Bottle Jan 31: Who’s the Shining Stars of this Round

After a 5-day competition, our Bottle Jan 31 Top 3 projects were finally selected! Please meet our shining stars of the week, the Bottle winners — CryptoPiece, Galaxy War, and Wing!

Bottle Result

At the end, over 6.0 million of BABY participated in the Voting Stage, with 2 events held by the projects.

The top 3 projects felt hard for the places and they are all amazing in liquidity building and trading incentive.


Liquidity: $59,251.32

Weekly Volume: $70,830.71

BABY Votes: 2,480,858.63

Total Votes: 2,681,771.37

Project Insight:

CryptoPiece is a NFT game that focuses on gamers, made by gamers and for gamers. We want to have our players not only feeling relax, enjoying their favorite game, but also earning at the same time. Through our unique play to earn system, players can gather their crew by recruiting mercenary through a Mercenary Contract in Merc Centre. They then can sail their ship and go on an exciting adventure. By capturing criminals in Wanted list by the Government, players can earn Belly — ingame currency — and level up their Merc.

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USDT Reward TXID: 0xd6175bee1c9033c0d8165f6dccce46bf27645ebd0fa4f71da397dc80f46bcd4e

BABY Reward TXID: 0x7fe247c0257b7d4d22280d8f40d4c6e82579526220fe02a95182cdc2dc8fe89d

Galaxy War

Liquidity: $238,689.48

Weekly Volume: $20,175.86

BABY Votes: 2,115,327.70

Total Votes: 2,394,368.90

Project Insight:

Galaxy War is a Defi + Multichain space strategy classic NFT game — compete against thousands of other players on multiple chains for supreme control of the Multiverse! Countless dangers and challenges lurk in the infinite depths of space — but so do unbelievable treasures and boundless power. Everything starts with the foundation of a small colony on an uninhabited planet. Harnessing the resources of your new home together with your own tactical genius, you research new technologies and construct a powerful fleet to carry your authority out into the stars.

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USDT Reward TXID: 0x60697d062d90b150dd5fd9bd40c27444e65e84294c2079674b18d08008fff63b

BABY Reward TXID: 0xd0010deda8fbaf67d5b044c6ce5d834a002644022649924e4f03459bcea942c3


Liquidity: $469,615.70

Weekly Volume: $301,033.51

BABY Votes: 1,167,564.02

Total Votes: 2,239,246.74

Project Insight:

Wing has built a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform to support cross-chain collaborative interactions between various DeFi products. Combining the platform’s decentralized governance model, the risk control mechanism introduced by Wing promotes a healthy, benign relationship between borrowers, creditors and guarantors, allowing the implementation of a wider range of DeFi plans on the platform and thus providing users with more DeFi products of premium quality.

Wing has showcased an innovative credit valuation module as a strong support for DeFi credit products on the Wing platform.

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USDT Reward TXID: 0x23eacd79e9297b2ff97948473394456d0da5a01ff179f1ff9d39a2fb3f993298

BABY Reward TXID: 0x6c48f6128e487bc74724b15bee01cd82ba6608894b14c96af740cf1c1827a5cc

What’s Bottle?

Bottle is BabySwap’s feature that grants BABY voting power and allows users to be more familiar with the new gems on BSC. You can stake to vote, and collect to earn!

There are 3 stages in each round of Bottle:

The first stage is called the Audition Stage, from Monday 00:00:00 to Thursday 23:59:59 UTC Time. Projects will work hard to add liquidity and increase their trading volume during this time, since each dollar counts as 1 vote. The top 30 projects will enter the next stage.

The second stage is called the Voting Stage, from Friday 00:00:00 to Friday 23:59:59 UTC Time, and the projects need your efforts to win the final round! You can stake BABY in the project pool that you wanna vote for, 1 BABY = 1 Vote.

The final stage is called the Announcement Stage from Saturday 00:00:00 to Sunday 23:59:59 UTC Time. The top 3 projects who win the Bottle will share our weekly trading fee.

The Bottle will be held weekly, and we hope to bring new gems and activities for you each week.

What’s the Benefit of Bottle?

Many have been asking about the benefit of Bottle since the rewards are the same with BABY pool. Well, there is a lot to say!

  1. Show your voting power!! That’s the meaning of DeFi, we want you to have the voting power and decide if a project can get its best support.
  2. Vote and earn at the same time.
  3. Learn about new projects, the ones that have potential. This is exactly the reason for the first stage, where projects need to have liquidity and trading volume to prove themselves. Imagine that you see a token in the top 30 list but never heard it before, do you wanna start looking at it? HOWEVER, please always DYOR before investing. The numbers mean something, but can’t represent everything.
  4. The projects’ communities will also pay more attention to BabySwap. And if they want their projects to win, guess what can be used as votes? Liquidity, trading volume, and BABY.
  5. Of course, if the project team intends to give airdrops to BABY holders for voting support, it’s also something we’d be glad to see and it’s also beneficial to our BABY holders. The stimulation process can only be community-wise for now, but it’s planned to be implemented in the Bottle 2.0 version as a function.

Congrats on the Top 3 projects of Bottle Jan 31 again!

It’s time to give babies some bottles.

We are super excited to see the results next week.

What’s your bet?

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