Baby Thursday Review — Sept 15

19 min readSep 17, 2022


Babies, it’s impressive to see how Baby Wonderland has grown and still is growing and flourishing day by day ever since its opening. I know deeply how much you guys want to know the following plans, so let’s get right into the detailed and thorough disclosures of each step and objective we intend to make and achieve!

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Come with me to the Baby Thursday review on September 15th, 2022, and get ready for the upcoming phase!

After Greetings and Introductions

Uncle Terry: I guess most babies are like me! We can’t wait for today’s Baby Thursday for more first-hand information about Baby MetaFi!

Baby Ava: I can sense the vibe! I am just like you guys, I can’t wait to get all the news off my chest! But let us get prepared with questions and answers. Chill out and get elevated with our progress in the past two weeks first!

As we all know that DID is a huge part of our Baby MetaFi and we have more features on DID are in development! Let’s see what we have done on DID! If you have ever connected your Twitter to DID, you must know that you can check other babies’ DID pages and crypto profiles by clicking on the DID links they shared with you. I would personally encourage you to do so since it’s a perfect opportunity to boost exchanges and communication with other babies, and at the same time, learn from their asset distributions and how they manage their wallets, then you can feel free to apply the experience to yourself! We always encourage babies to help babies and provide a transparent platform for communication as a growing and supportive community!

Discord connection was also added on DID! You can connect Twitter, Telegram, Email, and Discord to your DID now! So far the connection feature on DID to your web 2 social media accounts is all updated fully! Therefore, to not only encourage you guys to socialize and learn from each other, but also earn from this, so we added DID connections as tasks to Lucky Baby Scratch Card! To benefit you from every angle! I never get tired of talking about the importance of DID, and it’s a great part of Baby MetaFi! Link your web 2 world and wait for further updates on the Telegram bot, email subscription for the latest and hottest Baby MetaFi news, and more. They are on the way here! You can always apply them as your City radio, where you can not only have fun, get the information directly and instantly, monitor the updated news or prices, but also exchange ideas with other babies, to get their insights of things. Let the great mind collide and spark on the Baby City radio and BUIDL our metaverse together.

Uncle Terry: Superb! Am I the only one who gets so hyped when Ava describes the progress we had and the future we are expected to see? Guess not! So true that perfect things come in with endless communication and polishment!

Baby Ava: Yess! That’s why we are here and always all ears for the community!

Besides DID, the commonly asked questions also include BAB integrations. The BNB Chain team has already offered us the opportunity, and we have our initial collaboration plan in discussion internally and with them. I can’t say an exact date or set up a timeline for this integration yet, but you know the drill, anything new we got will be delivered to you at our earliest convenience! Same as the old time, stay tuned!

Okey Dokey, let’s get into the part that you guys care about the most now! I’m moving quickly today for these Q&A and fast forward to the point.

Uncle Terry: Always a lovely period of time to review and preview the past and near updates about Baby MetaFi together! It’s like we are witnessing its growth one by one and day by day! Yea, you can tell that I am holding my breath here lol! Let’s go right into the Land now!

Baby Ava: Lmao! To be honest, the launch of Baby Wonderland is a BIG HIT!! If you stick closely to our posts that you know 3*3 lands sold out within 15 minutes! We all got surprised by watching the number of 3*3 lands decrease to zero! 15 Minutes! This is really dope in a bear market like this, guys! Not just 3*3, we got so many people minted 1*1 lands as well, you can tell from the land that it’s almost covered with greenness. 7,000 lands of 15,000 were all taken. Huge numbers we got here and all because of each of you! I was literally staring at the wonderland that started from barren to prosperous with all of you moving in. I believe you were like me, count down together for the mint, rush into it right away it’s time and be the early bird to conquer the land!

Getting all lands sold out at once is not our final goal, what we have right now is way better than what we expected at the beginning actually! We only want to let you have some insights into the purpose of purchasing and the benefits behind this action. Thanks for all the support even with not much information about the whole mechanism of the land, we will not let you regret your actions! The status quo of the land is beyond expectation, but I believe more people will decide to mint more after today!

Uncle Terry: OMG!! What will happen? I am saying that I have my land page open already! Fill us in!

Baby Ava: Sure! We’ve received so many questions about the layout and plans for the land, and I know you all have been waiting for me to reveal some in advance in the Leak. But I couldn’t get the right timing to communicate with you about it yet, yet you can still find answers in many of the posts there.

