Leap to the Future: BabySwap NFT Ecosystem

What are your thoughts on NFT?

An art piece in the crypto world, a kind of investment that can earn you a loaf of money, or nonsense that has no value to you?

What are BabySwap’s thoughts on NFT?

In one sentence, briefly…

We have a dream to create a virtual reality for BABY, the wonderland to store your aspiration.

In the more detailed way of saying,

Step 1: To encourage more people to our BABY world. We’d love to create more figures in diversity and build a wonderland. The basic element here is NFB, and you are going to see NFB not only in crypto platforms like BabySwap but also on traditional eCommerce platforms and your local market for a real one. Each real figure matches with one on-chain NFB. You could make it as a collection, both on-chain and in reality, or you could even stake it in BabySwap for more profits.

Step 2: After you become a member in BABY’s wonderland, everyone needs to have a crypto identity where you can dress yourselves to be unique and customize your profile.

Step 3: Let’s say you are a pro in BABY’s wonderland, you will get your VIP premium card that gives you more rights and benefits such as trading fee discount, dramatic airdrops, IFO limit, etc.

Step 4: You might want to trade or exchange your NFB with others after you’ve collected several in order to get the full collection, no worries about that. When we have BabySwap NFT marketplace, people can exchange, buy, or sell their NFB in the free market as they wish.

As to BabySwap, NFT is not only some kind of highbrow art collection, not only nonsense graffiti, not only financial assets in a certain industry. But, a fascinating and multidimensional creature. In BABY’s wonderland, it represents your crypto identity, gorgeous art collections, and interesting financial products.

Wild, dramatic, artistic, meaningful… Anything is possible in BABY’s wonderland.

Let’s have this glorious experience together.

Now, scroll down, let’s take actions step by step.

What is NFB?

NFB (Non-Fungible BABY) is one of BabySwap’s core NFT products that focuses on staking. Users can stake NFB to get BABY in BabySwap NFB page that will be launched in July. Each NFB will have its own face value, such as 10 BABY, which will be equalized to staking 10 BABY in the pool, but with a higher APR than pool. This means, with a 10-BABY NFB, you are able to earn more than staking 10 BABY. When we mint the NFB, the same amount of BABY will be locked. Users are not able to disassemble them to BABY In the future, but they can sell it to others for BABY. There is also a chance to combine your NFB and stake them to earn other tokens, stay tuned for more tricks!!

NFB is not only a form of NFT but also a money-maker. It will have a higher multiplier to stake in pool as we mentioned above, and will also have benefits in the future such as airdrops, IFO, etc. Moreover, series collections or a full collection on NFB can unlock even more benefits. On the other hand, it also has a potential increase in value, since every NFB is unique, and we only launch them for ONCE. What are you waiting for? Aren’t you dying for these little cuties?

Say less, NFB is a treasure, and we are looking forward to meeting you on the Binance NFT platform.

Have you received the first NFB?

Our first NFB is called “Firstever Baby”, and we did a massive airdrop to all our first-month supporters. If you participated in ILO, if you are or were a BABY holder, if you have ever participated in farms or pools, or you have traded on BabySwap…We located those addresses and did an NFB airdrop for you. Thank you so much for your support and we know nothing will happen without your support!

Connect your address to BabySwap, and go to My NFB, do you see the cute little baby we have for ya? Huge thanks and I will assure you this is more than a regular NFT.

Just like we mentioned in this article, you are able to stake your NFB after we have our NFB staking pool in July and get more rewards. And since we are only going to airdrop “Firstever Baby” once, your NFB becomes precious and there will be a lot of benefits about it! Our next NFB will not be the same, we will create different NFB each time for you to earn. Speaking of this, let me introduce you the categories of our NFB.

NFB Categories

“Firstever Baby” is our first NFB, but you may notice it’s in the “Memories” category. Yes, we are going to have different categories for diversified NFB we create. The categories and explanations are as follows:

  • Mates: NFB that is Jointly-signed by projects cooperate with us.
  • Friends: NFB that is Jointly-signed by partners cooperate with us, such as wallets, media, CEXs, and so on.
  • Family: NFB we created for influencers or community leaders that put effort and have faith in BabySwap.
  • Memories: NFB that records our milestones, such as “Firstever Baby” to record our first-month glory.
  • Baby Squad: NFB in different series, such as seasons, occupations, signs, and so on.

How to get your NFB

Airdrop is not the only way you can get NFB. There are three ways in total:

  • Airdrops: We will have NFB airdrops for different groups of people, such as other tokens’ holders, users of certain platforms, etc. Mates and Friends can only be obtained via airdrops or special sales. The face value of these types of NFB is usually set as 10 BABY or 100 BABY.
  • Cooperated NFT platform or BabySwap NFT platform(Available in July): Family, Memories, and Baby Squad can be purchased on the NFT platform. The face value of these types of NFB is usually set around 1,000 BABY.
  • Secondary market: You could also buy from or exchange with other users, price is set based on the sellers.


Now, we have briefly explained NFB, our first step of building BABY’s wonderland. Here’s our roadmap on BabySwap NFT Ecosystem:


➡️ NFB staking: stake your NFB to earn more

➡️ Profile: build your crypto identity

➡️ vBABY: mint your VIP membership

➡️ BabySwap NFT Marketplace: trade NFB and NFT on BabySwap

➡️ Toy figure: real-life sale

➡️ …

We wouldn’t say we do the best job in NFT since many are shining right now. But I assure you this is the place you can get the most profit from NFT, not only as a collection but also as a functional asset to earn you money.

Well… stop being humble.

BabySwap will be the best NFT platform since we make everything possible here with more fun.

BABY’s wonderland is waiting for you to be on board.

Let’s take a leap to the future of the crypto world.

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