Those Meaningful Little Things in Life

Hi babies!

We’ve done an outstanding sale on our UEFA EURO 2020 NFB collection, and sold out in 20 hours! Some chose to sell them in the secondary market such as Treasureland, and they did sell for 2x or even 3x in price, congrats to you all! Others are waiting for our NFB staking pool which will be available in the middle of July.

Now, who is craving for more NFB?

Mates & Friends NFB

You all know we classify our NFB into different categories: Mates, Friends, Family, Memories, and Baby Squad. Friends category NFB is Jointly-signed by partners cooperate with us, such as wallets, media, CEXs, and so on; while Mates category NFB is Jointly-signed by projects cooperate with us.

Mates and Friends mean a lot to BabySwap, and without your help, the baby wouldn’t grow so fast. So, we decide to release Mates and Friends in two ways: airdrops or special sales!

Mates & Friends NFB Special Sale

We would have 1–3 Mates or Friends NFB released each week, each shall have a face-value of 100 BABY and will have a quantity of 143. The price is set to 0.1 BNB if we are going to list them on a partner platform. (If the BNB-BABY exchange rate has changed a lot, we will adjust the price accordingly).

Same as other NFB, it can definitely be used to stake and earn BABY, but what makes it different than others? Hear me out.

Something Special about Mates & Friends NFB

Nothing could be done with all the supports, and we are truly thank you for your faith in BabySwap. We are a baby ourselves, and like so many other young projects, we need space and help to grow big. Our main and initial purpose is to help newborn babies out to fight for what they deserve. But, how many babies are there in the world? I’m not only talking about those baby projects but also the babies in real life. Little we can do, but it’d be great if we step forward a bit.

We will have many Mates and Friends NFB coming monthly, and at the end of each month, we would love to do something meaningful with the sales profit we got.

I guess you know what it is?

This is not a call-up-to-buy announcement, 143 NFBs each time, 0.1 BNB each one. If you would love to join our meaningful plan and help the future, you can pick the NFB you like to purchase. If not, let’s leave the opportunity to others.

Our first Mates NFB will be released this Friday. Huge thanks to our cooperated projects, partners, and users who are willing to do some meaningful little things with us.

Let’s make the future bright.

Principal’s Note







A supportive Baby MetaFi including AMM, NFT, and GameFi for newborn projects on BNB Chain.

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A supportive Baby MetaFi including AMM, NFT, and GameFi for newborn projects on BNB Chain.

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