People always say that the token burn and output matter greatly to the token price. Increasing burning while decreasing its output is always the formula to follow. This is exactly as we have emphasized in the very beginning, Baby Wonderland is a significant asset for Baby MetaFi and carries a significant portion of the $BABY daily output. So today is the perfect time to have you be the first one to get the information about our tokenomics. However, just take them as references for your future investment, and just stay updated closely on our official announcements.

Uncle Terry: Put down my coffee and sit still now. Ready to be amazed!

Baby Ava: Great, let’s hit the road!

Firstly, our ultimate goal is the emission/block part, which is eventually targeted to decrease from 20 to 18. It’s not a small movement but great efforts and time are required. Let me explain the way to decrease, it highly involves changing the output of the Farm and Pool, which will need us to upgrade the Farm and Pool from v1 to v2 with very strict and precise codings and operation steps because it relates to everyone’s assets and benefits — what we always protect. Therefore, before the official upgrade, we will start taking actions as follow:

  1. From what we have been monitoring, discussing, and analyzing for months, Trade Mining does not stimulate the whole trading volume that much during the bear market nor benefits vBABY holders from getting more bonuses from the trading fees. So the team decided to eliminate the output of Trading Mining and change ‘Trade to Earn’ to ‘Hold to Earn’ in Land, which is more friendly and beneficial to our core users to keep HODLing till the official output-decreasing upgrade.
  2. We will attribute that part of the output of 2 BABY/block to Land. This part will be explained in detail later on when we talk about the Prosperity Points feature today, which will determine the mechanism of output.
  3. Moving on, as we talked in step 1 about the specially targeted strategies for the bear market, people actually hold more mainstream tokens during this time, so accordingly arrange our strategies, we will add Farms of BTC and ETH, and adjust the allocation of multipliers next week. To whom it may concern, adding Farm will not increase the output of Farm. We just re-allocate the output distribution of 8 BABY each block. Nothing else will be affected or changed. A question may arise here about why there is 8 BABY each block on the Farm. Because liquidity matters the most and provides the opportunity for users to trade and arbitrage, where our vBABY holders can earn fees from here.
  4. Then we upgrade our Farm and Pool from v1 to v2. Then we will reduce the output of the Pool from 4 BABY each block to 2 BABY by that time, via burning the 2 BABY each block, in this way we can successfully decrease the output. And since users will go to land for BABY output instead, they will mint and trade on the secondary market, and 100% of mint received BABY and royalty fees will be burned, which increases the burns.

A lot of information, right? No worries if you didn’t get it all. You could always scroll up to read them again and again, or discuss them with other babies freely! Let me also summarize a bit for you here. So the timeline is like this: we adjust the farm multiplier, then add the BABY output mechanism of Land, and at the same time eliminate Trading Mining output. A switch from Trade Mining to Land first!

For each step we will make, you could always benefit from there! Think about it, we actually already transfer a portion of the Trade Mining to Land before we upgrade the Farm and Pool from v1 to v2, the only thing you do is to HOLD and you EARN passively and effortlessly instead of trading. In this case, the land will become more in high demand. That’s why we keep emphasizing the importance of holding more lands because from what we have planned, you will earn more from just holding it! Be the early bird, lay back and enjoy! Just like I said above, the 100% of BABY we received from Baby Wonderland Mint and Royalty Fee will all be burned, so we are actually adding more BABY burn here.

Uncle Terry: Geez! I am completely with you so that I can easily see how hardworking the team is to BUIDL under the current market conditions, and try the best to benefit our users!

Baby Ava: That’s why we never stop HODLing and BUIDLing.

Let’s continue! After we upgraded to Farm and Pool v2, we will finish the output reduction of BABY from 20 to 18. That’s easy to understand, right?

But how can users use Land to Hold to Earn? If each block continues to produce 2 BABY, will it be enough for everyone to share? We definitely thought and discussed it, let’s elaborate for ya.

From phase 1 of our Land, you learned that each land would have its Prosperity Points accordingly, but what exactly is Prosperity Points? Have you made your guesses about it? I will try to disclose its general number now, but still, take it as a reference and always stay updated with the official announcement even though AVA IS ALWAYS RIGHT! Lol.

For easy typing and explaining, let’s call Prosperity Points ‘PP’ ‘ here. The more PP you have, the larger proportion your PP is in the Babyverse, and the more land you will get! This is pretty straightforward But what factors can influence PP and how it can be calculated in the end?

Obviously, from the land itself! PP will be greatly related to the rarity, whether the land is merged or not, the people (NFT) that reside on the land, the specific island that you reside in, and Building! These are all the factors that I can reveal today. We will have more to release along the way. And from the vocabulary of Baby Wonderland that we once posted, you know how much more we are prepared for you guys!

