Baby’s Journal #11

How are you doing, babies?

I can’t believe our baby is 11 months old!! We almost made it to a year!! After 11 months, our baby has grown up a lot and gradually became an important part of the BNB Chain. It’s still not enough since Baby MetaFi has just started the trip. Our baby started writing journals from the first month. Today, I found Baby’s Journal #11 to share with you. Let’s see how much the baby has grown in April 2022.

Baby’s Numbers

As of May 1st, here is our financial data in brief:

  • DAU (Daily Trading Users): 1,560+
  • TVL: $79,608,730
  • 24H Volume: $8,000,000
  • vBABY Holder: +976

On the other hand, thanks to people who love BabySwap that our social media and community status is overwhelming:

  • BabySwap Twitter Followers: 288.2K
  • Telegram Group Members: 140.2K
  • Discord Members: 114.6K

As of May 1st, the circulating volume is 202,686,760 BABY, and the circulating market value is $54,588,610.

BUILDing never stops.

Baby’s Achievements

We can’t believe we’ve been this far and the market knows us well enough so that we are in every rank, every list, every ‘first-choice’. The huge thing around these days is the Smart Router and the NFT Market. You can now trade over 90% of tokens on BNB Chain on BabySwap because of our Smart Router. Also, we’ve added dozens of collections to our NFT Market and it’s one more step to realize the Baby MetaFi. By launching these two features, we now assemble both BEP 20 and BEP 721 and list the gems for you.

We had more friends coming in last month, and If you go to the Playground section, you can find all different places where you can use your $BABY or BABY-LP to play and earn. Special thanks to ApolloX (Perpetual), InsurAce (Insurance), and 1inch (Aggregator), who are the top projects in the industry, providing support to Baby!

Here’s the BabySwap Friends overview as of April 30th.

We made friends with several other partners, and they can best help the baby to be the popular one in the crypto world! We did 10 AMAs in our own Telegram group for our cooperated projects to help them grow. We’ve also started another round of Baby’s AMA tour and did 2 AMAs in other communities, and expected to see at least 10 for this month. Baby Thursday has also continued, that we will have an AMA in our Discord channel on Thursday, weekly or biweekly. So far, users are satisfied with the pattern and we are more than glad to share our latest progress with the community. We’ve done 1 gleam contest and 4 trading campaigns for users.

Bottle has been suspended! Since we received several complaints and opinions regarding Bottle, we decided to temporarily shut it down and come up with a better mechanism to provide more benefits to our users. Let’s wait and see! But let’s still shout out for the winners this round.

Starting from the beginning of this month, we made huge changes in farm multipliers along with the launch of Smart Router. Since we no longer rely on Baby LPs, we will adjust most of the multipliers and suspend most of the farms. You could withdraw the assets from the suspended farm in the ‘Finished’ section. The remaining farms only contain main route and unfinished collaboration farms. The unfinished collaboration farms will still remain until the due date.

Perpetual also did a great job and now we already have 1,000 users! Perpetual is relatively high-risk, but BabySwap has the best Perpetual service and feel free to try it out after you’ve been familiar with all the terms and risks.

We’ve also added Snack Pools to the platform. Since we will not be giving farms away that easily, our ‘Trade Mining, Farm, and Pool’ mode will be changed to Cross Pools or Triple Pools mode! That means NO IMPERMANENT LOSS, babies!!

We will have 3 kinds of pools for BEP 20 tokens in the future.

  • BABY Pool: Stake BABY earn ALT (As usual)
  • Snack Pool: Stake ALT earn BABY (Already online)
  • Snack Pool: Stake ALT earn ALT (In development)

Auto Baby Pool is still doing amazing, and it keeps attracting BABY to the pool. People love convenience so we offer that for sure! We also introduced limited pools and offered users a better place to allocate their funds.

The baby also likes barbecue, and during last month, we have burned 1,629,045 in total, which equals $390,586 (~1,000 BNB), including regular burn, Auto BABY Pool burn, vBABY burn, GamePad burn, NFT Market burn, and there will be more ways to burn for sure! Let’s keep the BABY healthy!

Last but not the least, we have done several collaborations with other projects! By the end of April, we had 16 Farms and Trade Minings with 18 Pools.

BabySwap NFT Ecosystem

By the end of April, we did 4 NFB airdrops, including Diamond Hand and Gold Miner. We distributed 150 Diamond Hand NFB to our top 150 holders, 50 Gold Miner NFB to our core yield farmers.

For NFT Market, we’ve listed 11 collections including Star Sharks, The Crypto You — Pet, Diviner Character, Pancake Squad, Anonverse Tower, STEPN Sneaker, Biswap Robbies Earn, Gamester Apes, Polychain Monsters Official, XWorld — DreamCard, XWorld — DC Equipment. Keep going, babies! Let’s be the most trending market!

Baby’s Plan in May

We have detailed plans for May and later months. Read carefully and see if anything gets your attention.

1) NFT Market Update

Including incentives, filters, trending sections, making offers, import list, and improvements.

2) Snack Pool — Stake ALT earn ALT

3) Lucky Baby

Participate to win high rewards.

4) X

A secret feature that hasn’t been announced yet. X is already in the process of final testing, and no AMM DEX has had this feature and it’s crucial in the crypto world.

5) Baby Gang — DID

Baby Gang coming up along with the DID. Baby Gang is formed based on the 10,000 profile pictures which are also Baby’s official PFP assets, similar to the trending BAYC, Azuki, Moonbirds, etc. Baby PFP is the core asset of Baby Metaverse, and takes responsibility for Baby to expand its branding in both Web 3 and Web 2. It will be solely operated in the future.

The future is bright, and the baby is going to fight!

The above is the summary of April and our plans for May and later months. However, please understand that we need to act fast and adjust immediately according to the market, so if the schedule is changed, do not worry about that, we will deliver the service eventually. Time adjustments are for better performance, please trust us on the operation.

We know y’all pay attention to tokens, and trust us, we will do everything we can to empower BABY to realize its real value, and we will continually do so. We aim to be People’s DEX and Metaverse, where everyone is capable of trading, farming, voting, creating, making profits… with Baby MetaFi. And please always remember our purpose: Baby Metaverse is a crypto world for users to trade, earn, and play. It’s the best choice for newborn projects on BNB Chain to get support, including AMM, NFT, and GameFi.

Baby is the future.

Let’s go beyond the DEX.

Thank you for your 11-month support.

Principal’s Note





Disclaimer — All projects are subject to both high market risk and volatility. Please, do your own research and full due diligence before even considering investing your funds in any project and please, make your investments very cautiously. BabySwap will not be held responsible for any investment losses.



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A supportive Baby MetaFi including AMM, NFT, and GameFi for newborn projects on BNB Chain.