Baby’s Weekly Highlights #24

9 min readNov 20, 2022

GM babies! Have you soaked yourself in and enjoyed the tremendous activity bombing and community spirit with Baby last week?

A thrilling at the same time rewarding and entertaining week to greet the significant sports fiesta and all babies as football fans or not. Baby always covers as many diversities as possible!

Cut to the chase, let’s start to highlight our relaxing while supportive week now.

💡 Newly updated features and changes 💡

Baby loves to start off with the bombshells! Get EXCITED, y’all!

What made BabySwap different last week? What new upgrades were online? Was Baby growing stronger?

Let’s have a glance 👀

🆕 Direct from Land to vBABY to enjoy HODL to Earn with Privileges

Seize all opportunities to HODL-to-Earn on Baby MetaFi with privileges, and earn bountiful and passive incomes right away!

Direct access to mint vBABY from Baby Wonderland is now added to the pop-up window after the claim of $BABY output. Share your earnings on Land to your Web 2 accounts, and join the vBABY premium club for more profits. Be a vBABY and landholder to earn effortlessly here.

👶🏻 Vote Again to Have Your National Baby on DID This Time 👶🏻

We never neglect any baby from all countries and areas! International Babies cover all regions with tremendous love and support! Therefore, we are adding MORE National Babies to BabySwap DID PFP!

More regions aside from Puerto Rico, Iran, Turkey, China, and Indonesia will be added, then we had the second vote ongoing for about one week and finally got another 5 National Babies on the list!

These are the Top 5 countries that received the most votes 👇🏻

India 🇮🇳 20.3%

USA 🇺🇸 13.5%

Japan 🇯🇵 6.8%

Nigeria 🇳🇬 5.4%

Philippines 🇵🇭 4.1%

Congrats! Great powers have been shown. Stay tuned and get ready to change your profile picture to your national baby avatar soon! 😘

✍🏻 Share Your Special Journey on Baby MetaFi with Babies ✍🏻

📑 Which kind of baby are you? The one who likes to claim $BABY output daily, weekly, or accumulate as much as possible? Let Baby know you more! Share your claimed $BABY via our sharing pop-up window after the claim here. Baby will check them and LIKE ♥️ So looking forward to being impressed with $BABY 💰

📑 Baby is always here to erase your concerns and resolve difficulties. Are there any challenges or inconveniences you have encountered during HODL to earn on Baby Wonderland? Baby’s always here to erase your concerns and satisfy your needs. Share here or in Baby’s Whale Chat here for further assistance. Baby helps baby, as always!

📑 Baby MetaFi wasn’t started from scratch by one or two people, but every single baby counts! We BUIDL the Baby Metaverse together. So feel free to share your constructive and insightful ideas, suggestions, or feedback on anything including but not limited to our features, operations, and more here. Let Baby do the rest and just lay back to wait for your ideas to come true. This is your Baby land to HODL and BUIDL.

🏰 Dominate the Baby Wonderland Map 🏰

Who stands out the most from the thriving greenness except for our huge Baby and partners?

Woo-hoo! Big shout out to the must-be-a-fan-of-Dallas Mavericks baby who draws all attention and admiration.

Babies, merge your lands and upload your profile pictures (any non-1*1 lands can have their own PPF uploaded). Display your identity and conquer the map next!

💥 The Activity Big Bang 💥

Have you noticed or participated in our activities or interacted with Baby last week?

Note that all events we have are only the beginning of our consecutive activity bombing next week! Come with Baby to these marvelous activities to entertain and relax from the week of hard work!

This week, we not only have several reward claim channels open, but ceaseless thrilling activities related to World Cup! Firstly, claim your rewards here if you are the winner of the following activities! Congrats babies!

1️⃣ BabySwap x Oceans Finance Special Giveaway

2️⃣ BabySwap x Baby BAB Family NFT Market Event

3️⃣ Halloween Special Giveaway

Next, your World Cup journey starts with Baby first on both Twitter and Discord! ⚽️

The whole world is so ready for the grand football event, and so are babies. Get your exclusive football fan identity recognized on our Discord for more upcoming activities with rewards! Juice up your journey with not only enthusiasm for the game but on our Baby community! Enter here to get your identity approved first.

Football season is not only a period of time to make history, but memories as well. Baby wants to hear more about your unique World Cup moments. Share with Baby and fellow babies the unforgettable memories you had during the grand sports feast in the past! They can be anything related to the game or simply in your life during this period of time.

Baby is waiting for more retrospect and prospects here. Comment more!

What about football that engrosses the world and people? It may be because of the sport itself, patriotism, specific players, or…? How about your reasons?

Are you supporting the team from your region? If not, why are you a fan of this specific team? What made it special to you?

Recommend your favorite team to us here and let Baby know more about Football and you!

Baby MetaFi is a metaverse for all babies with diverse backgrounds and preferences if you are not so into football, totally fine! Find your baby squad here. You can always find a place with Baby!

