Housewarming Baby: Animal Fellas in the House!

Babies!! We are going to host a wild party soon!

BabySwap is a young and developing AMM+NFT DEX on BSC, so we need more supports from our mates, friends, and neighbors.

Who wouldn’t want our house to be filled with all our friends? So, it came to our mind that we should have a housewarming party for BabySwap, and our first housewarming party is all going to be about animals, as cute as our baby.

Our first Housewarming Baby will be announced soon, stay close, and guess who it is. The winner shall get a kiss from our baby ❤️

Who is the Housewarming Baby?

Well, baby loves the crowd, and baby wants to invite more animals to the house. Housewarming Baby refers to BSC projects that have animal figures as their brand image, including DEX, DeFi protocols and so on. We are more than happy to introduce our newborn baby to the public, and since animals usually treat the baby well (please do so, no one hates baby🥺), we’d want our animal friends to join our housewarming party!

What can Housewarming Baby Get?

By becoming our Housewarming Babies, they will get:

  • Special NFB: BabySwap will make a special NFB for ya! The face value is 10 BABY, and of course, it will be a limited edition and will only be released once. The NFB can be used to stake and earn more BABY with a higher pool multiplier, and will only be distributed to users via airdrop. Hint: We will rank through the most active users or most valuable holders and pick the top thousands to distribute.
  • Farm: BabySwap will open a farm special for our Housewarming Baby! 👨‍🌾 The farm will have a multiplier of 10x for the first 24 hours, 5x in between 24 hours and 48 hours, and 2x perpetual farm after 48 hours! (Precisely according to the block height) It’s juicy as a farm because baby really loves animal friends ❤️

Users who provide ALTCOIN-USDT LP tokens to the farm will share approximately BABY rewards.

  • Trade mining: BabySwap would also be happy to add you to our trade mining list, the trade mining will have the same multiplier as the farm, which is a multiplier of 10x for the first 24 hours, 5x in between 24 hours and 48 hours, and 2x perpetual farm after 48 hours! (Precisely according to the block height)

Users who trade ALTCOIN-USDT pairs in BabySwap will share BABY rewards.

  • Plenty of events with BabySwap… On your call!

Housewarming Baby NFB

As we mentioned above, we will have special NFB for each project who is cooperated with us as our Housewarming Baby. This type of NFB is counted as Category Mates and can only receive through airdrops.

HOWEVER, our BabySwap users shouldn’t feel frustrated, since we will have NFB with higher face value for sale which will give you a higher return in NFB pool, you will get the chance to collect them for sure. Plus, our Memories Category will only be distributed to you, our dearest friends, and I guarantee you it will be way more than the NFBs we are giving out. 10 BABY face-value NFB is just a gift for our animal friends, let’s be nice to all of them❤️

One more thing, let’s take this deep down. We will lock the same amount of BABY to our pool contract, which is 1.x times of the face value. No ONE could sell this part of BABY, and let’s use it as the foundation! Oh, of course, BABY comes from our marketing tokens that are unlocked linearly in 9 months.

Marketing fee is used properly, LOCK and STAKE!

To learn more about our NFB, check this article out.

Ready to roll with your Animal-related tokens?

Guess who would be our first Housewarming Baby?

Principal’s Note




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