Baby Thursday Review — Sept 29

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GM babies! With so many optimizations and updates going on these weeks, we are glad that you guys enjoy it and have great feedback on each of them. BUIDLing is always a strenuous journey, so grateful to the babies who accompany us throughout the whole adventure. Long story short, come with me to check out what we have done in the past and plans for the future.

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Let us dive into the review session of Baby Thursday on September 29th, 2022 about some achievements, visions, and schedules in the past and next quarter.

After Greetings and Introductions

Uncle Terry: Great, we are all set! I have the vibe that we gonna have a lot to take about the latest updates since Baby has been very productive and effective in the past weeks!

Baby Ava: Yes! We are always productive actually lol, but indeed, in the past two weeks, we have made and announced quite some optimizations and upgrades because we want to bring more freshness to the current market, and most importantly to provide a more user-friendly environment for babies to earn and have fun on Baby MetaFi. Enough said, let’s together recall the progress we have made.

First and foremost, Baby Wonderland Huge Burn! I know this is the part we all care about the most at the moment, so let’s take a look back at what we have done. Since the land can only be minted by BABY, 100% burn of the BABY received from Baby Wonderland Mint and Royalty Fee of course! We have burned 6,417,241 $BABY in the 64th week. That’s really something that represents not only a return for supportive babies but also an evident method to have more benefits! Mint and HODL more lands, BIGGER BURN, higher Prosperity Points, and many other upcoming benefits will come! WIN-WIN! Oh, and the Circulating Supply number on our home page is burn-excluded! Always get the correct number there!

Here come the ‘other benefits’ :) We have just made some adjustments on the Farm days ago, if you were here for the last Baby Thursday, you must know that it was one of the steps in the tokenomic upgrade. What we have basically done was arranged our strategies according to the current market condition and user benefit preference added Farms of BTC and ETH and adjusted the allocation of multipliers. Never emphasize enough that no harm will do by adding new Farms, we just re-allocated the output distribution of 8 BABY each block instead of increasing its output. It benefits users from trading and arbitraging, and vBABY holders from earning fees.

Here are the newly adjusted multipliers:

The APR is still high! You should get yourself a chance for huge returns and put the rewarded BABY into Wonderland.

We are making moves step by step, and developing more smoothly to make the rest happen in the last quarter of 2022! Check here for more information about our plans for tokenomic upgrade here.

Uncle Terry: Straightforward! I read it so carefully yesterday and not just simple moves forward, but babies can actually gain from each action! Every step is made out in the best interest of users! And I also mark down the key idea of the article: the more the merrier!

Baby Ava: Nice catch! You fully understood it! It’s not a small movement, and what we want the most is to have the best performance of each step to benefit babies. Yes, it takes time and effort but worthwhile!

Not finished with our updates yet, we have done a lot in the past weeks! Here we are, the optimizations and updates of Baby Wonderland! I believe many of you may have already used or detected them. When we tried to buy the land we want on Baby Wonderland before, we had to filter only ‘Listed on BabySwap’ and to see a whole map of light green lands to click each one for its rarity and so on. We realized how time-consuming and effort-taking that is, so now, you can not only cross-filter the listed lands on BabySwap NFT Market in general but with specific size and rarity now.

There are more targeted searches for you to locate your desired land, and by clicking on the land, you can jump to our NFT Market directly! No more search for specific coordinates! More accessible and easy operations now to collect your preferred land to make your best combo!

In addition to that, we have optimized a clearer rarity display for babies to check the rarities of their own lands with a glance. The same issue is with repetitive clicks on each land to check its rarity and go back and forth to check the others. But now, we have distinguished and exhibited them for you! Take a look at your land assets on ‘My land’, you will know the rarity of each land effortlessly and make further decisions to sell or buy. Then from here, connect back to the newly updated targeted search for your desired land above, easy peasy right?

Uncle Terry: Definitely! A much more user-friendly operation I can say! I know Baby’s got many more optimizations on Land going on right now, let’s wait and see! BTW, I really want more little crowns to be in my land, you want what I am saying right? Lol! Get more!

Baby Ava: Who doesn’t! Better to have crowns all over jajajajaja!

Okey dokey, let’s continue. Speaking of crowns for Premium land on Baby Wonderland, we have another big hit that happened this week that relates to the land. Make a guess.

BBF (Baby BAB Family)!! It was announced on the 21st and opened for claiming on the 26th, and surprisingly went out of stock in ONLY 5 MINS! A jar-dropping speed which I didn’t see it coming!

For those of you who didn’t get the chance to claim a BBF or claim several this time, you are able to list and buy BBF on our NFT Market now! I personally suggest you to HODL because BBF is an exclusive and exquisite NFT, at the same time, you have the chance to earn free lands on other islands, Prosperity points plus and other benefits! Make what’s the best decision for you. And we will prepare a countdown for you guys to better track the time to claim next time!

