Baby’s Journal #7

6 min readJan 5, 2022

We are in 2022!!

Happy New Year, Babies!

Our baby is 7-month old with this amazing new year. Hopefully, we can all be with our families and friends in 2022 and never be bothered by COVID or anything else.

We have to say the market last year was full of imagination. Bitcoin led us to another bull market in the 4-year circle, NFT is the star of the market, and GameFi grabbed everyone’s attention. DeFi and Metaverse were the keywords, so we were glad that we were born in chaos and huge possibilities. At the beginning of each year, the crypto market always hits the freezing point without exception, but this is also a great BUIDLing time for us and all gem projects.

Our baby started writing journals from the first month. Today, I found Baby’s Journal #7 to share with you. Let’s see how much the baby has grown in December 2021.

Baby’s Numbers

As of December 31st, here is our financial data in brief:

DAU (Daily Trading Users): 5100+

On the other hand, thanks to people who love BabySwap that our social media and community status is overwhelming:

BabySwap Twitter Followers: 242K+

The Crypto You Twitter Followers: 61K+

Telegram Group Members: 142.8K+

Discord Members: 102.2k+

Our price has changed a lot, up and down a bit, but BUILDing never stops.

We already climbed to #3 in BSC DEX and #10 in all BSC projects! Our first game The Crypto You is once the BSC’s #1 GameFi project in DAU.

This is how we prove that we are beyond the DEX.

DeFi + NFT + GameFi is the best combo.

Baby’s Achievements

We can’t believe we’ve been this far and the market knows us well enough so that we are in every rank, every list, every ‘first-choice’. The huge thing last month was all about The Crypto You. The data of both BabySwap and The Crypto You pumped crazily.

AMM+NFT+GameFi=Baby Metaverse, and let’s create a pure crypto land! Baby Metaverse is here for you, where users are able to trade, stake, earn, and play in the metaverse. It will essentially be a crypto space for each crypto identity to live.

We have more friends coming in this month, and If you go to the Playground section, you can find all different places where you can use your $BABY or BABY-LP to play and earn.

Here’s the BabySwap Friends overview as of December 31st.

We made friends with several other partners, and they can best help the baby to be the popular one in the crypto world! We did 8 AMAs in our own Telegram group for our cooperated projects to help them grow. Baby Thursday has also been newly introduced, that we will have an AMA in our Discord channel on Thursday, weekly or biweekly. So far, users are satisfied with the pattern and we are more than glad to share our latest progress with the community. We’ve done 15 airdrops to people who put faith in BabySwap and The Crypto You.

Auto Baby Pool is still doing amazing, and it keeps attracting BABY to the pool. People love convenience so we offer that for sure! We also introduced limited pools and offered users a better place to allocate their funds.

vBABY has finally been online! At the same time, we adjusted the daily output of trade mining from 8 BABY a block to 6 BABY a block, so that vBABY holders can share 2 BABY a block with other amazing benefits.

Last but not the least, we have made several friends with other projects! By the end of October, we had 15 Farms and Trade Minings with 13 Pools. The projects were grouped as Bubbly Baby, Celebrity Baby, Housewarming Baby, Flash Baby, and the ordinary type.

BabySwap NFT Ecosystem

By the end of October, we did 4 NFB airdrops, including Diamond Hand, Gold Miner, SafePal co-signed NFB, and The Crypto You Mystery Baby Card. We distributed 150 Diamond Hand NFB to our top 150 holders, 50 Gold Miner NFB to our core yield farmers.

We also worked with Binance Charity and collaborated with 4 projects for charity NFB sales! Overall, we donated 50+ BNB to Binance Charity’s ‘Binance Lunch for Children’. We always care about babies, no matter if they are in the crypto world or real life. Just so you know this is a long-term partnership and we will always donate to Binance Charity in the future.

Baby’s Plan in 2022

It was a tough December that the whole team was working on Swap and Game, fixing features and releasing new features, managing events for both projects at the same time. We’ve encountered troubles and made several adjustments accordingly. We know we are far from the best, but we are trying to be the best. We have detailed plans for 2022, both for Baby Metaverse and The Crypto You. Read carefully and see if anything gets your attention.

Baby Metaverse:

1) GamePad

  • IFO: Initial Farm Offering
  • INO: Initial NFT Offering

2) Smart Router

To better upgrade the trading experience, a smart router is under development and the audit is finished!

3) New Home Page Outline

4) NFT Market

Trade your NFT/NFB on BabySwap

5) Profile

Thousands of avatars for you to choose from. Which one could represent you?

The Crypto You:


1) Daily Mining Rewards Upgrade

To support the price of MILK, we decided to change the calculation method of rewards getting from working stations. After the change, the other 6 stations will also be affected by the daily adjustment on MILK’s mining per block just like the MILK Station. It will be applied at 12 PM on Jan 7th UTC and also affect your existing rewards, please make gaming decisions accordingly.

2) Chests

Token Chests will be available first. We also have pets, equipment, mounts chests in the future. Save your Keys!!

3) Merge

Do you want to change your attributes but have too many characters on hand and refuse to mint another one? Merge is here for you. There’s a chance of getting UR (Ultra Rare) characters.

4) PVE

PVE will be reopened with Chests and Merge. The second combat Flash Loan will also be opened at the same time!

5) UR Characters

Ultra Rare is another level of characters, it doesn’t mean that your current characters don’t matter anymore, because… unfortunately, there’s only gonna be a small amount of them. Who’s the lucky one?

6) Leaderboard

7) MarketPlace Upgrade

8) Weapons and Armors

9) Pets and Mounts

10) Team Battle

11) PVP

The future is bright, and the baby is going to fight!

The above is the summary of December and our plans for 2022. However, please understand that we need to act fast and adjust immediately according to the market, so if the schedule is changed, do not worry about that, we will deliver the service eventually. Time adjustments are for better performance, please trust us on the operation.

We know y’all pay attention to tokens, and trust us, we will do everything we can to empower BABY and MILK to realize its real value, and we will continually do so. We aim to be People’s DEX and Metaverse, where everyone is capable of trading, farming, voting, creating, making profits… with BabySwap. And please always remember our purpose: Baby Metaverse is a crypto world for users to trade, earn, and play. It’s the best choice for newborn projects on Binance Smart Chain to get support, including AMM, NFT, and GameFi.

Baby is the future.

Let’s go beyond the DEX.

Thank you for your 7-month support. In this new year, let’s shine together!!

BabySwap, Baby Metaverse, and The Crypto You will do better.

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