Baby’s Weekly Highlights #31

Hola babies! Have you started your new year with a great week?

Yes for Baby! Always HOLDing and BUIDLing like in 2022, but with more motivations and expectations for the following days!

The past is the seed for the future. Let’s take a glance at our beginning week of 2023 now!

💡 Newly updated features and changes 💡

Baby loves to start off with the bombshells! Get EXCITED, y’all!

What made BabySwap different last week? What new upgrades were online? Was Baby growing stronger?

Baby Wonderland Sales Bot is now implanted on BabySwap Discord! Have you met our Land bot already?

Find it in the ‘land-transaction’ channel under the category of ‘Building Together’ on Discord here 👇🏻

Check the up-to-date trading details of Land and keep track of each trading history of Baby Wonderland if you want! Cheers to transparent and easy checking!! 🤩

Is this the BabySwap bots updating week? Baby Price Bot on Telegram is now updated with token contracts! 🎉

Straightforward token contracts offer a clear distinction from tokens with the same name, help babies to DYOR when it comes to money, and always make the correct investments into the accurate project!

Awaken and meet the price bot anytime in our main Telegram group here by sending Send ‘/token ticker’, and literally get the general yet thorough enough information you want before starting a new journey.

Our Baby-focused NFT Market has been updated with the ‘Creator Fee’ added! This is used mainly for a clear display and transparent trading, and also as our way to actively respond to babies’ needs and ideas!

Thanks to babies who brought it up and BUIDL a better Baby MetaFi together with Baby, and please continue to share whatever you have in mind that BUIDL the Babyverse!

Now feel free to treat yourself with Baby NFTs here.

👩🏻‍🌾 Stake in BabySwap V2 Farm and Pool to Enjoy HIGH APRs 🏊‍♀️

Stake in the freshly upgraded V2 Farm to enjoy HIGH APRs to earn $BABY on BabySwap 💰

🪙 172.54% APR for MILK-USDT

🪙 90.79% APR for BABY-BNB

🪙 85.34% APR for 1INCH-BNB

🪙 77.07% APR for SOL-USDT

🪙 69.97% APR for BABY-USDT

🪙 47.51% APR for 1INCH-USDT

If you haven’t migrated your LP tokens in V1 Farm and Pool yet, you can unstake manually from V1, and stake back into V2! Or add more liquidity in V2 to enjoy greater profits!

Note that if you migrate your V1 assets to V2 within the 1-month transitional period from December 29th to January 29t, you get to claim and harvest both investment and rewards in V1 Farm and Pool with simple clicks! However, after January 29th, investment can still be claimable from V1 Farm and Pool, but rewards will be transferred to our Activities page for claiming.

Shovels ready! Stake and harvest in Farm here and Pool here.

NFB Stake is coming soon for babies but yet to be determined the exact date and time! At the time of waiting, sign your Diamond Hand NFB on Baby Wonderland to enjoy the highest multiplier of 1.5x as Landlords for juicy $BABY output here.

🙌 Be a Liquidity Provider on BabySwap to Earn Passively 🙌

To earn a round-the-clock income passively and efficiently on BabySwap by being a liquidity provider by adding liquidity on Baby V2 Farm here 🤑

You can enjoy including

🤩 Relish high APRs

🎁 Get rewards in trading fees

👶🏻 Earn $BABY to discover possibilities in Baby MetaFi

Make your wise investment in BabySwap to earn effectively and profitably now!

🎊 Swap Any Token Whenever! 🎊

🤝 Search Rotte directly on BabySwap — A strong Rotto for a growing community!

💻 Start trading $ROTTO by just entering it in the search bar here.

🗒️ You can trade over 90% of BEP20 tokens on BabySwap by searching the name or entering the address.

We are generating more tokens for your convenience and a wonderful chance for you to trade with a better slippage! 😍

🏜 Seize Every Chance on Baby Wonderland and Merge for More 🏜

Landholders, how much did you get your land assets for? Did you grab the opportunity to purchase it at its mint price?

You know what? The floor price of Baby Wonderland has skyrocketed to 0.285 BNB, which is approximately 2,800 $BABY now! Simple math here, it’s 2.8 times the mint price!!

Do you know how much you have earned if you mint the land at the beginning and follow Baby closely for all Land updates? Now you know!

Always be the early gem finders to earn on Baby MetaFi because firstcomers, forever keepers, and winners! Not only to be early landholders but also to merge early to get your desired land and enjoy more $BABY output!

Let Baby learn more from you! What stimulations on Baby Wonderland drive you to stick around and HODL-to-Earn? 😝

Is it because of the lucrative $BABY output every hour that can be earned effortlessly and effectively, the privilege to upload PFPs to be spotlighted by everyone, or getting on Prosperity Point Rank to be highlighted? 🤩

Share with Baby what you have in mind here.

🗺 Shout Out to Top Landholders with Their Land PFPs Uploaded 🗺

Greenness represents vigor yet colorfulness brings prosperity and affluence. We BUIDL Baby Wonderland with diversity! Wanna be spotlighted at the first sight or show uniqueness? Have your land merged on Baby Wonderland for impressive gains and PFP uploaded for recognition here!

