The Last Diamond Hand NFB Series in December

2 min readDec 21, 2023

How y’all doing my babies?

The last Diamond Hand NFB series in December 2023 are out!

We located our dearest family members for this month with 150 for Diamond Hands, and are willing to reward them with our NFB. The snapshot was taken on December 20th, 2023, UTC time.

Note that in order to offer a Baby Metaverse with a more concentrated, effortless, and efficient trading environment and experience, as well as mark a major transformation towards a comprehensive Baby Ecosystem, this Diamond Hand NFB of December will be the last Diamond Hand series to be distributed.

Now, let’s take a glance at our last Diamond Hand of this month now!

Diamond Hand

Are you a Diamond Hand? We have located our top 150 holders! We took a snapshot on December 20th and ranked the top 150 BABY holders by calculating their: BABY in the wallet + BABY in BabySwap BABY-BNB Farm + BABY in all BabySwap staking Pools (Including Auto BABY pool)+ vBABY. Congratulations to all the Diamond Hand!! Diamond Hand NFB is a trophy special for you this December, that you put faith in BABY and keep buying and HODLing.

Check your eligibility here. Remember to claim your NFB at our Claim page if you are eligible.

As the Frosty Land is approaching, it’s time to get the last Diamond Hand and recycle the $BABY used to obtain Diamond Hand to HODL-to-Earn lucratively on Baby Wonderland! Further adjustments and launches will be announced for building a healthy Baby Metaverse we all adore. Baby will lead you to crypto rich!

Family NFB

Art Collector NFB is another Family category NFB. Unlike Diamond Hand, Art Collector will be distributed periodically depending on our NFB creation progress.

Our family and future family members, let’s together hold BABY, stake BABY, and earn BABY!!

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