Baby’s Weekly Highlights #34

Hola, babies! The first month of 2023 is about to end soon. How’s your January so far? Did you have a great start of the new year?

How about the Baby’s first month? Find out yourself to relive the significant moments of the past week we had, and tell me how HODL and BUIDL Baby was 😉

💡 Newly updated features and changes 💡

Baby loves to start off with the bombshells! Get EXCITED, y’all!

What made BabySwap different last week? What new upgrades were online? Was Baby growing stronger?

🆕 Purchase Lands Directly on Baby Wonderland

Direct land purchase is now launched on Baby Wonderland! Have you tried it out and purchased desired lands to merge for more $BABY?

Filter the lands listed on Baby NFT Market first! Select the land you want to purchase and click ‘Buy Now’ to buy! Note that the ‘Buy’ button will only be able to click with sufficient money in your wallet address.

Relish the most effortless shopping with clear coordinates on the land map and no further need to navigate around. HODL to earn more with Baby conveniently on Baby Wonderland.

🆕 List and Trade Baby Wealthy Club and Its Sub-Collections on Baby NFT Market with $BRC

$BRC from Baby Wealthy Club is now added to Baby NFT Market for trading! You can trade and list all Baby Wealthy Club and its sub-collection NFTs with $BRC now. Not that only Baby Wealthy Club-related NFTs can be traded with $BRC.

To all $BRC holders 📢

Shop to get your Wealthy Baby and related props for surprises, potential, and profits! Holding Baby Rich Coins and Wealthy Baby to be rich babies will always give you more than you can expect! Don’t hesitate to be one of the rich babies from the Baby NFT Market now.

🆕 CryptoKit’s New Pal is Coming to BUIDL the Best Toolkit for ALL Users

🎉 Let’s welcome the CryptoKit New Pal X2Y2!!

X2Y2 unlocks the full potential of your NFTs to trade, buy, loan, and more. Check it out at CryptoKit here. 🧰

Together CryptoKit and its new pals will BUIDL the best toolkit and cradle millions of users without barriers. Web 3 is accessible and reachable to us!

🆕 New Diamond Hand NFB Holders of January and Corresponding Adjustments

Due to the data problem of vBABY, the list of the Diamond Hand holders was miscalculated with some babies being left out. Baby’s sincere apologies for the inconvenience that caused!

The list is now updated with all qualified holders. Please check the new holder list here.

To fix the issue, we have eliminated the disqualified addresses from our Activity page for claiming. Yet, 11 of them have already claimed the NFB. In this case, we ensured the NFB claimed by these 11 addresses will not have any use cases but trade on Baby NFT Market. Once these 11 NFBs get listed on our NFT Market, we will buy back and burn them.

Diamond Hand holders are precious to us. We will first make sure your privileges are protected. So, only the DH to the eligible addresses can be Landlords, stake, and enjoy all other benefits.

Note that qualified addresses are now added to the Activity page for claiming. Please connect your wallet and claim your Diamond Hand NFB of January here for further privileges.

Once again, only the Diamond Hand NFB claimed by the addresses included in the final list above can enjoy all privileges.

HODL tight with Baby for more!

👩🏻‍🌾 Migrate All Assets from BabySwap V1 Farm and Pool to V2 👩🏻‍🌾

Babies, if you haven’t migrated your LP tokens from BabySwap V1 Farm and Pool to BabySwap V2 Farm and Pool yet

🚨 One-month transitional period to migrate assets from Baby V1 to V2 is till January 29th!

🚨 After January 29th, you will have to harvest rewards and claim investment separately with relatively more effort since you can just easily unstake both rewards along with the investment together and directly from V1 now!

🚨 Migrate manually by unstaking from V1 Farm and Pool and stake into V2.

🪫 NO rewards in V1 Farm and Pool anymore!