Let’s talk about the value and calculation of PP now. Who loves Math, show your hands!! Easy math here, don’t get overwhelmed!

Each land itself has PP. PP for the Normal land will be 100, and 120 for Premium land. If the land was merged, there will be multipliers. I know I posted some numbers on Leak just for examples, but these are the final numbers here because it makes more sense.

2*2 will have a 1.5x multiplier

3*3 will have a 2.5x multiplier

4*4 will have a 3.5x multiplier

5*5 will have a 4.5x multiplier

6*6 will have a 5.5x multiplier

If you have a Premium land merged with other 8 normal adjacent lands into a 3*3 land, you land in a total of 9 and in the status of ‘merged’ will be recognized as a Premium land as a whole, and your PP for each land will be counted as 120 for 9 lands. When you unmerged, the lands will go back to their original types and PP. But if you have 9 normal lands for merge, they will still be normal, and counted as 100 each.

Example here:

If user A owns 16 Land with 3 of them being Premium and 13 of them being Normal, with different combinations and locations, the total PP will be displayed differently from approximately 1,660 to 6,720.

See this as the map:

Method 1: 16 of 1*1 lands — Total PP = 1,660


Method 2: 4 of 2*2 lands with 2 of them being Premium — Total PP = 2,640


Method 3: 1 of 4*4 land — Total PP = 6,720


Okay now do you know how to make your combo? Note that the land we are saving for marketing and the City Center, which is 10 of 12*12 and 1 of 30*30, in a total of 2,340, will not be counted to share the output.

Other factors that I’ve mentioned above include the people (NFT) that reside on the land, the specific island that you reside on, and Buildings that will be disclosed later on. They will not be added right away in the beginning, so pardon me for saving them til the right time!

Uncle Terry: One question popped up while reading, will the output of the land be set in a certain amount at all times?

Baby Ava: We will adjust and increase the land output accordingly on the basis of maintaining the amount of the total release, in other words, the daily output won’t be increased. Oh, I didn’t talk about the launching date yet because I am still not sure. I will let you guys know once I get a certain period of time from our devs later next week in the Leak! So stay with us and always keep yourself updated!

The land will be the basis of how BABY produces, again, it’s the first step of building the 3D Metaverse again. I got too much info leaked out today, feel free to ask me anything!

Community Q&A time!

Baby #1: With the output changes to the Pool, how much will the APY/APR be affected?

Baby Ava: It will surely be affected, but only the Pool, not the vBABY, and some of the BABY from the Pool will start to move towards the land for sure, cuz the APR will certainly be higher.

Baby #2: Hi Baby Ava, with BABY, vBABY, BWC NFT and Land. How is management going to balance out the interest of so many different stakeholders?

Baby Ava: BABY is for all holders, vBABY is for long-term holders which you can see we don’t manage to decrease anything from vBABY. BWC NFT is towards Web 2 and is the bridge of our branding from web 2 and web 3, it also has its use in Land. The land is more like the Meta-DeFi structure we have, an innovation that truly brings us from DeFi to MetaFi.

Baby #3: So the adjusted output is around 518,400 per day? Or add the output of the land is still 57w BABY per day?

Baby Ava: First we still have 576,000 BABY a day, cuz the Trade Mining part will be transferred to land. Then after the v2 upgrade, it’s gonna be 518,400, correct!

Baby #3: Come on, that’s gonna be a rich Baby!

Baby #4: When will we start accumulating PP?

Baby Ava: It’s not like an accumulating thing, you hold it, you can earn it, the more you hold, the more you earn. Depends on the World Overall PP. But I still haven’t gotten any exact online day of the Prosperity Points (Not for long tho), gonna double-check with the devs.

Baby #5: Please, what do you plan to do to lower the 300 million BABY that is in circulation? Do you have a more aggressive plan? You have to lower the rewards and burn more! I am afraid that a whale will leave and the project will die.

Baby Ava: The land acquisition will bring huge burns, like last week we burned over 6 million. And as I said the output would be decreased to 18 BABY per block.

Baby #6: I want an easier way to buy land meaning find the location of the land on the sales page. Could you help me with that, please? As the searching for the land isn’t any good.

Baby Ava: Yes yes, noted.

Baby #7: How will BabySwap token be integrated into purchase buildings etc? Will we have other uses with BABY than purchasing land in the metaverse?

Baby Ava: Yes there will be other use cases.

