Keep BUIDLing and Join BabySwap Grants Program!

As a DEX who cares about baby projects, we know that it’s not enough to only support projects in ordinary ways such as trade mining, farms, and pools. To offer more opportunities, and by making sure we are the best AMM+NFT DEX on BSC for new projects, we are delighted to announce that BabySwap Grants Program is now open for application!

If you are a “baby” project, meaning you are new to the market and have a great story, nicely organized tokenomics, amazing team members, but couldn’t find a place to settle down and attract users, or you want to migrate to another place for new users, BabySwap is your choice, and BabySwap Grants Program is the way you break through the wall!

BabySwap Grants Program

Nothing is better than growing up together! You might notice that in the past few months, we’ve made friends with several wallets, data websites, projects, and etc., and they are all a part of the benefits and resources you will get from BabySwap.

But first things first, what is the basis of the BabySwap Grant Program?

It’s BUIDLing on BSC Together.

Who can Apply?

All projects on BSC are welcome!

You might want to build a project yourself but lack funds and marketing supports.

Your project might be launched already but still new to the market,

you might be looking for a deep partnership with DEX,

your farm rewards might just be reduced or removed on PancakeSwap

No matter which stage you are in right now, there will always be a spot for you on BabySwap.

What Do You Get from BabySwap?

This is more than just marketing and regular supports, we directly fund your projects!

Here’s what we offer:

$5,000-$20,000 for project building, business development, and joint marketing

② Up to $5,000 audit fees and audit resource

③ Trade Mining + Yield Farming + Snack Pool + NFB + Playground + IDO (If applicable)

BabySwap Friends resource support, including but not limited to data website, security-related institution, community, media, CEX, and etc.

Trading fee refund, the more your tokens get exchanged on BabySwap, the more you will get a refund

⑥ More rights and interests such as consult, etc.

Where Do you Grow?

You will be mainly taken care of and grow on BabySwap, the best AMM+NFT DEX on BSC for newborn projects, as well as BabySwap’s abundant resources.

When to Apply?

The application starts now, and will continuously accept new applicants!

How to Participate in the BabySwap Grant Program?

Apply - Get in Touch - BUIDL - Graduate

Let’s Do This Step by Step

First of all, let’s apply!

If you just had your token and project ready recently:

  • Add the liquidity for your token on BabySwap, and it should be more than 75% of the total.
  • Add a purchase link on your main website.
  • Submit an application here.

If you have already had your token and project ready for a long time, but looking for new opportunities:

  • Migrate your LP to BabySwap, and it should be more than 50% of the total.
  • Add a purchase link on your main website.
  • Submit an application here.

If you haven’t finished developing your project and token:

  • Submit an application here.
  • Describe your phase to us.
  • Waiting for evaluation.

You will be contacted shortly once we finish the review of the project. Then, let’s getting everything rolling!

Second of all, keep BUIDLing!

You are now considered as BabySwap BUIDL Program, so let’s customize a plan out with all the funds and supports. To become a qualified graduate, you need to be an A+ student and meet these requirements:

✅ Outstanding progress made by the project.

🔐 Audit done with or without the help from BabySwap.

📈 Listed on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko with or without the help from BabySwap.

🍫 Pool listed on BabySwap.

Finally, you will be able to get rewards as a graduate!

You will get:

👨🏻‍🌾 Farm listed on BabySwap.

👾 Trading competition without hosting fees.

🍼 Comprehensive marketing supports from BabySwap.

💸 Trading fees refund, we are glad to share the income.

👩🏻‍🏫 More rights and interests such as consult, etc.

📩 Anything you need that we can help with.

We also encourage you to recommend projects you wish to be in our program and make a connection with us. If they are successfully accepted as qualified BUIDL projects, you can get 1,000 BABY as referral rewards!

The clock is ticking, let’s get everyone a grant and find some crypto gem!!

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A supportive Baby Metaverse including AMM, NFT, and GameFi for newborn projects on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).