Who holds till the last? BabySwap 1st Anniversary Event is here!

Whoa!! It’s been a year since Baby was born, and guess who has the best holders? It’s Baby!!!

Today, Baby’s bringing you the limited-edition 1st-anniversary NFB as a surprise and gift. You must be wondering how to get one. Hear me out!

Who holds till the last?

Our earliest holders might remember that we have a special NFB on June 25th, 2021. Our first NFB is called “Firstever Baby”, and we did a massive airdrop to all our first-month supporters. If you have participated in ILO, if you are or were a BABY holder, if you have ever participated in farms or pools, or have traded on BabySwap…We’ve located those addresses and did an NFB airdrop for you back in June last year.

Let’s see who holds till the last?

On May 17th, we did another round of snapshots, and located the addresses which have met both requirements of receiving our first NFB last year, and still holding over 100 BABY!

Great results came out and Baby’s moved to find there are 919 strong holders, who have accompanied Baby through it all!

The snapshot was already done on May 17th, 2022, and the addresses can be checked here.

Did you hold strong? You know you did, and you know you will.

Who holds the most?

If you are new to BabySwap but holding a lot, no worries, we also saved you the spot!

For Diamond Hand receivers (Purchase on the secondary market doesn’t count) from Jan 2022 to May 2022, you will be eligible for the special 1st-anniversary NFB.

For top 100 vBABY holders (snapshot on May 17th, 2022), you will also be eligible for the special 1st-anniversary NFB.

After the cross-check among 919 strong holders, Diamond Hand receivers, and top 100 vBABY holders, 269 more addresses are eligible for the NFB.

The snapshot was already done on May 17th, 2022, and the addresses can be checked here.

Who contributes the most?

This is also a gift to our community leaders and volunteers. Baby would never make it here without your support!! We have about 100 leaders and volunteers in total, on duty or ‘retired’. Thanks for always being with Baby. Xoxo.

Users with one of these Discord roles: Baby Angels/ Baby Booster/ Baby Content Creator/ Baby Ambassador will be qualified. Please fill out the form with your BEP 20 address!

Who talks the most?

Let’s move to Discord — the inner level of our community! For the top active users with the roles of Model Baby/Super Baby/Baby Meme/Baby Storyteller in our Discord, please fill out the form with your BEP 20 address!

Say Happy Birthday to Baby!

Not in any lists above? No worries, babies! Let’s have a crazy birthday with BabySwap and shout out to Baby! In order to get the chance of winning the 1st-anniversary NFB. You will need to complete the gleam that includes the following tasks:

1. Change your Twitter avatar to Baby, either the birthday cake version or the NFB version. Pictures are down below:

2. Follow BabySwap on Twitter.

3. Say Happy Birthday to BabySwap on Twitter with the tag #BabySwap1stYear and #BabySwap, all languages are welcome! Better with some photos/videos attached!

4. Join BabySwap Telegram and Discord.

5. Submit your Tweet link and BEP 20 address in the gleam.

6. Submit your Tweet screenshot to Discord and get the HBD Role!


Ends on 4 PM UTC June 1st, 2022


1. BabySwap 1st Anniversary NFB — about 1,700 to 1,800 of it.

2. 3 winners with the best content will each get $200 BABY!

Go babies! Start the NFB gleam adventure!!

Event entry (Same as the above ‘gleam’ hyperlinks): https://gleam.io/EZofS/babyswap-1st-anniversary-special-giveaway

Remember, 1 address can only be eligible for 1 NFB. So if you are in both lists or you are in the list and participate in the HBD event, you will still get 1 NFB. But there’s still a chance of winning $200, go for the best shot!

Thanks a million for the warmth, love, and caring in the first year.

Baby will bring you more surprises in our shared bright future!

Best wishes for all our holders and potential holders. Xoxo.

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