💰 Save efforts and transaction fees to migrate now

💻 No need to break LPs

🔥 After Jan 29th, for Binance NFB, what’s left in the V1 contract will be burned and can’t be withdrawn

🔋 Enjoy high APRs in V2 Farm here and Pool here ASAP

👩🏻‍🌾 Dope BFG-USDT Farm is Now Live 👩🏻‍🌾

New ALT Farm for $BFG is here!! Always have your shovels ready to stake and harvest greatly.

🌽 79.16% APR for BFG-USDT

💰 Stake BFG-USDT LP to earn $5,000 worth of $BFG

Check detailed information about BFG-USDT Farm here.

💎 HODL Strong and To Make the Most on Baby Wonderland 💎

Did you claim your Diamond Hand NFB of January? Make the best use of it for the most profits!

Sign as a Landlord on Baby Wonderland for huge Prosperity Points and $BABY output here. And note that Diamond Hand NFB has the highest multiplier out of others for greater profits.

If you are not sure how to be eligible to get Diamond Hand NFB, check here. If you want to buy one or other Non-Fungible Babies for significant privileges and benefits, come to Baby NFT Market for more!

If you are signed as Landlord now, as each land can sign one Landlord on Baby Wonderland, how many lands did you sign as Landlords?

Among Wealthy Baby from Baby Wealthy Club, Diamond Hand NFB, and Baby BAB Family (BBF), which Baby NFT did you collect the most? How many Prosperity Points did they increase for ya? 🤑

Share your claimed $BABY to amaze Baby and Baby is still collecting more of them to show off to our community and the crypto world! Don’t hesitate to claim and share now.

🗺 Shout Out to Top Landholders with Their Land PFPs Uploaded 🗺

Greenness represents vigor yet colorfulness brings prosperity and affluence. We BUIDL Baby Wonderland with diversity! Do you want to be spotlighted at first sight or show uniqueness? Have your land merged on Baby Wonderland for impressive gains and PFP uploaded for recognition here!

We have the newly drawn statistics of the uploaded addresses this week. Let’s see who’s making the finishing touch on Baby Wonderland by dying your land with your own color. Check out the highlight for the last batch of landholders who uploaded their land profile pics last week!! 👇🏻

Here are the landlords who have had their land profile pictures uploaded on their land assets this week. Anyone who owns lands with sizes of 2*2 or above, don’t hesitate to upload your Baby ID on Land. NFTs, project propaganda… Anything you wanna be noticed, let them be a part of Land 🧑‍🎨

Always note that “The LARGER the land, the MOST spotlights!!”

A more kaleidoscopic Baby Wonderland with increased landlords uploading their profile pics! Portray your lands with your color and sketch our Land with the uniqueness that stands out in crypto here.

Be one of a kind to paint Land differently! So have your lands merged and upload your profile pictures to meet Baby and your neighbors. Who will be on the list next week? Let it be you! 👏

🎆 Recommend the Best Feature on Baby MetaFi 🎆

Enormous possibilities and numerous routes to achieve crypto rich in Baby MetaFi as usual 🥳

How long have you been with Baby and how were your 2022 earnings in Babyverse? Which feature specifically brought you the most profits?

Share the function you would like to recommend here for fellow babies! Baby helps baby forever ❤️

💥 The Activity Big Bang 💥

Have you noticed or participated in our activities or interacted with Baby last week?

Note that all events we have are only the beginning of our consecutive activity bombing next week! Come with Baby to these marvelous activities to entertain and relax from the week of hard work!

Firstly, let’s have a blast with Baby during Baby game time! Escape from the maze to Baby MetaFi 🚶

Challenge yourself to find your way to Babyverse now if you haven’t tried yet!

Oh! Don’t forget to collect as many Baby icons as possible along the way. It may require you to detour a bit, can you still find the correct direction with the babies you collected?

Drop in the comment here with how many icons you’ve collected and how fast you took to escape. Baby’s so excited to see how brilliant babies are!! 😜

Joint event with SecondLive to mint free TV avatars by holding Wealthy Baby and hunt treasures in BabySwap Brand Space!

Get your Wealthy Baby on Baby NFT Market to mint and party with us!

