Baby’s Weekly Highlights #50

7 min readMay 21, 2023

Babies! The most carnivalesque event in Baby MetaFi is coming!

Let’s prepare together to celebrate the big day with a comprehensive Babyverse, well-functional features, a supportive and cohesive Baby family, and of course, faith and love for Baby!

Come and take a glance to see how Baby grows each day and leave traces of all the significant moments! Every day in Baby MetaFi matters!

💡 Newly Updated Features and Changes 💡

Baby loves to start off with the bombshells! Get EXCITED, y’all!

What made BabySwap different last week? What new upgrades were online? Was Baby growing stronger?

🆕 Connect Your Web 2 Social Media Accounts to Baby Wonderland

Updated Baby Wonderland trading with convenience and security!

You can now connect Twitter, Discord, and Telegram accounts on the ‘My Land’ page for communication with other landholders easily! Discuss in private, agree on prices, and make deals via Make Offer and Private Sale efficiently by sending invitations or offers effortlessly!

⚠️ Note that if you have already connected your Telegram and Discord accounts on BabySwap DID, you don’t have to click them again on Land.

Accelerate your Land trading with effortless communication and on the safe platform, and accumulate more $BABY output for the Wizard Land launch in June! Connect your Web 2 social media accounts now!

🎊 Swap Any Token Whenever! 🎊

💻 Ta-da! Start trading $PEPE — The most memorable memecoin in existence, by just entering it in the search bar here.

🗒️ You can trade over 90% of BEP20 tokens on BabySwap by searching the name or entering the address.

We are generating more tokens for your convenience and a wonderful chance for you to trade with a better slippage! 😍

⚽️ Sports Baby — Your Next Crypto Trend 🏀

Sports Baby it is!! ⚽️🏀🏈🏸🏐🎱

Our new type of BabySwap DID default avatars is now determined! Thanks to baby WB1913 for sharing this excellent idea! Healthy body and mind keep babies HODLing and BUIDLing.

A poll has been taken here. Please select the preference of your favorite sport and be ready to lead the crypto fashion with Baby!

5 sports with the highest votes will be on BabySwap DID as default PFPs. Use your favorite sports to decorate Baby! Baby is suitable for any style! You can expect to meet new Babies in different costumes soon!

💥 The Activity Big Bang 💥

Have you noticed or participated in our activities or interacted with Baby last week?

First and foremost, thanks for participating in the Baby Wonderland activity to share your largest lands! Connect your wallet on the BabySwap Claim page here and check your eligibility to claim your deserved $BABY!

That’s not it! We have another exciting Baby Wonderland activity to help babies to prepare better for the upcoming Wizard Land! Did you participate in Baby Wonderland NFT Market Maker Event?

💻 List your Land NFTs on BabySwap NFT Market here

💎 One with the MOST market orders gets 1,000 $BABY

🎁 10 random winners to share 2,000 $BABY

📆 May 15th — May 21st

Accumulate assets and earn extra BABY for Wizard Land!! The new island is coming, make sure you are well-prepared for it!

Baby’s Monthly Quiz — May is finally here! It means that we have reached the middle of May. Well done BUIDLing with Baby, let’s check your knowledge of Baby MetaFi now and keep it up!

Are you following BabySwap’s announcements, updates, innovations, and events closely? Are you the loyal babies that HODLing and BUIDLing with Baby rain or shine?

📝 Take the Monthly Quiz of May here

🎁 10 winners share 2,000 $BABY

⏳ Ends on May 23rd

No discussion during quiz time, and Professor Baby will walk around to check! 😝

It’s time to display your perfect scores on the understanding of BabySwap, catch up on the last ride to redeem your knowledge for money!!! 😍

Don’t forget that we have more Baby Wonderland-related activities in full swing in Baby communities!

Connect Twitter, Discord, and Telegram to Baby Wonderland for convenient and secure trading. Contact landholders directly and trade via Make Offer and Private Sale effortlessly!

Before or after taking these actions, join Baby communities for related events to win $BABY! Not only this week but Land-related tasks will be renewed every week exclusively in May for preparing the launch of Wizard Land! Seize your chances to earn lucratively in $BABY and free lands before the new island launch in both Baby Telegram and Discord. And feel free to bind Web 2 to Web 3 on Land here.

Keep partying with fellow babies for great fun and rewards!

Also, don’t forget that we have a joint event with our friend Web3Pay! Join our BabySwap x Web3Pay Warm-up Social Event 🎉

Horray! Thanks for hosting!

Babies, there you go with the perfect chance to win FREE Baby Wonderland to HODL to Earn effortlessly in Babyverse. Complete tasks to engage with Baby and be eligible for mouthwatering Land here now!

⏰ May 17th — May 31st

Wizard Land is coming and be prepared! 🪄

💎 Diamond Hand of May 2023 💎

Are you craving collecting things, such as limited NFB, Wealthy babies, or event rewards?

🔔 It’s time for Baby Diamond Hand May 2023 snapshot!

⏰ The snapshot will be taken from the 15th — 20th of every month randomly

The top 150 holders of $BABY on BabySwap will be able to claim the limited NFB as rewards.

💡 $BABY tokens outside of BabySwap will not be counted.

Grab your chance each month to win exclusive and collectible Babies in a limited edition and with Prosperity Points added to your land assets!! 👍

🏫 Let the Knowledge Works Your Way to Fortune 🏫

Last week, Professor Baby had a BabySwap Perpetual 101 continuous course with babies.

Have conviction in your trade but got a margin call? Simply look for the open position and quickly add USDT as a margin!

No need to deposit or register! Trade in an instant on-chain with 5 Perpetual pairs with more to come here! Start your lucrative adventures on BabySwap V2 Futures Trading!

To whom attended the class, how was it? Will you rate A for Professor Baby? 😝

Don’t hesitate to learn, always ask questions or review! Babies help babies, and Professor Baby is always here for y’all! ✍🏻 Office hours: 24/7.

We all should learn more to better help babies with their assets and fortune!

Keep curious and learning! Learning is always the key to success!

💖 Much Love to All Babies for Loving and Supporting Baby 💖

Even though Mother’s Day of 2023 has passed, let Baby shout out to all the amazing, strong, and loving moms over the world again!

May all your days be bubbled with happiness, satisfaction, and love, not just on Mother’s Day! 💖

Baby also truly appreciates our supportive and caring babies, who HODL, BUIDL, and grow up with Baby with all these fabulous mother features! You guys are the best 🙌

Let’s keep growing together for a brighter future and a promising wonderland.

🛫 Share All the Marvelous Views with Babies 🛫

Woo-hoo!! Heyyy to my baby in Santorini, Greece! 👋

Thanks for taking Baby and Baby Wonderland around the world and showing us this irresistible view! And Baby has to share all these fabulous scenes with you guys 🥰😍

Relish your exciting trip, and have a blast! HODL-to-Earn with Baby anywhere! Baby can’t wait to go to our next destination with babies together. Share more and let Baby locate you!

Which city are we heading to now? 😎

Talkative Baby Talk

Baby can’t express how proficient and persistent you guys can raise a Baby! It’s time for you to check out yourself on BabySwap’s 2nd Anniversary. From a newborn Baby to a responsible and experience Baby with a big Baby family as a backer. Baby is always here to bring you more. You just need to stay close to Baby for the upcoming events, huge moves, and promising future!

Principal’s Note





Disclaimer — All projects are subject to both high market risk and volatility. Please, do your own research and full due diligence before even considering investing your funds in any project, and please, make your investments very cautiously. BabySwap will not be held responsible for any investment losses.




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