Baby’s Journal #3

Here as you can see, this is a 3-month old Baby!

I got to say the baby is growing so fast, that at the beginning of August, it seemed to be dark and foggy, but when the baby started to crawl and learned to walk, everything became faster and smoother! We felt so much love from our friends and families — everyone loves the baby.

Our baby started writing journals from the first month. Today, I found Baby’s Journal #3 to share with you. Let’s see how much did the baby grow in August 2021.

Baby’s Numbers

In August, the crypto market kicked the bear out and finally got back on the right track. BTC has gotten back to $50,000 and BSC has climbed back to $500. Great success we have!! GameFi is still leading the market, so we have made several gaming friends and baby is learning to be a pro player. The most exciting thing is, our $BABY is pumping crazily!

The Baby was going to use our data on August 31st to write the journal, however, we then had another huge increase in everything!

So, at the beginning of September, here is our financial data in brief:

DAU (Daily Trading Users): 3,400+ (+300%)

TVL: $75,000,000+ (+850%)

24H Volume: $76,000,000+ (+870%)

On the other hand, thanks to people who love BabySwap that our social media and group’s status is overwhelming:

Twitter Followers: 111K+

Telegram Group Member: 88K+

As of September 5th, the circulating volume is 67,189,380 BABY, and the circulating market value is $68,994,767. Did you notice? YES, WE PASSED $1, and successfully pumped 10x. There is still a long way to go, so we have to keep BUIDLing to empower $BABY more.

The gap is still huge compared to the top existing DEX, but we already climbed to #3 in BSC DEX and #15 in all BSC projects! We must keep up the good work!

Baby’s Achievements

We have so many different friends this month, and we also have opened a new section for friends who empower our $BABY - Playground. If you go to the playground section, you can find all different places that can use your $BABY to play and earn. Other than the friends in the playground, we also made friends with several CEXes.

As of September 4th, we’ve been listed on LBank, BKEX, and MEXC! I heard there are gonna be more coming this week, baby is excited about all the new friends! The reason baby loves CEX is that we can then connect our cooperated projects to the CEX as well as get new projects from the CEX. The arbitrage in between should be juicy, considering our USDT route!

Baby has also connected to Binance NFT Marketplace, and is going to launch its first series of mystery boxes on September 9th at 11 AM UTC! The mystery boxes are called The Crypto You, and it contains 12 different characters that each represents an aspect of you in the crypto world.

Moreover, we made friends with several other partners, and they can best help the baby make more friends and be the popular one in the crypto world! We did 10+ AMAs in our own Telegram group for our cooperated projects to help them grow. We’ve done 5 BABY airdrops to people who put faith in us.

Auto Baby Pool has also launched, and it successfully attracted 45,767,251 BABY to the pool. People love convenience so we offer that for sure!

The baby also likes barbecue, and as of September 4th, we have burned 1,736,704 BABY in total, which equals $1,823,539.66 (~3,638.5651 BNB), including regular burn and Auto BABY Pool burn, and there will be more ways to burn for sure! Let’s keep the BABY healthy.

Last but not least, we have made several friends with other projects! By the end of August, we have 52 Farms and Trade Minings with 18 Pools in total. The projects were grouped as Bubbly Baby, Celebrity Baby, Housewarming Baby, Flash Baby, MVBIII Baby (Newly Added), and the ordinary type.

BabySwap NFT Ecosystem

At the end of August, we did 5 NFB airdrops, including Housewarming Baby, Diamond Hand, Gold Miner, Art Collector, and Friend NFB. We distributed 150 Diamond Hand NFB to our top 150 holders, 50 Gold Miner NFB to our core yield farmers, and 100 Art Collector NFB to our NFB lovers. Charity sales were also on fire in August that we cooperated with 4 amazing projects and donated 50 BNB worth BTC to No Kid Hungry. Glad they were all sold out! Details can be checked here.

To remind you again, our The Crypto You mystery boxes will be listed on Binance NFT Marketplace on September 9th at 11 AM UTC. Our baby is going to the bigger world.

More on BabySwap NFT Ecosystem is to be disclosed.

BabySwap Grants

We also launched the BabySwap Grants program for newborn projects with direct funds and all the needed supports. You could check the detailed benefits here.

At the end of August, we received so many applications and this is an overview of it.

A warm welcome to you all!

Baby’s Plan in September and Later

August was baby’s month, but September will be better! Hear me out on the latest update on what BabySwap will do and the goal in September and later.

1) BSC Anniversary

As you all know, it’s BSC’s 1-year anniversary. BabySwap will support all the events!

From 2nd to 7th, we will cooperate with SecondLIve and Binance Smart Chain for DeFi Festival.

From 8th to 13th, we will cooperate with Dvision and Binance Smart Chain for another Metaverse!

2) The Crypto You Mystery Box Sale

Again, I’ve mentioned this three times in the journal, The Crypto You mystery boxes will be listed on Binance NFT Marketplace on September 9th at 11 AM UTC.

3) Bottle

The Bottle is expected to be launched once all the projects can come up with the most appropriate time, please stay tuned for that! We didn’t launch it last month because we were so busy on BSC anniversary and Binance NFT preparation, and I’m guessing you could understand the importance of them. 😉

4) A New Kind of Pool

I’m going to leave a riddle, but I’m sure this will be juicy.

5) NFT Marketplace

Less being said, you all know what it is!

5) GameFi

It takes a long time to make a great game, so we will gradually push our GameFi forward. I know some of you already saw our leak on the GameFi! Please give us more time on that.

6) New Look

Our designers are working on the new look of BabySwap’s official website, it’s expected to update in September. A lot of works to do, no rush on our genius designers, especially the mystery boxes that were just created.

7) Bug Fixed

Yep, this is our daily routine.

8) Others

  • Gitbook Document: We will continuously add more guides to our documents and display more than 20 languages.
  • Audit: We got audited by CertiK 7 times, one of the most in BSC! We will make sure everything has an audit before it goes online.
  • As BSC’s native BABY, we will cooperate with more partners in the ecosystem. Let’s build a crypto world together.

The future is bright, and the baby is going to fight!

The above is the summary of August and our plans for September and later. However, please understand that we need to act fast and adjust immediately according to the market, so if the schedule is changed, do not worry about that, we will deliver the service eventually. Time adjustments are for better performance, please trust us on the operation.

People pay most attention to our BABY, but I think we’ve performed well under this market situation. Everything we’ve done so far empowers BABY to realize its real value, and we will continually do so. We aim to be People’s DEX, where everyone is capable of trading, farming, voting, creating, making profits… with BabySwap. And please always remember our purpose: as the best AMM+NFT+GameFi DEX on BSC for newborn projects, we want to help more projects grow in the best way they can to achieve their goal.

Baby is the future, and thank you for your 3-month support.

BabySwap will do better.

Principal’s Note




A supportive Baby Metaverse including AMM, NFT, and GameFi for newborn projects on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).