BabySwap Toy Doge Coin IDO Recap!

Hello, my babies!

Have you participated in the IDO yesterday?


Bet you all got profits from participating in IDO! Let me show you around on BabySwap’s performance on it first IDO!

You all amazed us! The Toy Doge Coin IDO went extremely successful.

The total hard cap is $50,000, but the final fund was 147 times and reached $7,370,312.2306!

Here’s the detail:

10s, reached to $80,000

1m, reached to $460,000

2m, reached to $750,000

3m, reached to $960,000

4m, reached to $1,060,000

5m, reached to $1,760,000

20m, reached to $5,000,000

60m, reached to $7,370,312.2306

This was the most active Initial offering recently, and we didn’t let you down since the TOYDOGE price is 50x at its highest!

We didn’t expect that so many people would come and join the first IDO, even though the IDO went well, but when the market was open for TOYDOGE, some may have issues such as being unable to buy or unstake. The reason was too many addresses were requesting the contract at the same time, or the slippage was not set right. All the deflationary tokens have problems such as slippage setting, high gas limit, and etc, because of the token mechanism. We will try to improve your trading experience gradually!

Many have also asked why we didn’t set any requirements for IDO. For our first IDO, we want everyone to have an equal chance to earn, and on the other hand, more people will get to know BabySwap! For the next IDO, we will set requirements such as BABY holders, BABY LP holders, or so on to empower BABY as well!

Thank you all again for the supports of BabySwap’s first IDO. See you next round!

Principal’s Note




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