Baby’s Weekly Highlights #25

9 min readNov 27, 2022


Babies, how’s your football journey this week? Did you get your desired results every time, and did you participate in all of our activities on our Twitter and Discord both this and last week?

Continuous activity bombing recently to juicy up your life in web 2 and web 3 while keeping BUIDLing with Baby for the worth expected future.

Let’s wrap up a little for the past week to embrace the end of November and the start of December next week together!

💡 Newly updated features and changes 💡

Baby loves to start off with the bombshells! Get EXCITED, y’all!

What made BabySwap different last week? What new upgrades were online? Was Baby growing stronger?

Let’s have a glance 👀

🆕 Pending Icon Added to BabySwap NFT Market

The ‘Pending’ icon is now added to the BabySwap NFT Market for any onchain tradings! ✅

We now have more and more of this kinda little green icon on our website in order to let the spinning icon assure you that your assets are being processed in a safe environment. We can’t completely avoid network delay, disconnection, or error, but Baby can provide you guys with more security in the cases like these!

Trade with Baby and for more here.

🆕 Baby Wealthy Club Sign-Up Level is Now Showing on Baby NFT Market

The Sign-Up Level is now showing on the Details of Baby Wealthy Club on our NFT Market as a straightforward demonstration and measure for buyer babies to take into consideration before trading, and stimulation for Wealthy Baby holders to sign up early for more sub-collection NFTs and to sell for better prices!

Check them out here and treat yourself to some Wealthy Baby NFTs for surprises coming up soon!

👶🏻 Our Progress on Baby MetaFi Tokenomic Upgrades 👶🏻

Adjusted Farm, HODL to earn on Baby Wonderland, Main Land Sold Out, and so much more accomplishments! We have been experiencing prosperity on Baby MetaFi with massive surprises to expect in the short future!

Check our tokenomic upgrade overview for the next upcoming steps here and get all knowledge before they get online here.

Get a head start, and you have my word: December is worth anticipating 🥳

💰 HODL to Earn Effortlessly on Baby MetaFi with vBABY and Land 💰

The most effective and effortless way to earn passively in the crypto world is to hold to earn on Baby MetaFi.

Own more Merged Premium lands for higher $BABY output on Baby Wonderland and wait patiently for more surprises to come for landlords exclusively!

Check the Land map, your lands and direct you directly to our NFT Market from here.

Buy your desired lands to make larger Premium lands here.

Mint vBABY for privileges and profitable passive incomes here.

HODLing means earning in Baby metaverse! 💰

👑 Always Get the Most Privileges and Rewards as vBABY Holders 👑

👶🏻 Mint your VIP membership on BabySwap with 100 BABY for one vBABY

👶🏻 Own exclusive privileges and get daily rewards to earn effortlessly and passively

👶🏻 Hold for more premium rights in the future

Be a Very Important Baby here!

✍🏻 Share Your Unique Land Journey with Babies ✍🏻

Babies! Do you remember the day we have our HODL to Earn launched on Baby Wonderland? It’s on October 17th, which has been over one month already!

How’s your experience with Baby Wonderland so far? How much $BABY output have you collected in total in the past month?

Share more with Baby here! We never have enough $BABY but to hold more here.

Impressive and stirring comments were found from the $BABY output babies earned in 1 month we just mentioned above! Still, feel free to share more! Astounding Baby! 🤩

Can’t wait to learn about your APR on Baby Wonderland this time!

Have your APR calculated from the implanted calculator on our Land, but most importantly, share it with Baby here! Baby’s waiting to be surprised by babies again. Check your APR here now.

🌐 Share your Reasons to Choose BabySwap 🌐

Why BabySwap? 🧐

🤩 User-friendly and user-centered features and operations

⭐️ Comprehensive functions to explore

🤹🏻‍♀️ Joyous events and activities to win irresistible and yummy rewards

💰 Various and effortless earning ways

👬 Cohesive and supportive community to have your back

What are your reasons to pick Baby MetaFi? Share here with Baby and fellow babies!

💰 Are you a Crypto HODLer or Trader 💰

How to maximize your profit in the Baby MetaFi? How do you like to use your assets wisely?

👶🏻 Holder aims for a long-term profit, invests in great projects with potential, and faithfully HODL

👶🏻 Trader aims for a short-term profit, buy and sell quickly to make profits

Which type matches you? Make your smart crypto investment for your best interest on Baby metaverse!

👨🏻‍💻 Let Your Professions be Recognized. Vote for Professional Baby 👨🏻‍💻

Out of all the diverse professions in the world, what do our babies do? 🔍

Let Baby research to know babies better!

🙌 Vote your profession here

😍 The highest 5 occupations get to be on BabySwap DID as PFPs

Grab your chance to vote to get your profession acknowledged and designed in Baby character!

💥 The Activity Big Bang 💥

Have you noticed or participated in our activities or interacted with Baby last week?