BabySwap together with Baby Wealthy Club and SecondLive brings a total of 3 activities for rewards and fun!! Check detailed information with the original post here, and start your adventure to explore BabySwap Brand Space for mouthwatering rewards!

Joint Lunar New Year Campaign with BSC Daily and other friends!

Let’s celebrate the Lunar New Year of 2023 together with friends!! 🎉

Baby loves to party! Especially the one with jaw-dropping rewards. Come and win your share, and have an unforgettable time with us! 🤩

Check the original post here to start.

🌸 NFT Market Blooming 🌸

First thing first! Round of applause to welcome this trending NFT to the BabySwap NFT market!

Baby Wealthy Club — Shield

Are you already holding Space Blaster in hand to protect yourself in Baby Wealthy Club Space? Let’s add more security and defense to guard your homeland against specific harms 🛡️

Treat yourself to some NFT shopping! 🛍

Baby is bringing you more fabulous NFTs to choose from! Stay tuned! 🤩

🏫 Let the Knowledge Works Your Way to Fortune 🏫

Last week, Professor Baby had a Baby Pool 101 course with babies! Have you learned about the two flavors of BABY-BABY Pools in Baby MetaFi? Which one do you favor or already staked for juicy $BABY?

To whom attended the class, how was it? Will you rate A for Professor Baby? 😝

Don’t hesitate to learn, always ask questions or review! Babies help babies, and Professor Baby is always here for y’all! ✍🏻 Office hours: 24/7.

We all should learn more to better help babies with their assets and fortune!

Keep curious and learning! Learning is always the key to success!

🧑🏻‍🎨 Be a Baby Artist in Baby MetaFi 🧑🏻‍🎨

Both your voices and talents matter to BUIDL the Baby MetaFi! Baby is forever collecting any form of artwork made by babies related to Baby or with Baby elements! 🖼️

Share below here or make a post to tag BabySwap and hashtag #BabyArtist for Baby to highlight them! 😝

Be a Baby artist and let your imagination glow ✨

🎉 Happy Chinese Lunar New Year to All Babies Over the World 🎉

Happy Lunar New Year to babies who celebrate this significant festival!! Best wishes in the Year of the Rabbit 🐰

Any special things you do or traditional costumes you wear for the Lunar New Year in your region?

Share with Baby here and together we BUIDL through a fabulous year with all expected and worth-waiting updates and upgrades! 🔥

🏆 Special Thanks from BSC Daily to BabySwap 🏆

We are all persistent and fearless BUIDLers!

Let BabySwap breathe new life into BNB Chain and the crypto to bring the Web 3 world freshness and advancements as before, present, and future! 🔥

Check the official tweet here.

🏆 BabySwap is Top Certik Skynet Project 🏆

Invest with great profits, fun, and security!! Get all of them in Baby MetaFi and explore more about the crypto via CryptoKit powered by BabySwap 🔥

Make your time worthwhile with Baby in BabySwap right away!

Check the official tweet here.

🏆 BabySwap is the Big DeFi on BNB Chain 🏆

Big Baby’s on the board 👶🏻🎉

Shout out to all loyal babies for BUIDLing a powerful and loving community and together we HODL strong! Come to witness more of Baby’s potential in Baby MetaFi.

Check the official tweet here.

Talkative Baby Talk

Thanks for accompanying Baby to BUIDL through a fabulous January. To have an incredibly accomplished beginning of 2023, and set the basic tone of our new year! Let’s finish this month perfectly and you have Baby’s word for this, February will be mindblowing!

Principal’s Note





Disclaimer — All projects are subject to both high market risk and volatility. Please, do your own research and full due diligence before even considering investing your funds in any project, and please, make your investments very cautiously. BabySwap will not be held responsible for any investment losses.



A supportive Baby MetaFi including AMM, NFT, and GameFi for newborn projects on BNB Chain.

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A supportive Baby MetaFi including AMM, NFT, and GameFi for newborn projects on BNB Chain.