Recap of BabySwap’s AMA on Sept. 2nd

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We love to communicate with our community members and provide the latest news to our dearest users. So we held an AMA in our own Telegram group for a better explanation of BabySwap’s recent moves, future goals, and The Crypto You Mystery Box sale on Binance NFT Marketplace. Here’s the recap on AMA just in case you missed it!

AMA Content

Q1: Recently BabySwap family is growing fast and we got many new community members. In case they are still not familiar with BabySwap, could you please introduce yourself and BabySwap to the chat?

A1: Of course. So for those who are new to BabySwap, welcome and good luck!

To start with myself, I’m Baby A, the Global Operating Director of BabySwap. Happy to share our story and the latest progress of BabySwap.

BabySwap is devoted to building the best AMM+NFT BSC decentralized exchange for newborn projects, providing a more friendly trading experience and better project support.

So basically you can do swap, farm, and pool on BabySwap. More is that BabySwap is featured with trade Mining, USDT route, Grants program, GameFi, and its NFT Ecosystem.

Q2: BabySwap has been growing fast in these three months and has been getting more and more talked about lately. Please share the progress of these three months!

A2: First, I’d like to share a few BabySwap’s achievements with you.

  • BabySwap has entered the BSC MVBIII program.
  • Average daily active users ranked 15th in all BSC Dapps.
  • Daily trading volume is about $45 million, ranking 3rd in BSC DEX.
  • Social media activity ranked 2nd in all BSC Dapps and 1st in BSC DEX.
  • Security score ranked 8th in the whole BSC ecosystem.

During these three months, BabySwap has been BUIDLing (infrastructure building), including features, cooperation, projects, etc

For the Product level, we have added innovative features such as Trade Mining, NFB, Playground, and Bottle beyond the basic features forked PancakeSwap. We established cooperation with many brilliant wallets, exchanges, media, data sites, auditing, games, tools, etc.

As for the project’s listing, we launched different “Baby” programs including Bubbly Baby, Celebrity Baby, Flash Baby, MVBIII Baby, etc. We kept a weekly listing of new 3–5 Pools and we never stopped looking after potential projects.

All work is done to better serve the projects that join BabySwap.

Q3: Such achievements in such a short time! We know that BabySwap mints its own NFTs. Please share more about it. How is NFB Pool designed to be empowerment for $BABY?

A3: BabySwap plans to build a complete NFT system, and the goal is to have a BabySwap’s metaverse. We have always believed that NFT is a bridge to the traditional world and is the embodiment of ownership. As a DEX focused on the start-ups and community, we want to get more people and projects involved, not just by simply buying artwork, but by truly empowering NFT so that we can provide the infrastructure for the metaverse. NFB economy is mainly based around the derivation of our brand image, which can also be described as the Funko of the crypto world. The derivation is not just as simple as changing clothes and colors.

BabySwap-minted NFTs are called NFB (Non-Fungible Baby). Each NFB will have its face value, such as 1000 BABY. Users can stake their NFB into the NFB staking pool with the face value but earn with a higher APR.

BabySwap NFB has continuously ranked in the top three in BSC. It’s not just because NFB is in high demand, but also because people recognize that NFB has a higher value and can be easily sold in the secondary market with very good liquidity.

Q4: Exactly! I just bought the BabySwap x Treasureland Olympics NFB at 0.1 BNB and sold it at 0.3 the next day. They are hot in the market! Could you share BabySwap’s next move on NFT?

A4: The next step of BabySwap NFT will be vBABY, which can be taken as the membership card in DEX, enabling privileges and benefits.

Then we plan to have the Profile system, which allows users to build their own digital identity in Baby’s metaverse. Other infrastructures such as the NFT trading platform, blind box, are also on the whole map.

The GameFi feature is also under development. We cooperated with some GameFi projects to empower $BABY, and we will have our own Game.

Q5: Can’t wait to see it! Now we all know the exciting news that BabySwap will launch a brand new NFT mystery box series on the Binance NFT marketplace. Could you introduce the mystery box to the chat?

A5: Let me first give you some basic info about the mystery box here:

Mystery Box: The Crypto You — includes 12 different NFTs

Marketplace: Binance NFT Marketplace

Time of sale: Sept 9, 11 AM 2021 (UTC)

Price for each: 10 BUSD

Face-value of each: 100 BABY (It refers to the corresponding NFB staking value, you can stake the NFB to earn more BABY)

We have 12 different characters and each represents a different aspect of you in the crypto world. The characters are:

R: Spot Trader, Futures Lover, Crypto OG, Crypto BABY, Bonus Beggar, Shiller

SR: Altcoin Collector, Hardware Miner, DeFi Farmer, Scammer

SSR: Bitcoin Holder, Hacker

Q6: Ahh those characters really tell the story. I think I’ll pick the Crypto OG lol. Can you explain the background and how did you come up with the idea?

A6: Babyswap started its journey on June 1st and it’s 3 months till now. We came across so many different people and organizations throughout the journey. Everyone plays an important role in this industry and together as a whole, we make this industry move forward. We hope to mark that up within an NFT series, and here it is, the Crypto You.

You might be fitting into many roles, but you will always find yourself in these characters. That’s the Crypto You, and that’s our crypto world.

Q7: Definitely need to get the whole collection! Now there are a lot of DEX in the industry, but very few really make its voice. What is the secret of BabySwap?

A7: After three-month online, we found that projects, especially start-ups, are in great need of help from the exchange for liquidity, promotion, community, etc. I don’t think there was any DEX that focused on this part, and at some point, we were doing DEX in the same way CEX operates.

Now when a project works with BabySwap, we will learn the whole picture of it and offer the most matching services.

Baby provides three basic services for one token:

  • Liquidity Mining (Farm): to help increase the market depth
  • Single coin Mining (Pool): to help complete high-quality token distribution
  • Trade Mining: to help increase the trading volume

Apart from this, we launched Playground to better support our partners who have landed applications with BABY. Baby is working as a resources center, creating connections between different parties and introducing Baby’s friends. We expect to launch the Bottle (growth fund) function in September to support projects with real money.

Q8: Support and connection! Thanks for sharing.

A8: Thanks, Kyle. This is the first time that the BabySwap team talk to our community closely. Baby won’t make it so far without the support from all of you guys. Thank you, guys! And we will keep BUIDLing all along the way!

Have a good day!

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