Tokenomic Upgrade Overview

4 min readSep 28, 2022


Greeting babies! You must have noticed that we have been working on feature developments, optimizations, and updates all the time — especially active these past weeks. We are innovating and BUIDLing in any circumstance, where we have to mention the most discussed and desired topic in our community — Tokenomic upgrades. As 100% Burn of Baby Wonderland mint and royalty fee as well as the Farm adjustments have taken into effect, you can expect more to happen in the last quarter of 2022.

To provide a bigger picture of this huge leap, the ultimate goal would be to decrease emission/block to reach the target and maximize users’ interest, which would definitely require a major expenditure of time and effort. Therefore, take a look at the overview of the whole process first and be prepared for the changes.

Tokenomic Upgrade Overview

To decrease emission/block, we will explicitly reduce it from 20 to 18, involving upgrading the Farm and Pool from version 1.0 to version 2.0, and also the Baby Wonderland. Let’s move on to get a better understanding of how to operate.

Farm Adjustment

Before exercising v2, we arranged our strategies according to the current market condition and user benefit preference. Farms of BTC and ETH have been added along with the allocation of multipliers adjusted. Check here for thorough information about the adjustment. Always note that by adding new Farms, we re-allocated the output distribution of 8 BABY each block instead of increasing its output. It will do no harm but benefit users from trading and arbitraging, and vBABY holders from earning fees.

Here are the new Farm multipliers:

All the adjustments have already taken effect, they are ready for you to stake with a high APR here.

Tokenomic Upgrade in Steps

What’s more? As we have monitored, discussed, and analyzed for months, Trade Mining does not stimulate the overall trading volume that much during the bear market nor benefits vBABY holders by getting more bonuses from the trading fees. Thus,

  1. The output of Trade Mining will be eliminated in the next step and change from ‘Trade to Earn’ to ‘Hold to Earn’ on Baby Wonderland. By doing this, early birds and core users with unshakable faith in Baby would be rewarded to not only make users earn passively but community more cohesive.
  2. From here, by continuing upgrading Farm and Pool to version 2, the output of the Pool will be reduced from 4 BABY each block to 2 BABY.
  3. The reduced 2 BABY of each block will be burned. In this way, not only the output will be decreased, but also the burn will be increased as users move to Baby Wonderland for BABY at the time, mint and trade on the secondary market, and 100% of mint received BABY and royalty fees will all be burned.

Hold to Earn on Baby Wonderland

As we have always said about how Baby Wonderland is the fundamental of the BABY tokenomics, more features will be added to the land assets you own. The output of 2 BABY/block will be distributed to Baby Wonderland after the Trade Mining is eliminated, which will be demonstrated in Prosperity Points of each land asset. Prosperity Points for the Normal land will be 100, and 120 for Premium land. If the land was merged, there will be multipliers as follow:

2*2 will have a 1.5x multiplier

3*3 will have a 2.5x multiplier

4*4 will have a 3.5x multiplier

5*5 will have a 4.5x multiplier

6*6 will have a 5.5x multiplier

If a Premium land merged with other 8 normal adjacent lands into a 3*3 land, the land in a total of 9 and in the status of ‘merged’ will be recognized as a Premium land as a whole, and the Prosperity Points for each land will be counted as 120 for 9 lands. When you unmerged, the lands will go back to their original rarities and Prosperity Points. This only works when there is at least one Premium land for merge, 9 Normal lands will still be merged as Normal land, and counted as 100 each. Check more detailed mechanisms and calculation steps to make the most profitable combo here.

Note that the land we are saving for marketing and the City Center, which is 10 of 12*12 and 1 of 30*30, in a total of 2,340, will not be counted to share the output. And the only hint is always to HODL more to earn more! The more Prosperity Points you have, the larger proportion of your Prosperity Points is in the Babyverse, and the more BABY you will get.


The timeline will be like this:

  1. Farm Adjustment (Done)
  2. Trade Mining — Trade to Earn, shifts to, Baby Wonderland — Hold to Earn
  3. Farm & Pool v2–20 BABY per block to 18 BABY per block

After these steps, we will be successfully shifting from Trade Mining to Baby Wonderland, continuing to BUIDL Farm and Pool v1 to v2, and eventually achieving the upgraded tokenomic of Baby MetaFi. Indeed, each step takes some time to develop and adjust, but users can always benefit from them. Just HODL determinedly and abundantly, earning passively and effortlessly would be the daily routine from then on. The more the merrier is always the golden word in this case because fortune always favors the prepared ones!

Principal’s Note





Disclaimer — All projects are subject to both high market risk and volatility. Please, do your own research and full due diligence before even considering investing your funds in any project, and please, make your investments very cautiously. BabySwap will not be held responsible for any investment losses.




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