We have the newly drawn statistics of the uploaded addresses this week. Let’s see who’s making the finishing touch on Baby Wonderland by dying your land with your own color. Check out the highlight for the last batch of landholders who uploaded their land profile pics in the first week of 2023!! 👇🏻

Here are the landlords who have had their land profile pictures uploaded on their land assets this week. A more kaleidoscopic Baby Wonderland with increased landlords uploading their profile pics! Portray your lands with your color and sketch our Land with the uniqueness that stands out in crypto here.

Who will be on the list next week? Let it be you! 👏

Be one of a kind to paint Land differently! So have your lands merged and upload your profile pictures to meet Baby and your neighbors.

💥 The Activity Big Bang 💥

Have you noticed or participated in our activities or interacted with Baby last week?

Note that all events we have are only the beginning of our consecutive activity bombing next week! Come with Baby to these marvelous activities to entertain and relax from the week of hard work!

BabySwap x BSC News Learn and Earn Campaign on BNB Chain is in full swing!

Let your understanding defend yourself in Web3 and the tools for fortune. Earn bountifully from your knowledge base about crypto and BabySwap! 📚💰

Relish your comfy and pleasurable days with some simple yet rewarding quizzes, and come to explore the idyllic Baby MetaFi with the $BABY gained. Go for it, babies!! 💪🏻

📝 Sharing Season in BabySwap Lasts All Year Round 📝

BabySwap Sharing Season starts from the very beginning and continues all year round ☀️

Get $BABY and share transactions on the Swap page to your Web 2 social media accounts here.

Share claimed $BABY on Baby Wonderland to impress us with great earnings here.

Let the crypto know your Baby experience with smooth operation, a friendly environment, and bountiful gaining!

See the newly collected Land $BABY output from the community. HODL effortlessly to earn effectively and lucratively on Baby Wonderland 🤑

Every $BABY is the proof of consistent HODLing, and every faithful HODL BUIDL the Baby MetaFi stronger!

Share your mouthwatering $BABY earnings to cheer and motivate the community! Hold to earn, and claim to share from here now.

⏰ Baby’s Chatting Time ⏰

Last week, Baby brought our new friend Magpie home to meet the babies!! And we really had a splendid time together!

Did you have a whale of a time with our friends?

Were you active during the AMA?

Did you win the prize?

Congrats to our AMA lucky babies and more friends will visit us soon! Be prepared with your snacks and questions! 🛋🍫

Here we are with our Baby Thursday again!

A biweekly section for us to better communicate with our community members in BabySwap Discord! Here, we talk with babies heart-to-heart, and keep babies updated with the freshest information and innovations! 🎪

The first Baby Thursday in 2023! So much gratitude to babies for HODLing and BUIDLing through 2022 with Baby, and together we prospect the soon-to-come futures with detailed plans 😍

Come to our Baby Whale’s Chat here for Baby Thursday live question session, enjoy interesting activities with juicy rewards, and get first-hand news. Get familiar with it for more surprises.

Join our Discord here for the most recent updates, activities, and the primary news without having any ‘jet lag’! And stay with Baby to HODL and BUIDL a splendid Babyverse as we promised 💗

We’ve also prepared a review session for you in case you missed it!

Check here for the review of our first Baby Thursday of 2023 on January 5th.

🏫 Let the Knowledge Works Your Way to Fortune 🏫

Last week, Professor Baby had a continuing course about the Customizable Leverage on BabySwap Perpetua! ✍🏻

Keep learning with Professor Baby! Catch up with your classmates by brushing up on the previous courses about Perpetual if you haven’t yet, and join the rest of the courses with us! We have more lessons ready for curious and studious babies!

Practice the knowledge you learned here, and review more on Perpetual for the next course here.

To whom attended the class, how was it? Will you rate A for Professor Baby? 😝

Don’t hesitate to learn, always ask questions or review! Babies help babies, and Professor Baby is always here for y’all! ✍🏻 Office hours: 24/7.

We all should learn more to better help babies with their assets and fortune!

Keep curious and learning! Learning is always the key to success!

💖 Major Products and Milestones of Q4 2022 💖

Let’s have a 2022 recap and together BUIDL for the 2023 prospect. Past is significant to lead the future ☀️

A fulfilling and accomplished 2022 can not possibly live without the hard work of the entire team and a faithful community! We HODL and BUIDL for a brighter future. So, check out the Major Products and Milestones of Q4 2022 and get insight into our achievements. We start a new year with great pace and progress 🔥

🏆 BabySwap is the Highlighted NFT Project on BNB Chain 🏆

Let Baby-brand NFT collections breathe new life into BNB Chain NFTs!! HODL Baby Wealthy Baby from Baby Wealthy Club, NFB, Baby BAB Family (BBF), and more for explorable possibilities 🎉

Baby da future! 💝

Check the official tweet here.

Talkative Baby Talk

First of all, Baby always and forever appreciates the support and accompany from 2022 to the new year! Consistent and persistent faith drives Baby to work even harder to bring more amazement and surprises to babies. Secondly, Baby wishes to release more about our upcoming plans with details, yet oops. Just know that the best is yet to come! Good Baby never lies!

Principal’s Note





Disclaimer — All projects are subject to both high market risk and volatility. Please, do your own research and full due diligence before even considering investing your funds in any project, and please, make your investments very cautiously. BabySwap will not be held responsible for any investment losses.



A supportive Baby MetaFi including AMM, NFT, and GameFi for newborn projects on BNB Chain.

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A supportive Baby MetaFi including AMM, NFT, and GameFi for newborn projects on BNB Chain.