Playground of the Week: Lucky Lion

6 min readJan 23, 2022


Hi babies, how y‘all doing this week? On this lovely Sunday, BabySwap brings babies Playground of the week — Lucky Lion.

We all know that Playground is the wonderland for BABY. You can use BABY to play and earn at our friend’s house. There are various types of games, prediction, vaults, payment, NFT minting, yield farm, etc for you to explore.

For Playground of the Week, we will introduce a glowing project from BabySwap playground in the week. Guess who’s baby’s favorite?

Let us welcome the selected project this week — Lucky Lion.

Introduce by Baby

Lucky Lion is a humble King that loves a good 🥩. Everyone will agree, Lucky Lion rewards everyone that loves staking with generous rewards. Lucky Lion takes you by the paw, and gives you unprecedented access to a den filled with big rewards, an ever rotating list of industry leading games, and of course the security you come to expect from an industry leading iGaming provider.

Learn more about Lucky Lion.




Play with Baby

You can use BABY to play games on Lucky Lion and win juicy rewards! This is exciting because Baby loves all the games! Most importantly, BabySwap will connect our partner projects to Lucky Lion in order to boost up the use-case for each. Growing together with the help of BabySwap and BabySwap Friends is a way to the moon!

Chat with Baby

Our baby invited Lucky Lion to the house and chatted a little bit, here’s the record!

1. What are the main advantages of Lucky Lion for the user, compared to the similar projects?

I think Luck Lion has 3 main advantages over the competitor .

First feature Our NFTs: Our artwork is unique, and high quality, plus we feature iGaming industry first utility NFTs that will launch shortly. Additionally, users can earn NFTs via our leaderboard system.

Second is Gaming: We feature a rotating list of games protected by provably fair play. We release games quickly, and are able to integrate with multiple vendors including ESPORTS providers if enough support is generated. Also, we’ll be featuring the first play to earn First Person Shooter as soon as released by our iGaming vendor.

Third is the Revenue sharing pool — This pool is directly linked to the platform’s revenue meaning you can own part of the iGaming industries growing market share.

Our speed-to-market and flexibility is our key advantage that lets us ride the wave of trends.

2. What is your security strategy? How do you protect your users, their funds and data?

Security is the main factor that determines success and taking this into consideration, Lucky Lion takes every measure to ensure security.

Our outsourced penetration test team has a global scale experience in blockchain auditing and security domain and is designated to carry out penetration tests before main releases.

We used an American-based security web infrastructure named Cloudflare for improving the security and ensuring the authenticity of our external resources including APIs, applications, and websites, and internal resources including behind-the-firewall applications, teams, and devices. It also proved helpful in generating applications that can be upgradeable across the globe.

We spare no expense here to ensure we do everything possible to keep Lucky Lion secure!

We have been audited by four separate auditors, which are Certik, PeckShield, TechRate and Inspex.

We’re running an active bug bounty with Immunefi

There is a comprehensive list of reports on our whitepaper covering our audits including Lucky Token Smart Contracts, Yield Farming Smart Contracts and Revenue Sharing Smart Contracts:

In addition, We’ll make sure that there will be more audits as we release more major features. We also have an outsourced penetration team, who will help us conduct penetration test prior to any major releases.

All contracts are under a 7-day timelock. There is only one person who’s the ownership on the timelock contract:

The MasterChef contract is defined by a time lock with the sole owner of the timelock (this project is not co-owned by a third party).

By process, we have now made a shield to cover MasterChef so the owner can’t use functions that affect investors such as migrator, transfer lucky ownership and harvest lock-up.

This shield is public on gitbook but not deployed yet as it’s waiting for an audit completion, ownership MasterChef will be transferred to shield and timelock will take over the shield again (owner->timelock->shield->MasterChef)

This means that even if there is only one owner, all MasterChef functions that can be set will not affect the investor’s capital, such as setting mint/blocks that are reduced monthly based on tokenomics, or changing dev address wallets. Once the owner has made an adjustment, the values ​​are announced by the community and executed after a 7 day delay.

3. What’s your roadmap for the next couple of months?

For our movement and next step plan we actually have our full roadmap in our whitepaper:

We have been launching a new Live Pool with KillSwitch Finance which is given 4x benefit for the investor.

We’re launching our highly anticipated revenue sharing liquidity pool (LUCKY-BUSD) shortly thereafter, in early November, 2021. This will give investors and gamers the opportunity to stake and earn a share of Lucky Lion’s revenue each week.

We’re expanding our Gaming collectable NFTs, allowing users to earn them by Gaming or other means, including some that can be purchased on marketplaces. We’re expanding this further in the future to allow for utilities such as extra credits, and then push it through our future partners (think like Axie Lucky Lion with special perks in both universes)

Now some rapid-fire updates;

  • Referrals and Affiliate programs
  • Consider originally produced gaming titles
  • Major partnerships to end 2021 on a high note, and start 2022 on the right foot

We have released a referral program and announced a partnership with BabySwap to integrate with the playground feature. Which allows the user to use baby tokens to play our games.

We will be launching new features to support deposits and withdrawals. more convenient and easier than ever This new feature will allow customers to register in more ways. And when making a deposit, just scan the QR to make a deposit immediately.

4. Tell me a little more about your latest feature.

Our new feature is a referral /affiliate program that allows customers to earn passive income, simply by sharing your link with family and friends across social media. Each time they play, you earn up to 10%. If you’re an influencer with a large following, or own a website that generates lots of traffic, then you are eligible for our custom affiliate program, offering far greater rewards.

For the Affiliate program Calling all bloggers and influencers! Do you have a website with high traffic or a social media profile with many followers? Join our special affiliate program with bigger rewards, tailored with custom conditions.

Contact us today to get started —

5. Why did you decide to cooperate with BabySwap?

The two main reasons Lucky Lion has partnered with BabySwap are:

  • Trust because BabySwap has been on the DeFi platform for a long time, through audits from trusted teams, has a high TVL, and has a lot of people in the community.
  • BabySwap provides both game functions and NFT, which are suitable for Lucky Lion’s GameFi format. We believe that the connection allows BabySwap users to use the Baby token to play our games. This will increase the usefulness of the Baby token.

6. What do you hope to see next for BabySwap?

Would like to see Baby MetaLabs have a lot of good projects to participate in. And Lucky Lion will cooperate fully in every aspect.

7. Are you going to have any other cooperation with BabySwap? What are they?

Lucky Lion already has NFT plans in our roadmap. And we see that BabySwap has NFT-related functions such as INO or GamePad, which may be discussed further in the future.

8. Say something nice to the baby!

BabySwap is an amazing platform. With a good service covering almost everything from Dex, Game, NFT and MetaLabs. And there are teams that are diligent and have long-term vision. And also has a lovely community. Lucky Lion is very happy and proud to partner with BabySwap.

BabySwap Playground welcomes more projects to join, and is committed to bringing more use cases and benefits to babies.

Guess what’s the glowing project next week?

Let us all play with the baby! ❤️

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