If you are not a football fan, what are the other sports that fascinate you? Since it’s football season, do you have football maniacs around you? What will cause you to watch the game eventually?

Comment to share here with Baby. 📝

Time for the Special Football Giveaway! All babies could involve with no thresholds 🚩

Baby Football Giveaway #1 — Music Festival with Baby 🎤

🎬 Create a short video that MUST include Baby elements, your favorite football official songs or anthems, and other football elements

🎧 Tag Baby and other football trends to draw the world’s attention

Let your creativity take our breath away!

Moving forward to design your own Baby flag!

Baby Football Giveaway #2 — Unite the best things in one with Baby 🚩

🧑🏻‍🎨 Design your unique and customized flag MUST with Baby and any football-related elements that you love

🖼 Comment below here to share your superb works and tag Baby with other football trends to spread creativity

Baby Monthly Quiz time has arrived!

Are you following closely BabySwap announcements, updates, innovations, and events? Are you the loyal babies that HODLing and BUIDLing with Baby rain or shine?

📝 Take the Quiz here

🎁 10 winners share 2,000 $BABY

⏳ Ends on November 23rd

No discussion during quiz time, and Professor Baby will walk around to check! 😝

It’s time to display your perfect scores on the understanding of BabySwap, catch up on the last ride to redeem your knowledge for money!!! 😍

Lastly! The very last round of Baby Jeopardy Season 1 is here with us on Baby’s Whale Chat!

Anytime is the best time to participate in Baby Jeopardy while it’s in full swing since no one can miss out on the chance to earn more $BABY!

This time, to close up Baby Jeopardy Season 1 perfectly, we have a total of 1,300 $BABY prize pool awaiting babies to share or WIN ALL since responses matter the most! We have one baby who took all 2,000 $BABY in Round 3 with the most all-inclusive answers in his own words. Why not you? You can totally be the next one.

Take every chance to earn juicy $BABY to explore Baby MetaFi here. Let your understanding of Baby MetaFi take you to the door, and let BABY be the key to entering!

🎉 Happy 1st Birthday to Baby Thursday!! 🎉

What has lasted from November 18th, 2021 to November 18th, 2022? Happy 1st birthday to our Baby Thursday 🎂🎉

Great work to our speaker Baby Ava, host Uncle Terry, and most importantly, our babies to accompany us every two weeks for the past weeks’ overview, future updates, and community heart-to-heart talk. Share your sweet congratulations here!

We will always work consistently and persistently! See you on our Baby Thursday next week.

🏫 Let the Knowledge Works Your Way to Fortune 🏫

Last week, Professor Baby had a continuing course about Perpetual focused on the Long Position and Short Position. ✍🏻

Keep learning with Professor Baby! Catch up with your classmates by brushing up on the previous courses about Perpetual if you haven’t yet, and join the rest of the courses with us! We have more lessons ready for curious and studious babies!

Practice the knowledge you learned here, and review more on Perpetual for the next course here.

To whom attended the class, how was it? Will you rate A for Professor Baby? 😝

Don’t hesitate to learn, always ask questions or review! Babies help babies, and Professor Baby is always here for y’all! ✍🏻 Office hours: 24/7.

We all should learn more to better help babies with their assets and fortune!

Keep curious and learning! Learning is always the key to success!

💎 Diamond Hands and Gold Miners of November 💎

Are you craving collecting things, such as limited NFB, Wealthy babies, or event rewards? 😁

🔔 It’s time for Baby Diamond Hand and Gold Miner’s November 2022 snapshot!

⏰ The snapshot will be taken from the 15th — 20th randomly

The top 150 holders of $BABY & Top 50 miners on #BabySwap will be able to claim the limited NFB as rewards.

💡 BABY and BABY-LP staked outside of BabySwap will not be counted.

Grab your chance each month to win exclusive and collectible Babies in a limited edition with a use case on Baby Wonderland as well!! 👍

🏆 BabySwap is Nominated on BNB Ecosystem 🏆

Baby MetaFi can actually be competitive in almost all categories lol. We are growing strong on one of the best blockchains — BNB Chain to provide all users with services beyond DeFi!

Unlock the whole Baby Ecosystem here now.

Check the official tweet here.

Talkative Baby Talk

A chilling week but Baby never stops BUIDLing! You will see more coming in our Baby ecosystem as Baby never lets you down and Baby MetaFi forever be saturated with surprises and rewards. Stay on hold to wait for your call! Plus, our activities are in full swing in both Twitter and Discord, don’t miss out on any of them for lucrative prizes and joyous experiences!

Principal’s Note





Disclaimer — All projects are subject to both high market risk and volatility. Please, do your own research and full due diligence before even considering investing your funds in any project, and please, make your investments very cautiously. BabySwap will not be held responsible for any investment losses.




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