BinaryX: New BabySwap Friend Coming in!

Lack of entertainment?

Baby found a good friend who knows how to entertain people in a crypto way!

Let’s welcome our new friend BinaryX!

Our Cooperation

BinaryX and BabySwap together make a great team! While BabySwap provides exchange, farms, and pools for cooperated projects, BinaryX can complement the Option service! We’d love to connect more newborn yet potential projects to BinaryX for more games to play. We are going to have a deep relationship with BinaryX, and further announcements on cooperation will be made in a few days. Including but not limited to farms and pools, option, NFB… Stay tuned for more, babies!

About BinaryX

BinaryX is a decentralized derivatives contract based on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. Users can trade binary options conveniently via BinaryX, which adopts an improved Automated Market Maker (AMM) model. Participants may become Automated Market Makers (AMM) for BinaryX options contracts by locking their assets. Such a mechanism allows them to sell binary options to other users. The market makers provide liquidity and help maintain a balanced rate of return among different users (option sellers, call option buyers, and put option buyers). Initially, BinaryX instruments will be based on blockchain asset prices BinaryX will establish community voting and community governance procedures to solve the issue of pricing and exercising determination. either option buyers or AMM can obtain BinaryX network tokens (BNX). Users that hold and lock up their BNX tokens earn dividends from BinaryX network profits. However, holding BNX is not a must-have for trading binary options.

About BabySwap Friends

We have been working on this for a while by communicating and making connections to all forces. BabySwap Friends is what we need. It’s like a baby troop or a baby gang, and BabySwap Friends have one thing in common-wish to provide what they have to make baby projects stronger. Each of them has an important role in the crypto world, including CEX, Communities, Medias, Dapps, DeFi Tools, Data website, and so on…

More BabySwap Friends will be announced in the following days.

BabySwap provides listing price, funds, and a marketplace, these friends are going to help us on all other matters.

We, BabySwap Friends, shall have no boundaries.

Guess who will be the next friend?

More friends are welcome, contact if you want to join the camp.

Principal’s Note




The best AMM+NFT decentralized exchange for newborn projects on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).