Baby’s Weekly Highlights #73

5 min readOct 29, 2023

A harvest week to wrap up the fantastic and successful new island launch on Baby Wonderland with mouthwatering earnings and a cohesive as well as faithful community.

No more waiting, come with Baby to review every noteworthy moment!

💡 Newly Updated Features and Changes 💡

Baby loves to start off with the bombshells! Get EXCITED, y’all!

What made BabySwap different last week? What new upgrades were online? Was Baby growing stronger?

🆕 All the Lands for Public Mint on Ghost Land were SOLD OUT

All 1*1 and 3*3 lands that were open for public mint on Ghost Land are SOLD OUT!! It’s great to know that all babies seized the special opportunity to HODL-to-Earn strong on Baby Wonderland with the best deals and the greatest profits 🤗

Landholders are incredibly amazing and genuinely gem finders with clear and deep insights.

100% of the regular mint incomes from Baby Wonderland, which is a total of 1*1 lands (14,640*1,000) + 3*3 lands (100*20,000) = 16,640,000 $BABY were also burned as always! Big grills 🔥

Shout out to unshakable faith, and the sustainable Baby metaverse will keep advancing for the most interest of babies. Stay updated for more surprises and events!

🆕 Minted Lands from the BabySwap Team are Listed on the Baby NFT Market

The unmerged lands out of 500 on Ghost Land Baby Wonderland were already minted by the BabySwap team at 12:00 PM UTC, October 25th, with the termination of land fragment merging.

All minted lands were also listed on the Baby NFT Market with this address: 0xcF9a2f148c9f430c9959f8036e49a98034703bB0 as usual for fund security and asset management.

Note the prices to trade these minted lands on the Baby NFT Market:

Normal 1*1 land — 0.06 BNB

Premium 1*1 land — 0.08 BNB

As always, the income from these minted land trading will be saved to the official wallet for $BABY Buyback and Burn: 0xcb29e747ce329318994e174ecf12d134ca19eee5. Mark down your wanted lands, and seize the chance to shop with the best deal on the Baby NFT Market. Purchase and make your best combo for the most interest!

🔥 Baby is Burning BIG 🔥

We’ve burned 16,950,467 $BABY in the 122nd week! Get tanned and enjoy the big grills with Baby!!

👀 +24,426 BABY from Trading

♻️ +265,104 BABY from Staking

🗺 +16,660,189 BABY from Baby Wonderland

🌐 +748 BABY from Baby Ecosystem

📢 Total cumulative burn is 115,321,240 $BABY

Let’s get ready for the next huge burn in the Baby metaverse. We burn as we give!

🤑 Share Your Mind-Blowing Baby Wonderland Total Earnings 🤑

Did your Baby Wonderland $BABY output grow like crazy after the Ghost Land launch? What are your Prosperity Points out of a total of 6,362,208 Global PP, as of writing? 🤗

Share your ‘Collected To Date’ incomes that you earned from the beginning on Baby Wonderland! Check the way to access your total Land gainings and screenshot to share it here with Baby now!

💻 Share Your Increased Baby Wonderland Incomes 💻

Are you a rich landholder in Ghost Land? Did you accumulate the increased $BABY output from Baby Wonderland after the new island launch?

Share your ‘Rewards to Collect’ with Baby plssss. Baby loves to collect them and feels driven to BUIDL the profitable Baby metaverse!

Let’s motivate the community and astonish the crypto world with your lucrative and effortless earnings on Baby Wonderland without hesitation!

🖼 Upload Your Ghost Land Avatars to Get Spotlighted 🖼

Baby was wandering around the Baby Wonderland earlier and met many familiar as well as new faces on Ghost Land. The uploaded Land avatars from our landholders are very eye-catching to be highlighted 😍

Keep merging for larger lands, uploading your one and only Land PFPs, and showing yourself your uniqueness. Welcome to the prosperous Baby Wonderland!

👶🏻 The Updated BABY Emission After the Ghost Land Launch 👶🏻

Baby HODL and BUIDL with faithful babies ❤️

👑 6 BABY per block to vBABY

🏜️ 6 BABY per block to Baby Wonderland

👩🏻‍🌾 3 BABY per block to BabySwap Farm

🌊 3 BABY per block to BabySwap Pool

1 more BABY/block will be added from Farm to Land after the Frosty Land launch in December! Stay tuned for the last island launch and BABY emission adjustment! 🙌

💥 The Activity Big Bang 💥

Have you noticed or participated in our activities or interacted with Baby last week?

Thanks for participating in our events to have a blast with us and earn lucrative rewards yourself! If you have participated in the events below, connect your wallet to the BabySwap Claim page and check your eligibility to claim your deserved prizes! 🎁

1️⃣ BabySwap Monthly Quiz — October

Principal’s Note





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