And another big feature has finally come back to us! You must have seen it once you click on our web page. You can check your unclaimed rewards by connecting your wallet and clicking “Claim” multiple times to get your rewards one by one easily, no need to search around among the pages to check and claim your rewards! We have received great feedback on that saying how convenient it is and some babies have also said that it’s impressive and excited to see their rewards whenever enter the web page. We are moving forward to a more user-centered platform day by day! Have fun on Baby MetaFi!

Uncle Terry: I guess ‘some babies’ must include me! I was shocked to see how much I have earned on Baby, and glad I didn’t claim them yet because I can see the huge number there. My big returns for HODLing and BUIDLing! So satisfactory to see that and makes me want to invest more!

Baby Ava: Hahaha, you do know the drill! Accumulate to huge or claim to re-invest, your call!

Last but not least with our latest updates, we have also optimized and updated some small features to provide easier access or a better user experience. In the past weeks, we have added direct links to Baby’s Whale Chat to the ‘Join Community’ section in the middle and the ‘Community’ section of the guided bottom bar on the Homepage. You can go to Baby’s Whale Chat from these two places directly instead of clicking into DID then go there, whichever you like! More ways for you to choose from and wherever you go, you can have easy access to the forum. And also, we have added the Pending status of the ongoing transaction, which will be displayed in the upper right corner of the Swap page while trading. Not to stare at the swap page and wait for the transaction to be done, the little pending icon will tell what status is your transaction at!

Speaking of transactions! You can share your transactions to your web 2 social media accounts after exchanging on the Swap page on both web mode and Babyverse mode! Twitter and Telegram sharing channels were opened. Trade over 90% of BEP 20 tokens via our Smart Router and earn free $BABY as your trading rewards (The Last month to have trade mining rewards). Share with your fellow babies and the crypto world of your BabySwap experience!

We have always been dedicated to BUIDL a user-friendly platform as you all know, and I can say that we are one out of a few projects that communicate with users directly, listen, and practice effectively and meticulously with high quality! So we are collecting ideas openly from our community not only on Telegram, and Discord but on Twitter as well. We have posted several tweets for suggestions and ideas, such as ideas on the achievements to be added to the Achievement Board of DID, your desired NFT collection to be listed on our NFT Market, your favorite optimizations and updates of the latest Baby MetaFi, things to be upgraded on the Land, and so on. Express yourself and share your unique ideas with us when you see the posts, or tell me in the Q&A session later.

Uncle Terry: So much real stuff! This means Baby has really done a load of things to offer a better environment, direct exchange channels, and freshness to the market. We are slayed and can’t wait to hear about the future!

Baby Ava: Aye aye Captain!

Let me first give you the one that will be launched in late October! This time, the updated version will be very much like DAO, with babies making proposals about Baby MetaFi, targeted on the features, updates, or optimizations specifically, and with constructive feedback. This is a direct way for all babies to involve deeper with the whole metaverse and to BUIDL together. You will be proud to see your own proposals to be on the waiting list and with many other supporters!

Uncle Terry: I love DAO power!

Baby Ava: Now, Here we are with the most-anticipated Prosperity Points that will be deployed on each land asset next month as well! In case you didn’t realize today is the second to last day of September lol. So we can expect it to happen real soon! Do you still remember how to calculate the points and make the best combo? Let me re-emphasize again!

Prosperity Points for the Normal land will be 100, and 120 for Premium land. If the land was merged, there will be multipliers as follow:

2*2 will have a 1.5x multiplier

3*3 will have a 2.5x multiplier

4*4 will have a 3.5x multiplier

5*5 will have a 4.5x multiplier

6*6 will have a 5.5x multiplier

If a Premium land merged with other 8 normal adjacent lands into a 3*3 land, the land in a total of 9 and in the status of ‘merged’ will be recognized as a Premium land as a whole, and the Prosperity Points for each land will be counted as 120 for 9 lands. When you unmerged, the lands will go back to their original rarities and Prosperity Points. This only works when there is at least one Premium land for merge, 9 Normal lands will still be merged as Normal land, and counted as 100 each. Check back to the examples we gave in the last Baby Thursday thread in Discord or the organized one here.

Btw, one quick update is that 3*3 land will be able to be listed on our NFT Market as a whole after PP was deployed! I know many of you have been longing for this one. Mint more lands now to merge especially with the Premium lands or wait for babies to list their 3*3 land on the market! Adjacent lands are quite challenging to acquire and larger land comes with more PP!

Next! Which is highly related to the Land and tokenomic upgrade as well — the Farm and Pool v2! In order to change the output of Baby Pool, we need to upgrade to Farm & Pool v2 which is mainly about the contract change!

