Baby’s Weekly Highlights #88

2 min readFeb 11, 2024

What time is it? This is the special moment of the week when we gather to reminisce about our memories and gear up for an exciting new week ✌️

Join us to explore the detailed account of our delightful and enjoyable moments with Baby!

🌐 Each Distinct Island Makes Baby Wonderland Unique 🌐

The unveiling of all 6 enchanting islands on Baby Wonderland has caused waves of excitement and generated remarkable profits within the Baby community and even the crypto world! Have you had the pleasure of discovering your personal Neverland, a cherished island boasting a mind-blowing and eye-opening Land image that captivates your heart? 😍

And for those ambitious landholders who have become the proud owners of multiple islands, reaping the glory of the highest Land incomes on their beloved paradise, raise your hands up high to let Baby recognize and celebrate your achievements as conquerors of each distinct island! Each faithful and rich landholder has claimed dominion over these prosperous and thriving islands and established your power as true leaders in the Baby Wonderland!

🐉 Happy Chinese Lunar New Year 🐉

Baby is sending heartfelt Chinese Lunar New Year greetings to all the precious and worldwide babies who partake in this momentous festival! May the Year of the Loong bring you the very best of luck, abundant blessings, and joy, as well as superb fortune!

Do you celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year? Are there any extraordinary traditions or cherished customs in your countries or regions that you embrace during the Chinese Lunar New Year?

Share your interesting episodes with Baby, and let’s HODL hand in hand as we embark on an extraordinary journey of BUILDing and achievement throughout this remarkable year 🔥

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