Note that all events we have are only the beginning of our consecutive activity bombing next week! Come with Baby to these marvelous activities to entertain and relax from the week of hard work!

First thing first, claim your rewards here if you are the winner of the following activity! Congrats babies!

1️⃣ Baby Monthly Quiz — November

Continue with our thrilling Football fiesta! We have our special giveaway ongoing on Twitter as below:

🎵 Baby Football Giveaway #1 — Music Festival with Baby — to create a short video that includes Baby, your favorite football official songs or anthems, and other football elements

🚩 Baby Football Giveaway #2 — Unite the best things in one with Baby — Design your unique and customized flag with Baby and any football-related elements that you love

🤝 Baby Football Giveaway #3 — Baby unites everything — Football unites the world with sportsmanship, patriotism & admiration for overmatches, and so does Baby! Share with Baby why you enjoy football and what it means to you. What similarities do u see between Baby and football?

Not only on Twitter, we actually have more activities with ample rewards in our Discord exclusively! Don’t forget to celebrate, enjoy, and earn lucratively during this sports fiesta with fellow babies in Discord as well.

Football babies! Firstly, come here to get your football baby identity recognized and continue to guess the overall results for each Group (Group A — H with 4 teams each) to Round of 16. The guessing will continue till the end of this football season. Don’t miss any!

Bubbling with excitement and rewards for the special feast 💫

Next, check your understanding of Baby MetaFi with a little game with Baby -True or False Facts About Us

👶🏻 Can only HODL to earn on Baby Wonderland

👶🏻 Can swap over 90% of BEP 20 tokens

👶🏻 50% of BABY received from Land mint and Royalty fee will be burnt

Write your answers here and share your knowledge!

Now, comes our match game! Come to match selected BabySwap Occasions with Emoji!

🤔 Read these 5 randomly selected occasions and recall those unforgettable moments

✍🏻 Find the corresponding emoji and MATCH

😍 Let Baby check if yours match mine here

💎 Love all the way from Diamond Hands and Gold Miners 💎

Our Diamond Hand and Gold Miner of November 2022 has been distributed! 👶

Connect your wallet to check your eligibility and claim your NFB here.

If you are not familiar with how to be eligible for Diamond Hand and Gold Miner, check here now!

⏰ Baby’s Chatting Time ⏰

Here we are with our Baby Thursday again!

A biweekly section for us to better communicate with our community members in BabySwap Discord! Here, we talk with babies heart-to-heart, and keep babies updated with the freshest information and innovations! 🎪

This week, we had a Baby Thursday with exciting events and progress retrospect, and anticipated updates to look back on our effective and enjoyable weeks, as well as look forward to the forthcoming fabulous December 🕺🏼

Come to our Baby Whale’s Chat here for Baby Thursday live question session, enjoy interesting activities with juicy rewards, and get first-hand news. Get familiar with it for more surprises.

Join our Discord here for the most recent updates, activities, and the primary news without having any ‘jet lag’! And stay with Baby to HODL and BUIDL a splendid Babyverse as we promised. 💗

We’ve also prepared a review session for you in case you missed it!

Check here for the review of Baby Thursday — November 24th, 2022.

💗 Thanks for Being with Baby Through it All 💗

Happy Thanksgiving of 2022 to all my babies from all over the world 💖

Baby wants to express appreciation for your persistent support and ceaseless HODLing and BUIDLing with Baby at all times! Thanks for coming to Baby, learning, and staying with Baby!

Let the Baby MetaFi shower with love and gratitude not only on Thanksgiving day but all year round! 🥰

🏆 BabySwap is Nominated as Capital Efficient DeFi 🏆

Data never lie! Your healthy, secure, and profitable Baby MetaFi is right here. Come to Baby to HODL to earn, stake to earn, and stay closely updated for more surprises 🥳

Check the official tweet here.

🏆 BabySwap is the Most Trustworthy DEX 🏆

Trying to find a wonderland with a healthy, friendly, secure, and thriving environment? Baby MetaFi is the one for sure!

We go beyond #DeFi with the whole #metaverse that awaits you to discover here!

Check the official tweet here.

Talkative Baby Talk

A relatively relaxing yet productive month with only 3 more days left for us to get prepared to hop in the final month of the last quarter of the year! We are always heading towards our goals without resting or slacking off, which will be demonstrated by the surprises we have prepared for all babies who keep HOLDing and BUIDLing in Baby MetaFi with trust and support all the time!

We have come a long way. Not only with the time metric, but also with our advancement. Let’s finish November strongly and prepare to say hello to December the following week. Nothing will hold us back!

Principal’s Note





Disclaimer — All projects are subject to both high market risk and volatility. Please, do your own research and full due diligence before even considering investing your funds in any project, and please, make your investments very cautiously. BabySwap will not be held responsible for any investment losses.




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