BabySwap ILO List has been Released!

4 min readMay 28, 2021


We have received so many questions regarding our ILO, so here is the update from our principal!

We are excited to announce that our ILO will start on June 1st at 11:00 (UTC) and last for 24 hours. Please stay tuned while participating in our Telegram and Twitter activities. Let us fill you in with more details about ILO in this article!

What’s ILO?

ILO means Initial Liquidity Offering, where you add your altcoin’s liquidity to BabySwap for 24 hours to earn BABY. The BABY token will be initially offered through the liquidity-adding process, and the participants will become the first BABY holders!

Check the previous article for more details.

The initial offering is 10,000,000 BABY, and the initial price of BABY is 0.1 USD. We will distribute the 10,000,000 BABY to each ILO pool with a certain ratio base on the community’s will and the project’s on-chain data. We have already check every token’s data and they all seem shining. But your thoughts are also extremely valuable to us. Let’s see the ILO list first to choose your favorite project and vote for them to boost their reward!

ILO List is Out!

We are excited to announce that 252 tokens are on our ILO list, I bet there is one or more you are holding right now! If not, you can still buy them to participate in our ILO to earn BABY!

Our list is as follows:

Find anything familiar in this chart?

It is quite simple: Connect the wallet, get the LP tokens, and stake to get your BABY!

We are excited that you can be the first group of BABY holders, and we believe you will take good care of your BABY. You must be wondering, how many BABY you can get in your altcoin-USDT ILO pool? The distribution will be announced in a few days, and there is a chance for you to boost up the distributed reward by participating in our campaign.

Let’s distribute BABY together!

As the above said, we will distribute BABY in each ILO pool according to the on-chain data and our community’s choice. To settle the distribution ratio for every farming pair, we are hosting a “WHO IS THE HOTTEST BABY?” campaign. Who’s gonna get the juiciest share of BABY? It’s up to your vote!🔥

🏆Prize: 500 USDT

💡Start voting from now till 2021/05/30 14:00 UTC

🍼How to take part?

1) Join Telegram group

2) Send your Vote with Blessing in the group using this format:

$Ticker name + Blessing 👈 (Example: $CAKE To the moon🥞🥞🥞)

👑How to win?

From the Top 5 voted coins, we randomly pick 15 winners to share 1500 USDT rewards, each getting 100 USDT.

Top 1: 5 Winners

Top 2: 4 Winners

Top 5: 1 Winner


1) We will set ILO reward distribution according to community vote and on-chain data. The campaign result will not count for the final distribution.

2) One user could make up to 20 votes for one coin. Votes exceed 20 will not count.

Make sure to vote for your favorite projects or for the tokens you have in hand, because the more your pool has in total, the more you can get according to your Share of Pool. The final percentage of each ILO pool has not yet been decided, and it’s your time to shout out to your favorite projects!

The final Distribution will be announced in a few days. Don’t forget our ILO time is June 1st at 11:00 (UTC). Farms and Pools will be open after 24 hours, and you can use the BABY you’ve received in ILO to stake and earn more!

Babies are waiting for you. Wish you have a lovely semester!

Principal’s Note







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