We will have new contracts for Farms and Pools by then, and what you need is to move your liquidities to the new pools! A little heads up from Ava, after v2 was officially launched, the APR will be high at the very beginning due to the obvious reason that not everyone has transferred the liquidity yet, so time is money. Being an early bird will always take you to fortune! The earlier you move, the earlier and the more profits you can get! First come first serve! This is scheduled to be on approximately at the end of October, stay tuned for the announcement and grab the chance to remove it asap by then!

Uncle Terry: Woo-hoo!! That’s what we have been waiting for! An anticipated month with a brand new phase for Baby MetaFi. Oh, not only a new month but the last quarter of 2022. We do hope more to be achieved in this quarter!

Baby Ava: We will and exactly! Time’s flying and so does Baby!

There will be more happening in the next quarter other than those mentioned above. Baby Achievement Board on DID, a board showing the achievements you have acquired on BabySwap ever since, to enrich and perfect your web 3 profile and identity! We are still collecting ideas from the community, so whenever you guys have anything about it to say, let me know!

Then, with more NFTs to be listed on our NFT Market, we are developing it to be a more comprehensive and well-equipped feature for babies to trade. Now you can only list and buy on the market, soon you will be able to see the whole NFT project with a thorough description with all its collections included. Not only the ones listed on the market but the unlisted ones as well. If you have a desired NFT on the market but unlisted, with the buyer being a baby, you could check their DID to see if they have connected their Twitter and to communicate to bid! Or bid in the market directly! All our features can be gradually interlinked with each other for convenient access and operation!

All the features we developed and are developing are for both babies’ interests and friendly access! Thus, we will soon deploy Zap to BabySwap! For some babies who may not know, Zap is a major update to the decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol’s Liquidity feature, which makes adding liquidity from BabySwap easy for all levels of users With Zap, all levels of users, whether experienced yield farmers or beginners, can now add liquidity in just one click. As simple as that! Make your journey on Baby MetaFi enjoyable and easy!

Community Q&A time!

Baby #1: It is necessary to take measures to stabilize or increase the price of the BABY. Should the team still treat the baby as a mining coin? Dig out the baby coin and sell it? This is the so-called high APR from the person who holds the BABY. The person who holds the baby can only get up every day and watch the price hit a new low.

Baby Ava: The really high APR is in the Baby Wonderland, where you have to hold the lands first, so it kinda requires you to have BABY first, that’s the case.

Baby #2: When staking NFT pool?

Baby Ava: It’s all ready, just need projects to collab! Any thoughts?

Baby #3: How much BABY is going to produce a Normal land?

Baby Ava: Right now only the 8,528 normal land on Mainland, and the Prosperity Points for Normal land on other islands won’t be the same as the mainland (Leak, shh), it’s gonna be a smaller number. So no harm to the early supporters, but also welcome the new users.

Baby #3: Farm upgrade contract takes one month? Launched at the end of October and it wasn’t 57 → 51 at that time.

Baby Ava: You have to know that to make the change, we will write a new contract, a completely different one. And send for Audit, and then test, after we will call for migration. It’s not an easy thing. Sorry that it takes more time than users expect.

Baby #5: Can you tell me about BWC NFTs’ role in Baby Wonderland?

Baby Ava: Baby Wealthy Club NFT can be the landlord, or you could say the land guard, it can add Prosperity Points to the land.

Baby #6: PancakeSwap did a collab with HashDit to scan the risk of a Project with a simple click my question is, would you consider implementing the same feature in BabySwap?

Baby Ava: That’s a great feature!! Already screenshot your words to the devs. We will dig into it!!

Baby #7: Today I don’t have any questions, but I just wanted to thank you for the work in the last few weeks, we can really see the progress the team has been making, a lot has changed for the better on the Baby Wonderland side.

Baby Ava: Thanks mate!! Really appreciate that. As you all know we act as fast as we can.

Baby #8: How far out will be able to do things in the metaverse? Can you link that video of the car driving not sure where to find it?

Baby Ava: Let me trynna find it lol

Baby #8: Send it in whale chat lol if you can’t find it fast lol Please!

Baby #9: About the website… the team going to optimize the web? make it more beautiful.

Baby Ava: Absolutely, all in the plan.

Baby #10: Can other NFT collections will be able to visit me on Wonderland?

Baby Ava: Yes.

Baby #11: Love you both Baby Ava, and thank you, Uncle Terry!

The End of our Baby Thursday

Thanks for all the constructive feedback, insightful ideas, committed support, and sweet encouragement! That’s really one of the moments we feel worthwhile of all the effort and time put in, driven and motivated for further development. We are not written in water, and, making every step surefooted. Time will speak for itself, HODL and BUIDL, and wait and see.

Thank you for taking the time to read through, babies. Your thoughts matter and your caring helps Baby grow!

Once again, join our Discord here and Baby’s Whale Chat here for the most recent updates, to get the primary news without having any ‘jet lag’! And stay with Baby to HODL and BUIDL a splendid Babyverse as we promised. 💗

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