friends this June. We first made friends with CertiK, since you know that security is the prior concern. By the end of June, we had three audits by CertiK, and also opened SkyNet service to monitor our security status 24/7. With their help, we did not only run BabySwap in a secured way but also applied a 48-hour timelock (the longest one for BSC projects) to upgrade our guard system. It turns out we have a score of 89! Which is ranking #6 in BSC projects, what a success!!

Then, we got our BABY token listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, the best market information websites. BabySwap as a DEX will also be listed soon, no worries on that! We also got listed on DeBank, which gives the users the clearest and the most transparent data on-chain.

Moreover, we made friends with several wallets, CEX, Communities, and media, and they can best help the baby to make more friends and be the popular one in the crypto world! We did 18 AMAs crossing 8 different languages with 10 press releases. We’ve done 2 BABY airdrops to people who put faith in us.

The baby also likes barbecue, so we have burned 177,942 BABY in June, and there will be more ways to burn for sure! Let’s keep the BABY healthy.

Last but not the least, we have made several friends with other projects! By the end of June, we have 38 Farms and Trade Minings with 7 Pools in total. The projects were grouped as Bubbly Baby, Celebrity Baby, Housewarming Baby, and the ordinary type.

BabySwap NFT Ecosystem

At the end of June, we added a new feature — NFB. NFB (Non-Fungible Baby) is a part of Baby’s NFT Ecosystem, which can be staked to earn BABY in the future. We did two NFB airdrops:

On June 25th, we did a Firstever Baby NFB airdrop to those have used BabySwap before June 23rd.

On June 29th, we did a Panther in the House Baby NFB airdrop to most valuable users and holders of PANTHER, to invite people coming for to housewarming party of BabySwap.

More on BabySwap NFT Ecosystem is to be disclosed.

Baby’s Plan in July

June was a fun time, and July will be better! Hear me out on the latest update on what BabySwap is going to do and the goal in July.

1) NFB Pool

NFB Pool is expected to be launched in the middle of July, where users can stake their NFB to the pool to get BABY, with a higher multiplier than BABY pool.

2) Auto BABY Pool

Auto BABY Pool is expected to be launched in the middle of July. Tired of compounding daily? This is our solution to it.

3) Bottle

Bottle is expected to be launched in the middle of July, and it’s currently in audit and revision right now, please give us more time to provide the best service for ya.

4) IDO

IDO is expected to be launched at the end of July!! I know most of you are more excited about IDO, so let’s get this rolling

5) Bug fixed

Yep, this is our daily routine.

Plus, on marketing, we definitely have more things to achieve.

1) AMA in different countries

2) Better development of our Discord and Reddit

3) Make more Friends

4) Multi-language TG groups

5) ……

The future is bright, and the baby is going to fight!

The above is the summary of June and our plans for July.

People pay most attention to our BABY, but I think we’ve performed well under this market situation. Everything we’ve done so far is to empower BABY to realize its real value, and we will continually do so. We aim to be People’s DEX, where everyone is capable of trading, farming, voting, creating, making profits… with BabySwap. And please always remember our purpose: As the best AMM+NFT DEX on BSC for newborn projects. we want to help more projects grow in the best way they can to achieve their goal.

Baby is the future, and thank you for your 1-month supports.

BabySwap will do better.

Principal’s Note







A supportive Baby MetaFi including AMM, NFT, and GameFi for newborn projects on BNB Chain.

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A supportive Baby MetaFi including AMM, NFT, and GameFi for newborn projects on BNB Chain.

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