FENIX on BabySwap Limited Pool!

Do you ever feel like the gas fee is too much that you couldn’t even cover it using the rewards you gain? Do you ever think that DeFi is totally proof of staking which means only the rich people can play and earn? Well, Binance Smart Chain solved the first problem, and BabySwap will solve the next.

BabySwap Limited Pool

Each address can only stake a certain amount of BABY to the pool for rewards.

For users, the limited pool is a great way to split the wealth. You would never worry about big whales taking all the profits.

For projects, it’s absolutely a great way to distribute their tokens to different users and increase the amount of holders’ addresses.

1 Pools at Once

Fenix Finance will be our limited pools starting tomorrow! It is extremely important to unite and together make the BSC ecosystem strong 🤜. Check the details of our limited pools below!

Project: Fenix Finance

Stake BABY tokens to earn FENIX tokens!

Total Tokens: 157,862 FENIX

Distribution duration: 7 days

Start at Block height 12,560,700, approx. 2:00 PM UTC, November 11th

End at Block height 12,762,300, approx. 2:00 PM UTC, November 18th

Token rewards per block: 0.783 FENIX

Future Pools

Limited pool is not enough! We will bring more pools with different rules in the future to fulfill everyone’s needs. Now that we have limited pools, there might be projects that offer tokens for both limited and unlimited pools! Yeees, they are all juicy! So babies, please feel free to choose the one that best suits you.

Variety in assets and diversity in products and services are what BabySwap is aiming for. Let’s keep building the DeFi world on Binance Smart Chain, not only by finding new gems for our users, but also by providing the right service to them.

We appreciate your patience and loyalty, so please give the baby some time to pay back and earn you a loaf!!

More features will be added soon! Stay tuned!

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