Baby’s Weekly Highlights #101

3 min readMay 12, 2024


Keep unveiling and learning knowledge to HODL-to-Earn lucratively on Baby Wonderland, and achieve true crypto-wealth together with Baby. Moreover, unlock your special identity as a passionate avatar enthusiast and collector for more surprising and trendy Baby fashions!

Let us recall every moment from the last week!

🔥 Baby is Burning BIG 🔥

We’ve burned 2,114,565 $BABY in the 150th week! Get tanned and enjoy the big grills with Baby!!

👀 +33,553 BABY from Trading

♻️ +150,440 BABY from Staking

🗺 +1,930,115 BABY from Baby Wonderland

🌐 +457 BABY from Baby Ecosystem

📢 Total cumulative burn is 140,690,887 $BABY

Let’s get ready for the next huge burn in the Baby metaverse. We burn as we give!

🤑 How Does Landlord Affect Incomes on Baby Wonderland? 🤑

Elevate your $BABY income in Baby Wonderland to unprecedented heights by embracing the role of a revered Landlord, adorned with premium Baby NFTs!

Prepare to witness not just a modest increase of a few hundred Prosperity Points, but a remarkable surge of exponential growth and jubilation — Sign Landlord!!

Seize the moment and affix the privileged Landlord NFTs to every parcel of land you possess, such as Baby Wealthy Club NFTs, Land Tycoon NFBs, Diamond Hand NFBs, and Baby BAB Family NFTs, as each stroke of your virtual signature paves the way for unrivaled abundance and luxury. Take advantage of this golden opportunity to maximize your returns and embark on a journey toward unparalleled prosperity in Baby Wonderland!

👶🏻 Be the Enthusiastic Baby Avatar Collector 👶🏻

Are you ready to embark on an enchanting journey with the newest member of our beloved Animal Baby family? Your heart must be brimming with excitement!

Or could you find solace in the familiarity of a particular series of Baby avatars on BabySwap DID?

Let the world behold your current BabySwap DID PFP, a reflection of your unique identity, radiating charm and elegance!

We’re curious to know, which series resonates with you the most? Does it capture the essence of your individuality, showcasing your one-of-a-kind spirit?

But wait, there’s an exciting secret we can’t keep to ourselves! Stay tuned for a magnificent unveiling of the latest, most fashion-forward Baby releases, designed to ignite your sense of style and captivate your imagination. Shhh… it’s our little secret for now! Share your excellent ideas if you have any!

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