Baby #8: You said there will be a new CEX listing, why hasn’t it happened yet, we need a large volume to get noticed by major exchanges, why don’t you guys do it?

Baby Ava: I said we are in discussion, but if CEXs ask too many of BABY tokens, or ask us to move liquidity over there, we will evaluate the risks first and then decides, cuz this will be risky to our users.

Baby #9: Why does the team always send their BABY to the exchange (MEXC, GATE) to sell it? Why sell it at a bear market?

Baby Ava: Nope we never did that. If you are talking about marketing addresses towards other addresses, they are all for marketing use, either airdrop, media support, etc. And we don’t know eventually where it goes through.

Baby #10: Are there any measures to increase the currency price, or stop those builds that cannot bring new users, because the builds require the team to sell the baby to pay, right?

Baby Ava: Nope, the development fee can be covered by our service fee for other projects. Not from BABY.

Baby #11: Will at least 100 million $BABY be burned counting the entire Baby Wonderland?

Baby Ava: That’s the roughly count, yes.

Baby #12: I want to know what’s going to happen with BWC please, and what was the point of me buying 3x3 lands? Is that going to be beneficial?

Baby Ava: Let me calculate this for ya. If you mint 3*3 using 20,000 BABY, and the overall PP on BabyWonderland is 1 M right now, you will have 162 BABY a day. And that APR is roughly about 260% or 290%? My math sucks sometimes, but just to give you an example.

Baby #13: What formula did you use to make this example, please?

Baby Ava: Assuming the overall PP on Baby Wonderland currently is 1M, calculate your own pp, and divided by 1M, times 57,600 BABY, and then that’s your daily earning, then you can easily calculate your APR based on your investment price

Baby #14: Before burning the 6 million you had 279 million in circulation and after burning 6 million the supply is supposed to drop to 273 and right now it is still at 280 million?

Baby Ava: I’m not sure if that’s the display error, but I could check with devs, there’s a hash of that 6M.

Baby #15: This might be a sensitive question, feel free to ignore it. How does the team fund its operations? Does it involve selling it BABY treasury?

Baby Ava: I think I’ve mentioned this on the previous Thursdays, to live through the bear market, we have To-business services charge to cover the fees, including the servers and so on.

Baby #16: Thank you very much for taking the time and communicating with the community! They are doing a great job.

Baby #17: Baby Ava, what’s my PP if I have 3x3 normal or premium, please?

Baby Ava: 3x3 normal would be: 100 x 9 x 2.5 = 2,250, 3x3 premium would be: 120 x 9 x 2.5 = 2,700.

After some heated discussion about listing on CEX or not.

Baby #18: Listed on CEX could raise the price, just as more investors could enter the Baby and pull the price even lower.

Baby #19: Either way it’s a bear market… Just means it’s time to accumulate before a bull run..I’ll take my discount and double down on it.

Baby #20: How will you solve the problem of getting BABY and they always sell it for profit, there will be a panic sell when the reward is too high?

Baby Ava: If the APR is too high, people would go for lands and we will eventually burn more BABY, and the APR would be adjusted by newly entered users, because they merge, and then they get buildings to increase the PP.

Baby #21: So we go from 20 BABY to 18 BABY per block (roughly every 3 seconds) 2 of the 18 BABY per block from the Pool to land owners?

Baby Ava: Correct.

Baby #22: How long is the bear market?

Baby Ava: Personally, I think it’d be until 2023, but who knows what will happen.

Baby #23: Are the Baby team considering bringing Baby Wonderland to the Oculus Quest in the long-term future?

Baby #24: I dreamed of this happening.

Baby Ava: We’ve been contacting VR corps since it’s in 3D, I think that’d be fun.

Baby #25: Will BabySwap enter future MVBs from Binance? I think we can all agree not accepting the last invitation was a mistake.

Baby Ava: I talked about the MVB thing before, we’ve been in MVB III since the monthly started. But MVB is not the only way to Binance tbh, we will get there.

Baby #26: I think we will get there. Baby A how long do you think it will be before we can walk around metaverse? Is this a quarterly plan?

Baby Ava: In 2023, but really depends on the testing progress. I saw too many unpredictable bugs… out of nowhere.

Baby #27: I am still uncertain about the utility of BABY tokens. Currently, it can be used to buy Land and mint vBABY. What happens after the Land is sold out?

Baby Ava: People will start trading on the secondary market, and the royalty fee is 6%, either in BNB or BABY, we gonna buyback and burn, or just burn BABY. After that, other islands will be available for using BABY to mint, and we have buildings, and resources, all in the use cases.

