BabySwap Daycare: ILO — Initial Liquidity Offering

4 min readMay 24, 2021


I am wondering… where do you put your cryptos?

In a wallet that offers a relatively steady interest rate? Probably waiting for airdrops if you are lucky enough? Staking or yield farming in DEX & CEX?

None of the above has a higher return than BabySwap’s Daycare system (ILO)!

What is BabySwap?

BabySwap is the best AMM+NFT decentralized exchange for newborn projects on Binance Smart Chain, providing a more friendly trading experience and better project support.

This is absolutely the best place for your baby projects to grow!

What is Daycare?

Daycare is a special program in BabySwap.

Guess you already had some baby projects in your arms. Why don’t you take good care of them while earning some other awards? Foster your babies in BabySwap, we will take care of them and give away a certain amount of BABY tokens to you!

Be the first group of BABY holders!

Not sure if you understand, so let’s have a technically speaking:

Daycare is also called ILO — Initial Liquidity Offering, where you add your altcoin’s liquidity to BabySwap for 24 hours to earn BABY. The BABY token will be initially offered through the liquidity adding process, and the participants will become the first BABY holders!

The initial offering is 10,000,000 BABY, and the initial price of BABY is 0.1 USD. How are we going to distribute 10,000,000 BABY?

BABY ILO Distribution

We will add some projects to the ILO pool list, and distribute the 10,000,000 BABY as their initial liquidity offerings with a certain ratio, according to our communities’ vote and the project’s on-chain data. Thus, there will be many ILO pools with different rewards distribution.

E.g., There is a token named ALT, and it’s in BabySwap’s ILO list. The price on the market is 1 ALT = 2 USDT. Therefore, users need to stake 1 ALT and 2 USDT in the liquidity pool to get their LP tokens, and the LP tokens can be staked on the ILO page, which will be locked for 24 hours. After 24 hours, users can unstake the LP tokens and claim the BABY token rewards as well. If the ILO pool you participate in has a 10x multiplier which is in total 100,000 BABY rewards and your Share of Pool is 25%, then you can get 25,000 BABY in return!

Check their guide to see further details of participating in ILO.

ILO will be started in late May or early June. ILO list and reward distribution will be disclosed later. Follow our Medium and Twitter and keep updated.

We have already received hundreds of project ILO applications, and we are carefully choosing among them, so we haven’t gotten a list yet. We need your help to vote for your favorite BSC projects that you want to be on the ILO list. Carefully vote for projects that:

  • You have a deep faith in it;
  • You have invested in it since it would be easy for you to participate in ILO;
  • You are going to buy it since it would be easy for you to participate in ILO;
  • Or probably you are the team member of a project, and simply want to be a BABY holder.

How can ILO benefit?

If you are a DeFi player, you can stake your altcoins in BabySwap for a higher return — way higher than other yield farming. We are expecting a 100%-1,000% APY. So if you happen to have many altcoins and they are on our ILO list, congratulations, there will be a huge return if you participate. Afterward, the BABY you claimed can be then staked in pools for more rewards.

If you are a project team member, you can also stake tons of your altcoins to the liquidity pool to earn the reward as your growth funds, and looking for further cooperation with BabySwap — we have amazing supports for you. We also encourage more projects to join us, so if you are interested in ILO listing and more co-marketing events, please email

If you are a believer, you must hold BABY first. Baby is the future.

If you are not sure whether BABY can have an outstanding return…well, since ILO doesn’t cost you that much, why don’t you give it a try?

More on ILO

ILO will be started in late May or early June, 24 hours before BabySwap official launch. ILO list and reward distribution will be disclosed later in BabySwap Telegram, according to your vote on Twitter and on-chain data. Participating in the selection of ILO will also give you a chance to earn 200 USDT!

Fellow projects and future BabySwap users, let’s make BABY shine.

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