Baby’s Weekly Highlights #63

6 min readAug 20


Wassup babies! It’s the time of the week to re-live all the memorable moments with exciting countdowns, mind-blowing new island launches, remarkable records, rewarding prizes, and jaw-dropping accomplishments!

💡 Newly Updated Features and Changes 💡

Baby loves to start off with the bombshells! Get EXCITED, y’all!

What made BabySwap different last week? What new upgrades were online? Was Baby growing stronger?

🆕 Baby Style Countdowns with Scorpion Land Launch is Here

Before we started our countdown for Scorpion Land last week, Baby released the official mint date, land prices, and Prosperity Points for babies to get ready for not only regular mint but also whitelist mint and land fragment merging. Let’s review them now!

Just like what we had for Wizard Land, but just more mysteries and excitements to be explored this time. Before we go, more $BABY is added to Baby Wonderland for boosted $BABY output for all landholders!!!

What’s the typical drill before every new island launch on Baby Wonderland? The $BABY output on Land has increased to 5 BABY/block!

The total $BABY output remains the same as the raised output on Land that was added from our BabySwap Farm!

Enjoy higher APRs based on your owned lands and gain lucratively via effortlessly HODLing!! No more waiting, here comes our breathtaking countdowns by hours and minutes!

With Scorpion Land’s smooth and successful launch, we achieved another remarkable accomplishment with the unbelievable purchasing power and unshakable faith from our supportive Baby landholders! YES! Our landholders will never let us down!

All 3*3 lands on Scorpion Land are SOLD OUT in 1 MIN and 30 SECS! Baby’s not kidding as it has surprisingly broke the record of 3*3 Sold Out in 4 mins, but this time, even shorter!! 🥳

Baby Wonderland will never fail you to return to each landholder’s trust and faith! Welcome on board to gain the most and relish the best in Baby Metaverse! In addition to the 3*3 Scorpion Land sold out, another mind-blowing record has arrived!

All 1*1 and 3*3 lands on Scorpion Land are SOLD OUT in 14 HOURS and 45 MINS!! 🚀😱 Baby landholders are DOPE 🧡

100% of the regular mint incomes from Baby Wonderland, a total of 1*1 lands (12,640*1,000) + 3*3 lands (100*20,000) = 14,640,000 $BABY were burned. Check the Burn txid here, which also included some whitelist mint burn! 🔥

Love the consistent support and resolute belief! Baby Metaverse is coming strong and BUIDLing the hardest for landholders in the near future 🫡

🆕 More New BUIDLers are Coming to Baby Wonderland

Baby welcomes and embraces all friends and partners to Baby Wonderland to BUIDL with all Baby landholders! 🙌🏻🥳

We HODL strong together for a sustainable Baby Metaverse! More BUIDLers will be joining us for the best future of Baby MetaFi. Let’s prepare everything to welcome them!

💥 The Activity Big Bang 💥

Have you noticed or participated in our activities or interacted with Baby last week?

First of all, thanks for participating in all Scorpion Land giveaways on Twitter. Congrats to all the winners on receiving exclusive FREE lands. Connect your wallet on the BabySwap Claim page to check your eligibility and immediately claim your mouthwatering Scorpion Land!

1️⃣ Scorpion Land Giveaway #1-#4

Aside from our Scorpion Land Giveaways on Twitter, we also had a blast on BabySwap Discord!

2️⃣ Scorpion Land Giveaway for BabySwap Discord Special Roles

Don’t forget to always stay updated and join fun events with Baby. Also, join Discord for more target activities and unique rewards here. Always relish the best adventures in Baby MetaFi 🧡

Coming next, it’s Baby Quiz Time! BabySwap Monthly Quiz of August is ready!

Are you following BabySwap’s announcements, updates, innovations, and events closely? Are you the loyal babies that HODLing and BUIDLing with Baby rain or shine?

📝 Take the Monthly Quiz of August here

🎁 10 winners share 2,000 $BABY

⏳ Ends on August 24th, 2023

No discussion during quiz time, and Professor Baby will walk around to check! 😝

It’s time to display your perfect scores on the understanding of BabySwap, catch up on the last ride to redeem your knowledge for money!!! 😍

⏰ Baby’s Chatting Time ⏰

Here we are with our Baby Thursday again!

A biweekly section for us to better communicate with our community members in BabySwap Discord! Here, we talk with babies heart-to-heart, and keep babies updated with the freshest information and innovations! 🎪

Join Baby to review and re-experience the best preparatory journey on the new launch of Baby Wonderland. Come together to check all the updates, Land info, and exciting events!

Come to our Baby Whale’s Chat here for the Baby Thursday live question session with some great questions and ideas being brought up! Enjoy interesting activities with juicy rewards, and get first-hand news. Get familiar with it for more surprises.

Join our Discord here for the most recent updates, activities, and the primary news without having any ‘jet lag’! And stay with Baby to HODL and BUIDL a splendid Babyverse as we promised 💗

We’ve also prepared a review session for you in case you missed it! Check here for the review of our Baby Thursday on August 17th, 2023.

💎 Get Ready for Diamond Hand of August 2023 💎

Are you craving collecting things, such as limited NFB, Wealthy babies, or event rewards?

🔔 It’s time for Baby Diamond Hand August 2023 snapshot!

⏰ The snapshot will be taken from the 15th — 20th of every month randomly

The top 150 holders of $BABY on BabySwap will be able to claim the limited NFB as rewards.

💡 $BABY tokens outside of BabySwap will not be counted.

Grab your chance each month to win exclusive and collectible Babies in a limited edition and with Prosperity Points added to your land assets!! 👍

Check here for the last month’s Diamond Hand for more details and be prepared to win the exclusive Diamond Hand NFB of August soon!

Talkative Baby Talk

An impressive and marvelous week with all the achievements that Baby, as well as our babies, have done together for the brightest future of Baby MetaFi. Baby can’t come this far or accomplish any more without babies. We BUIDL together for the incredible metaverse. Babies, are you ready for more use cases and surprises? Baby will present them exclusively for you!

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