Baby #28: When will we be able to sell, or trade 3x3 lands? Please also add a feature to find adjacent lands easier.

Baby Ava: Run to the devs after this AMA and get you a date.

Baby #29: Will there be a display showing how much PP there is today?

Baby Ava: Yes.

Baby #30: We can’t wait for more than half in this bear market, CEX listing, we desperately need it.

Baby Ava: Got that point Keng. We love kind advice and maybe sometimes you guys are mad and complaining, but it’s more like mad about my child not behaving well… So I get it, you guys are great in communication and providing advice, let’s keep doing this.

Baby #31: What can PP buy?

Baby #32: It will only affect your mining efficiency, you spend BABY to buy land, and then continue to produce BABY.

Baby Ava: Yes this is correct.

Baby #33: More than 700 land purchases in the last hour, congratulations!

Baby #34: Wow really let’s go!

Baby Ava: Wow, that’s something!

Baby #35: Baby Diamond Hand NFB means anything?

Baby Ava: It can be the guardian of the land, and add the PP.

Baby #36: BWC holders will have the opportunity to mint for free for the next islands.

Baby Ava: They DMed me again saying not releasing the benefits now… But BWC can be used in Land for sure, they should be the ones announcing it.

Baby #37: I’m curious as to how everything keeps getting BUIDLed and funded. Is any huge big player behind the curtains funding all the metaverse creation or just the Baby team having a huge reserve fund?

Baby #38: Curious about this too. If Binance has something to do with it, they probably can’t openly discuss it. I would think that the metaverse, the way Baby is doing it, would peak their interest some.

Baby Ava: About the funds, let me quote my previous contents:

The market has its own periodicity — History Doesn’t Repeat Itself, but It Often Rhymes. If you look back in time, compared to all the successful business magnates, such as Apple, Microsoft (Web2), and Binance(Web 3), the fundamentals always have multi-sourced incomes, outstanding cash flow, sufficient cash reserves, to cross the ups and downs, cross the bulls and bears. That’s what we are sticking to!

The income is separated into:

Trade (Spot): Trading fees

Stake: Service fee (B2B)

NFT Market: Trading Fees

Others: Marketing and consulting fees, as well as the earnings from BabyMetaLabs

Baby #39: Can you tell us anything to do with marketing with Binance for the square in the metaverse?

Baby Ava: Major partners display there, and it’s gonna be Binance Center in the later phase.

Baby #40: We need more marketing about introducing the strengths and weaknesses of the Land so that more people understand and participate in minting Land.

Baby Ava: Agree, there will be in Sept and Oct.

Baby #41: Why is there not a lot of marketing news, and partners while releasing the product so that users can trust and not panic sell it until now?

Baby Ava: The marketing follows the product delivery time, we talked about it handles the output of BABY, without detailed numbers and so on, cuz the v2 upgrade wasn’t so ready to back then. Now even tho we still need time for development and testing, the delivery date is definitely closer.

Baby #42: What will be the next island to mint?

Baby Ava: We could probably start a vote on that.

Baby #42: Will the next island only mint after the first island is completely filled?

Baby Ava: Nope, it follows the time we set. Not the quantity being minted.

Baby #43: Guys, only one wallet bought more than a thousand lands in less than two hours, that’s incredible! 1040 precisely!

Baby Ava: Wow 1040!

Baby #44: How about adding a football quiz feature for the World Cup?

Baby Ava: FIFA is like Nov 20th right? Yes in consideration.

Baby #45: What is the total value with all lands being sold?

Baby Ava: 9,126,000 BABY roughly. Just used my calculator.

Baby #46: The last question please, does each land from a different continent have different use? I am wondering if I save up some BABY.

Baby Ava: Yes they are different.

The End of our Baby Thursday

Heated and engaging 2-hour Baby Thursday this week. We really received numerous encouragement, feedback, and suggestion to help the whole Baby MetaFi to BUIDL. Even beautiful things have detractors out there, not to mention that we are still one-year-old Baby learning to walk. Each step we made is firm and unwavering, especially with you guys aside from HODL and BUIDL together. We take all the voices seriously! Let’s keep the great community spirit going and patiently wait for every target to be hit!

Thank you for taking the time to read through, babies. Your thoughts matter and your caring help Baby grow!

Once again, join our Discord here and Baby’s Whale Chat here for the most recent updates, to get the primary news without having any ‘jet lag’! And stay with Baby to HODL and BUIDL a splendid Babyverse as we promised. 💗

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