Baby’s Weekly Highlights #32

As every present is your youngest moment, every week is our BUDILest time for a bright Baby MetaFi ✨

As usual, Baby brings the best moments from the previous week to demonstrate that the most productive and hard-working Baby is always growing stronger!

Hold your compliments for a few seconds, let’s take a glance together first 😉

💡 Newly updated features and changes 💡

Baby loves to start off with the bombshells! Get EXCITED, y’all!

What made BabySwap different last week? What new upgrades were online? Was Baby growing stronger?

CryptoKit is updated with more comprehensive tools for crypto!

Explore trending tokens in Web 3 with real-time prices and a direct guide to trade and swap on BabySwap with one simple click. And go ahead to get deep insights into crypto with the up-to-date news!

CryptoKit carries the goal to serve not only babies but millions of users throughout the crypto world, newcomers or professionals! Anyone who would like to operate securely, and conveniently with secure websites!

One more update! A brand new bonus feature is now launched on CryptoKit for bountiful rewards and extra species to your crypto adventure!

Visit the freshly added CryptoKit bonus feature here, complete some simple tasks, and earn over 1,500 $BABY bonus!!

Equipped with CryptoKit to Web 3 with the best tools, and relish the journey with mouthwatering rewards! Each of you is qualified. Off we go! 🚘

Whether you are a newcomer in Web 3, have trouble identifying scams, or are knackered from hopping around pages for wanted crypto information! Bookmark CryptoKit to guide your way to explore the crypto world! CryptoKit will grow more thoroughly for the benefit of all users! Set off with CrytoKit to Web3 here!

🎉 Let’s welcome the CryptoKit New Pal Ankr!!

Ankr powers Web 3 apps with fast, global, decentralized connections to dozens of chains. Feel free to check it out at CryptoKit here. 🧰

Together CryptoKit and its new pals will BUIDL the best toolkit and cradle millions of users without barriers. Web 3 is accessible and reachable to us!

Baby has to make a decent apology for the incident that happened last week relating to BRC-BNB Vault! Without being meticulous and thorough enough, the careless baby accidentally put the wrong address in Get LP for $BRC Vault, which is all fixed now.

Without any excuses and after discussing with the Baby Wealthy Club team, Baby has taken responsibility and done proper compensation to babies who added and removed the $BRC Baby-LPs with 200% of the tax cost.

All on-chain transferring data are analyzed and double-checked. Thanks for waiting and giving us time to do better! All funds will be returned in the form of $BABY, and are claimable on our Activities page here. Please connect your wallet to check your eligibility and claim your deserved refund!

Baby appreciates your understanding and support at all times! We BUIDL together to grow strong. Please keep up with Baby!

Last week, we have detected a glitch from the AWS server that resulted in wrong displays of Land income to be claimed. Some babies may encounter extremely increased Land output. However, the actual claim output is correct and it won’t affect the security of your asset.

After a temporary shutdown for examination, display errors are now well-fixed and you can keep your HODL-to-earn journey effortlessly. In case some babies may worry about your output during the time of examination, rest assured because your hourly $BABY outputs work smoothly and won’t be affected.

Enjoy Baby Neverland here for more surprises!

💗 Mind-blowing BRC-BNB (PancakeSwap LP) Vault 💗

Baby always prioritizes babies and strives to maximize the convenience for each of you!

🏦 You can now use your BRC-BNB LP from PancakeSwap to stake on BabySwap to earn $BABY!!

💰117.84% APR for BRC-BNB

Stake your LP here.

🗺 Shout Out to Top Landholders with Their Land PFPs Uploaded 🗺

Greenness represents vigor yet colorfulness brings prosperity and affluence. We BUIDL Baby Wonderland with diversity! Wanna be spotlighted at the first sight or show uniqueness? Have your land merged on Baby Wonderland for impressive gains and PFP uploaded for recognition here!

We have the newly drawn statistics of the uploaded addresses this week. Let’s see who’s making the finishing touch on Baby Wonderland by dying your land with your own color. Check out the highlight for the last batch of landholders who uploaded their land profile pics last week!! 👇🏻

Here are the landlords who have had their land profile pictures uploaded on their land assets this week. Anyone who owns lands with sizes of 2*2 or above, don’t hesitate to upload your Baby ID on Land.

A more kaleidoscopic Baby Wonderland with increased landlords uploading their profile pics! Portray your lands with your color and sketch our Land with the uniqueness that stands out in crypto here.

Be one of a kind to paint Land differently! So have your lands merged and upload your profile pictures to meet Baby and your neighbors. Who will be on the list next week? Let it be you! 👏

🏞 HODL on Baby Wonderland Brings You More Than Just Earning 🏞

Have you noticed a shared $BABY output tweet from our Land? An incredible amount of BABY was claimed!! Let’s check it out together again.

As Baby has double-checked, triple-checked…! It’s still 10,198.30 $BABY output claimed from HODL to earn on Baby Wonderland. That’s the perfect proof of hold to earn on Land. Keep HODLing, babies! Baby never lies neither does $BABY 🤑

Come with Baby to review or learn more if you are new to Baby Wonderland about the tips to maximize your land earnings through HODLing!

💡 Combine lands to get multiplied Prosperity Points for higher $BABY output!!

📌 Note that combining at least 1 Premium land will bring you much higher Prosperity Points as a whole. Get more land here!

Do you know what will the combined lands bring you except the larger sizes?

