BabySwap Info Page Online: Ready for Transparency?

How’s your baby’s health condition?

BabySwap Info page can be the most transparent place for you to check it out!

Our dev team is dedicated to improving transparency and statistical communication with our users, so here is the result.

Info Page is Available✅

After we’ve been working around numbers, Info Page is finally here! Info Page is where you get to see all the statistics of tokens and pairs on BabySwap and the overall status of BabySwap.

You can always search tokens and pairs in the searching bar for detailed information, such as their liquidity and trading volume on BabySwap. Meanwhile, you can also check on activities of a specific address to see how they play on BabySwap.

Be transparent using numbers is our ultimate goal ❤️

Baby Achievements🏆

It’s always a big thing to remember every step of your baby’s growth🍼 Info Page is a memorial that records every achievement we have made!

On June 1st, our first group of users came in.

On June 8th, our 24h trading volume reached $22,075,245.

On June 11th, our total liquidity reached $18,283,065.

As of today, our transfer is over 260,000.

As of today, our BABY holder address is about 8,000, not including users who stake their BABY in Pools and Farm.

We have reached an ATH of $0.6, and now we BUIDL for a better base and stronger future value.

All of these above can’t be achieved without you!

Thank you so much for the early support and I assure you there will be more benefits for our supporters soon this June! We will soon be connecting our Info API to other data websites, you are going to see BabySwap shining everywhere.

Moving to the Next

We have successfully operated our Swap, Liquidity, Farms, and Pools for more than half a month. Are you ready for more?

According to our roadmap, we will gradually have more fun services available on BabySwap! The next one will be related to NFT!!

  • NFT ecosystem: Mint, trade, and more — Hint: related to mining and BABY burn🔥 All BabySwap users would love this ❤️

These will follow by soon:

  • Bottle: Get grants for your project from growth fund by user’s voting — vote by BABY, fund in BABY
  • Profile: Customize user profile with Baby IP and make into NFT — paid in BABY
  • vBABY: Proof of Membership, non-transferable token minted by BABY at a fixed rate. vBABY holders will enjoy rewards such as trading fee discount, mining BABY, IFO allocations
  • IFO (Initial Farm Offering): Raise funds for your project in BABY-USDT LP tokens. After redeeming the LP tokens, the USDT is distributed to the project, and the BABY is burned
  • Multichain: Launch on other blockchain and service more projects and users

Thanks again for your support!

Gradually, and then suddenly to the moon, shall we?

Principal’s Note






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