Baby’s Weekly Highlights #71

6 min readOct 15, 2023

To get deeper insight about the upcoming Ghost Land, and take the unique Baby Wonderland review sessions for the best preparation to HODL-to-Earn with the most interest.

Review and countdown with Baby!

💡 Newly Updated Features and Changes 💡

Baby loves to start off with the bombshells! Get EXCITED, y’all!

What made BabySwap different last week? What new upgrades were online? Was Baby growing stronger?

🆕 Significant Adjustments for a Sustainable Baby Metaverse

Remember our ultimate goal?

To build a Babyverse that’s comfortable for everyone, we adjusted our goals, added, and removed a few products accordingly to better allocate our resources in both development and marketing to focus on building the Baby Metaverse we adore.

We are about to have a major Babyverse UI upgrade along with the adjustments and redefine who we are. Thanks for always being considerate, supportive, and faithful under any market conditions! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via Telegram or Discord.

🆕 Detailed Ghost Land Info Revelation and Countdowns

How’s your adventure with the Ghost Land giveaways? Learn about Ghost Land’s quantity and rarity distribution while eagerly waiting for the new island launch.

A total of 17,000 lands are well-arranged with different means! Have your $BABY ready to mint and earn more! 🤑

Knock knock! The ghosts on the Ghost Land are wandering around to do treat-or-treating 👻 Are you with us?

📅 Mint time: 2 PM UTC, October 16th

💰 Price: 1,000 $BABY for a 1*1 Land, 20,000 $BABY for a 3*3 Land

👑 Prosperity Points: 50 PP for a Normal 1*1 land, 60 PP for a Premium 1*1 land

Will you tag along, babies? Get ready to answer the door now 🚪

What are you expecting the most at this point of the warm-ups of the new island launch on Baby Wonderland? Drum roll 🥁🥁

It must be the image revelation of the Ghost Land! Get all excited for the new island with the spooky atmosphere. Only treats on Ghost Land for babies! 🍬

The best-ever surprise of this year’s Halloween for all babies to HODL for more bountiful and effortless incomes, as well as BUIDL the advancing Baby Metaverse right around the corner!

⏳ Ghost Land will be launched SOON at 2 PM UTC, October 16th!!

Before every new island launch, don’t forget that the $BABY output on Baby Wonderland will increase by 1 BABY/block!

So far, the $BABY output on Baby Wonderland has increased to 6 BABY/block for landholders to HODL-to-Earn effortlessly, efficiently, and profitably! 🤑

As always, the total $BABY output of the Baby Metaverse remains the same as the raised output on Land was added from BabySwap Farm.

Get the lucrative income before the new island launch on Baby Wonderland now and get ready to paint the Baby Metaverse red with Baby! 🎉

🆕 The New Land Tycoon IV NFB is Released & New Landlord is Added

Maniacal collector of the Land Tycoon NFB series! 😍

Land Tycoon IV NFB is claimable after the snapshot of the Top 100 landholders in Baby Wonderland’s Prosperity Point Rank. Claim your deserved Land Tycoon IV NFB here if you are qualified as the top 100 with the most Prosperity Points on Baby Wonderland. Sign it as a Landlord for greater profits and more effortless earnings on Baby Wonderland.

🔍 Search for the Maniac of the Land Tycoon NFB Series 🔍

Are you the maniac for the Land Tycoon NFB series? Did you collect all 3 Land Tycoon NFBs already? Did you acquire them as the top 100 places in the Prosperity Point Rank on Baby Wonderland or purchase them on Baby NFT Market?

Land Tycoon NFB is not only the recognition of your bountiful Baby Wonderland’s income but can boost your $BABY output even more as a Landlord!

Share all your owned Land Tycoon NFBs with Baby here. You must be qualified to claim Land Tycoon IV NFB, aren’t you? Share everything with us!

💰 More Rich 5*5 Landholders are Emerging on Baby Wonderland 💰

Only 1 5*5 landholders on Baby Wonderland back in June, but as of writing, a total of 5 5*5 landholders are living carefreely and earning bountifully on Baby Wonderland now 🥳

Our diligent babies will never stop HODLing and BUIDLing the most prosperous and sustainable Wonderland ever! Purchase your deserved lands conveniently and efficiently on both Baby Wonderland and Baby NFT Market, merge to be the 1st 5*5 landholder to settle in Main and Scorpion Land, or continue to bring prosperity to Divinity and Wizard Land!

The new island is within reach and has incredible opportunities!

🧑🏻‍🏫 The Exclusive Baby Wonderland Review Sessions are Here 🧑🏻‍🏫

More warm-ups are ready for the forthcoming Ghost Land launch. Follow Professor Baby to have review sessions about Baby Wonderland to help either new landholders or professional landholders to HODL-to-Earn better and wiser 💰

Own lands on each island and merge for the most bountiful and effortless income now.

Are you ready for the review session of the day? Professor Baby is on set!

Review the organized Baby Wonderland APR calculation procedures with the detailed formula and example as above. Make the most profitable combo for the greatest Land incomes.

Let Professor Baby lead your way to HODL and BUIDL on Baby Wonderland as fortune always favors the prepared babies!

HODL wisely on Land for consistent, efficient, effortless, and profitable incomes hourly while BUIDLing with persistence and faith for a sustainable Baby Metaverse 🌐

To achieve the true crypto rich by entering our marvelous Baby Wonderland!

Principal’s Note





Disclaimer — All projects are subject to both high market risk and volatility. Please, do your own research and full due diligence before even considering investing your funds in any project, and please, make your investments very cautiously. BabySwap will not be held responsible for any investment losses.




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