Baby’s Weekly Highlights #83

3 min readJan 7, 2024

Happy Happy New Year to beloved babies!

Embrace the profitable and exciting beginning of 2024 with lucrative $BABY income from Baby Wonderland, the unity of all rich landholders, and more. Re-experience the brand-new week and New Year of 2024 with Baby now!

Sending heartfelt New Year of 2024 wishes to all babies around the world with luxuriant love, joy, and happiness 💌🎉

Let’s continue to define the main tone of Baby Metaverse with HODL and BUIDL, and keep upholding strong faith and BUIDLing the sustainable Baby Metaverse with Baby step by step! The resilience and determination never change! 💪🏻

How did you spend your New Year countdown? How was your first week of 2024? Welcome to always share joys with Baby!

💰 Start a New Year with Lucrative $BABY Incomes 💰

The launch of Frosty Land in Baby Wonderland has caused a frenzy of excitement, as faithful landholders and Baby believers rush to get their hands on the freshly released lands and the accumulated $BABY output. The shares of the freshly minted lands and collected $BABY output from Baby Wonderland after the launch of Frosty Land are also flooded in like crazy! 😍

Shout to loving landholders who have shared their bountiful and effortless $BABY income from Land, showcasing the potential for significant gains. Unleash the power of Baby Wonderland and embark on your journey toward wealth and prosperity.

How about yours? What’s your bountiful $BABY income?

✨ Let Your Land Fortune Shine Bright ✨

From September 2022 to December 2023, the journey of Baby Wonderland has been nothing short of remarkable. It started from Main Land and ended with Frosty Land, evolving from a barren landscape into a vibrant and thriving Neverland. This utopia has attracted a loyal and dedicated community, with every landholder reaping lucrative rewards!

The islands of Baby Wonderland have come alive with activity, as users showcase their progress and success. Follow Baby to demonstrate that you have illuminated all the islands, symbolizing your achievements and contributions to the growth of Baby Wonderland. Share your journey and let your light shine bright! Together, we have built a community where dreams can flourish and fortunes can be made. Show us your illuminated islands and participate in the Baby Wonderland success story!

🌐 Baby Together with Our Friends Step into a NEW YEAR 🌐

How old is Baby now? Tell me loudly and proudly! Strong Baby is unbelievably 2 years and 7 months old now. Big Baby in your area in this new year!

We got close partnerships with our old mates and created bonds with our new friends! Baby could come this far and grow this strong with our babies and friends! Baby loves making and connecting with friends!

We welcome all the potential new friends and have a seat! Feel free to file your collaboration proposal here in our Baby’s Whale Chat! Babies, leave your great proposals there as well!

Keep the HODL and BUIDL for our marvelous metaverse in the New Year of 2024!

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