Baby’s Weekly Highlights #70

5 min readOct 8, 2023

How much have you relished our mind-blowing Baby Wonderland giveaways and followed each step to warm up for the Ghost Land? 👻

Check out the well-structured summarization below and take advantage of the timely info!

💡 Newly Updated Features and Changes 💡

Baby loves to start off with the bombshells! Get EXCITED, y’all!

What made BabySwap different last week? What new upgrades were online? Was Baby growing stronger?

🆕 Review to Get Ready for the Ghost Land

Time to explore around the Baby Wonderland for some exclusive adventures, excitement, and also spooks 🤫

Let Baby ask you some questions about the background of Ghost Land to test your knowledge!

What are the natures of babies to venture around?

How are the ghosts in the Ghost Land? Will they bully you or backstab you?

What kind of building will you be moving into in Ghost Land?

Review to find out more with Baby!

🔥 Enjoy the Big Grills in Baby Meta Finance 🔥

We’ve burned 5,830,657 $BABY in the 119th week in Baby MetaFi!

👀 +56,340 BABY from Trading

♻️ +129,422 BABY from Staking

🗺 +5,640,755 BABY from Baby Wonderland

🌐 +4,140 BABY from Baby Ecosystem

📢 Total cumulative burn is 97,854,303 $BABY

How much do you like to get tanned in Baby MetaFi? Let’s look forward to the next big grill!

Have you noticed or participated in our activities or interacted with Baby last week?

Finally! The grand event full of giveaways happened last week to warm all babies up for the upcoming Ghost Land Launch! By the way, they will all last for a week long. Seize your chances to participate to win extra lands for greater profits. Follow Baby to review all the exclusive Ghost Land giveaways now!

1/ Ghost Land Giveaway #1 – Share the Most Unforgettable Memory 😻

Do you usually celebrate Halloween in your country or region? What’s your tradition during the Halloween? If not, do you have any festivals in your country or region that are similar to Halloween? Leave your most indelible Halloween-related memory Halloween below the post here. 20 lucky babies will be drawn to share 20 FREE lands from Ghost Land.

⏳ October 3rd – October 10th

2/ Ghost Land Giveaway #2 – Create Your Best-Ever Costume 👕

Share your best Halloween costume in the past years and decorate your Halloween costume of 2023 with Baby elements!! It’s a perfect time to make everything special with Baby and leave your wonderful art here! 20 lucky designers with the best costume design will be eligible to share 20 FREE lands from Ghost Land.

⏲️ October 4th – October 11th

3/ Ghost Land Giveaway #3 – Light up Every Island to Explore 🏝️

Did you light up all the islands by owning their lands on Baby Wonderland? Share the screenshot of your lighted islands with your daily or current usage scenario of exploring Babyverse. Maybe you like to have your daily morning coffee while claiming your deserved $BABY output and discovering more on Baby Wonderland? Or do you prefer to start your adventure on Land while commuting? Share them with Baby here! 20 FREE lands from Ghost Land will be available for babies to win.

🕰️ October 5th – October 12th

4/ Ghost Land Giveaway #4 – Design Your Ideal #BabyWonderland 🎨

Time to make our Baby Wonderland stick as close to the Halloween theme as possible! Show your unique talent to decorate Baby Wonderland with Halloween elements to make it cuter and spookier. Baby will collect amazing works out of all the comments here and choose 20 lucky winners to share 20 FREE lands from Ghost Land.

⌚ October 6th – October 13th

Other than all those exciting giveaways, one of our regular routines before every island launch is ready for babies!

Land Tycoon NFB distribution is right around the corner!

The top 100 landholders with the most Prosperity Points are eligible for Land Tycoon IV NFB. Are you already in the top 100 or are trying to climb up to get your spot?

⚠️ Snapshot time: 1 PM UTC, October 9th

Get yourself well-prepared for the upcoming Landlord on Baby Wonderland! Merge your lands for lucrative incomes and exclusive privileges!

🎉 Retrospect Q3 Major Products and Milestones 🎉

The review of our Major Products and Milestones of Q3 2023 was just like yesterday. Yet, we have reached the last quarter of 2023 with so many accomplishments and more to be achieved. Look how far we’ve come.

Thanks to babies who accompany Baby along the way to witness our remarkable growth and progress. Let’s make October and Q4 extraordinary, fulfilling, and fruitful. We BUIDL beyond as always! 🔥

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