Juice up your journey to HODL-to-earn on Baby Wonderland with multiplied Prosperity Points with greater $BABY output, be the top ranks on Prosperity Points Rank, and be recognized and spotlighted by uploading Land profile pictures! There will be more features ready to be explored on Baby Wonderland for babies. Stick around, babies for surprises and prosperity!

Oh, and one last! After adding species to your Land adventures, great earnings and happiness come after! Check here for the newly collected $BABY output from Land by babies.

Jaw-dropping collections of shared $BABY output this time with so many mind-blowing earnings! Thanks for sharing the ecstatic earnings via HODL to Earn to electrify our community and the crypto. The more the merrier! Let’s see more shared gainings from Land by our rich babies. Claim and share from here.

Baby brings the real-life wonderland to you and together we relish in our Baby Neverland ❤️

💰 Make a Killing Together with Your Friends in BabySwap 💰

Explore more possibilities in the crypto with friends on BabySwap 👭🏻

From vBABY: Invite your friends to get 10% vBABY minted by users as referral rewards.

From BabySwap Perpetual: Invite friends with your unique link to get a 20% referral commission and a 10% rebate for your friends as well! Find your referral code and link here 👇🏻

From CryptoKit: Register a new Binance account from CryptoKit for 20% off!

Have your friends accompany you throughout the Web 3 adventure! To share strategies, help each other, and learn and earn together!

💥 The Activity Big Bang 💥

Have you noticed or participated in our activities or interacted with Baby last week?

Note that all events we have are only the beginning of our consecutive activity bombing next week! Come with Baby to these marvelous activities to entertain and relax from the week of hard work!

First and foremost, have your eligibility checked as winners to claim $BABY!
1️⃣ BabySwap Special Christmas Giveaway

Moving on with our fun activities! Have you left your answers for making judgments about some True or False facts in relation to BabySwap?

Do another round with Baby if you haven’t yet!

👼🏻 BabySwap NFT Market can trade all non-Baby brand NFTs

👼🏻 12 National Baby profile pictures are live on BabySwap DID

👼🏻 Diamond Hand and Gold Miner NFB, Wealthy Baby NFT from Baby Wealthy Club, and Baby BAB Family (BBF) are Landlords on Baby Wonderland

👼🏻 Baby da future

Are these four statements right or wrong facts about BabySwap? Have your answers ready first and let’s check the answer together!

Answer keys 👇🏻

The first 3 statements are false and the last one is true!


1️⃣ You can trade all Baby brand NFTs on BabySwap NFT Market, NOT non-Baby NFTs, as we have just updated to a more Baby-focused market environment last year.

2️⃣ There is a total of 10 National Baby PFPs available on BabySwap DID. 2 rounds of the vote and 5 countries each round to be selected to become default avatars on DID.

3️⃣ Diamond Hand NFB, Wealthy Baby NFT from Baby Wealthy Club, and Baby BAB Family (BBF) are Landlords on Baby Wonderland. Gold Miner NFB doesn’t count as a Landlord!

4️⃣ Baby is always and forever the future!!

Congrats on getting them all correct! Stay tuned coz we have more prepared for ya!

Coming next with the first Learn to Earn Campaign with BabySwap 👩🏻‍🎓

📋 Staking in Liquidity Pools Edition

Be the lucky and hard-working 10 winners to share a $200 BABY prize pool

❤️ Follow BabySwap on Twitter, like and RT our Learn to Earn campaign post here

✅ Read through and complete the quiz here

✍🏻 Be fast and correct to maximize your possibility to win

📆 Campaign starts from January 13th to January 20th

Let knowledge be your nutrition and protection to venture through the crypto world 📖

🏫 Let the Knowledge Works Your Way to Fortune 🏫

Last week, Professor Baby had a continuing course about over 60 trading pairs and 18 multi-languages in BabySwap Perpetua! ✍🏻

Keep learning with Professor Baby! Catch up with your classmates by brushing up on the previous courses about Perpetual if you haven’t yet, and join the rest of the courses with us! We have more lessons ready for curious and studious babies!

Practice the knowledge you learned here, and review more on Perpetual for the next course here.

To whom attended the class, how was it? Will you rate A for Professor Baby? 😝

Don’t hesitate to learn, always ask questions or review! Babies help babies, and Professor Baby is always here for y’all! ✍🏻 Office hours: 24/7.

We all should learn more to better help babies with their assets and fortune!

Keep curious and learning! Learning is always the key to success!

🏆 BabySwap is the Top BSC Exchange 🏆

Hooray for Baby!! Babies are BUIDLing stronger 💪🏻

Check the official tweet here.

🏆 BabySwap is the Top Gainers in BNB Chain 🏆

Baby the NO.1 🏆

Check the official tweet here.

Talkative Baby Talk

Every next week in Baby MetaFi is worth waiting and anticipating! What’s coming up next? Surprises! And y’all know they will be marvelous. All you need to do is to HODL stronge and BUIDL with Baby, and boom, a promising future and crypto rich are within reach!

Principal’s Note





Disclaimer — All projects are subject to both high market risk and volatility. Please, do your own research and full due diligence before even considering investing your funds in any project, and please, make your investments very cautiously. BabySwap will not be held responsible for any investment losses.



A supportive Baby MetaFi including AMM, NFT, and GameFi for newborn projects on BNB Chain.

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A supportive Baby MetaFi including AMM, NFT, and GameFi for newborn projects on BNB Chain.