Baby Thursday Review — Nov 24

12 min readNov 26, 2022

Happy Saturday, Babies!

Don’t you think the time intervals of our Baby Thursday are perfect to not only summarize in the middle of the month and to keep track of your progress for the rest of the month, and another one is approaching the end of every month to wrap up the whole month while expecting for the coming of next month! Just like our Baby Thursday this time. We have so much to anticipate for December with surprises on the way!

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Join us to have a review about our Baby Thursday on November 24th, 2022.

After Greetings and Introductions

Baby Ava: You guys know the drill! So let’s dive into it. The live question session of the last Baby Thursday is here for your reference. And feel free to open the live question special channel on Baby Whale’s Chat for later here.

Uncle Terry: Cool babies! We are getting more familiar with the procedures now. Already saw so many interesting, constructive, and insightful questions asked after each Baby Thursday. I believe Ava will get into them later on. Long story short, let’s get started!

Baby Ava: Aye! But here’s a very important note from Ava, oh, the whole Baby team! Happy Thanksgiving to all our precious babies for your endless support, understanding, and beliefs! That’s why Baby is now reaching 1 year and 6 months old, strong and persistent in any market conditions! And Baby Thursday just had its 1st anniversary on November 18th! The whole team always believes that we are strong and one of the best DeFi projects in the crypto world because we never stop BUIDLing, but actually seeing how far we’ve come and how much we have accomplished is totally different story! Thanks, babies for the love to Baby!

Uncle Terry: Totally! We always said that we care, we listen, and we practice ever since day one. I believe nothing has changed but getting better because we have a family of faithful and loving babies.

Baby Ava: Exactly. So looking forward to seeing more important moments we create together in the future. Okie, now let me continue with our past weeks’ progress!

In the past few weeks, we had a rather relaxing and exciting time for babies. As we all know, the World Cup of 2022 is in full swing! Have you guys watched the game and got your desired results? We have several World Cup sharings and activities on both Twitter and Discord! On Twitter, participate in making short videos about the World Cup using your favorite FIFA anthem as background music, and the content must include Baby and Football elements, designing your own Football flag with Baby and other Football elements you like, and the last one is to share why Football fascinates you and what similarities Baby has with Football. On Discord, here! Babies can get your football fan identities recognized before getting into more thrilling activities to earn lucratively!

Earn with Baby during the special football fiesta! Enjoy the game, our activities, and of course, delicious rewards with us! Let me put the Twitter activity links below to save you time from searching if you haven’t got a chance to join yet:

Make a short video here.

Design a Football flag here.

Share your reasons to love Football and Baby here.

Uncle Terry: Thoughtful and sweet Ava as always! Babies, don’t hesitate to gain some bonuses during this season to make your experience with the World Cup and Baby more memorable!

Baby Ava: That’s right! The World Cup starts every four years, but not Baby lol. We are here all the time to make unforgettable memories with babies.

Okey Dokey. Here comes our latest updates! Like what I’ve responded to in Whale’s Chat. We are currently quite hand full for some significant updates which I will mention later. I believe many of you may already know! We need to be very precise and meticulous about each step, to double, triple, or even quadruple check for the best presentation and security.

However, as usual, minor updates matter as well. We have a few updates on several features. Firstly, not just Baby Wonderland, we actually had another way for HODLing to earn in the Baby MetaFi. An easy one for all Baby fans, yess, vBABY! Mint vBABY and become a holder to enjoy not only privileges but also membership rewards which will be distributed automatically daily. Lay back to enjoy passive income every day! Same as the Land, holding means earning, hold more to make more! In this case, we have connected the Land with the vBABY channel! So whenever you finish claiming your BABY output on the Land, a pop-up window will be shown to guide you to share your claimed BABY to your social media accounts, but this time, to the vBABY page directly as well. Make an easy-clicking guide to hold to earn more profits on Baby MetaFi. Baby’s always covering your needs and making your life easy with Baby!

Not yet done with the Land. Do you like to check the Land map from time to time? It’s interesting and fascinating to see the Land is gradually covered with your profile pictures with the thriving greenness of course. This time we took a snapshot and shouted out to our loyal baby who must be a Dallas Mavericks fan and with its logo covering his lands, which is quite a lot! Catch my eyes instantly when I enter. Great HODLing must bring more returns! Stay on hold for the call! Already looking forward to seeing the next snapshot with babies dominating the Land map with their favorite profile pictures!

Uncle Terry: That would be me, hopefully, lmao. Really trying to merge more with Premium lands for more effortlessly earned BABY! No one can resist!

Baby Ava: Definitely! And for whoever wants to buy unlisted Lands on our NFT Market or exchange lands, we have a special channel open exclusively for babies to make an offer and deal on the Whale’s Chat for now. We will have related features launched soon later, but out of high demand, we have this channel opened for secure and transparent trading and exchanges.

Speaking of our NFT Market, here we go with our updates! The first one is that we have our little green ‘Pending’ icon added to our NFT Market as well. As you can see, this small icon is gradually covering the BabySwap. It’s tiny but important because we can’t prevent internet delays or disconnection, or onchain transfer failures to happen for certain reasons. But we are trying to make sure our connections are always in good and smooth condition and add Pending icons everywhere to assure your assets are under process on BabySwap to erase your concerns. So you will see more of them from time to time!

Uncle Terry: And it shows the total amounts of your ongoing transactions! Don’t worry, won’t leave out any of them.

Baby Ava: Yes! Thanks for mentioning that as well! We have your back, babies! We are BUIDLing together.

The next update is also on our NFT Market specifically for BWC holders, listers, or whoever wants to buy wealthy babies. We have each listed BWC on our NFT Market with a sign-up level now! It’s actually a community suggestion for a better and more thorough display for buyers to take into consideration before trading. See, we always listen to our community and practice what’s good for babies!

This is apparently great advice for BWC buyers and holders also, a higher BWC sign-up level can not only grant holders with its sub-collection NFTs but a better price to trade! Win-Win!

And some sneak peeks from Ava as the Baby Thursday drill said (Ava’s own drill said so jajajajajajanajajaja). Get wealthy babies for surprises right around the corner! Ok, I am done!

Uncle Terry: Lol! Short but has enough info to relate and guess. Ava, you do know how to leak!

Baby Ava: Of course!

Before we get into our future plans! You guys always give great questions in the Whale’s Chat. So babies always remember to check them in case your questions are included or give you answers in unexpected areas. But this week I had an excellent question from Ivey! Hey Ivey, are you here with us today?

Ivey asked about our revenues and cashflow, which we believe a lot of you must want to learn more about as well. We always keep ourselves as transparent as possible, especially in the cold market.

I will just copy and paste my response here for babies to check:

“We have a thriving ecology and multiple protocol revenue streams. Ever since the first month of Baby MetaFi, our total monthly protocol revenue has always exceeded our monthly cost expenditure, resulting in a positive cashflow. This allows us to support the operation by not selling any BABY but using the revenue to support the entire Baby Eco! As a result, we can now live in any situation without feeling anxious or unprepared.

Our reserves allow us to operate for at least 24 months regardless of cashflow as well.

BabySwap is one of the few projects in the crypto world with a Real Yield, and we have multiple protocols. As usual! We will continue to BUIDL a healthier, more expansive environment for all babies to live in.”

Spread the words to shower the community with persistence and consistency, and stay with Baby for upcoming updates!

Uncle Terry: Hands up! I am ready! This is definitely a jolt to keep HODLing and BUIDLing. Everyone needs to know how strong and confident we are!

Baby Ava: We always want our babies to know that Baby is trustworthy and always progressing.

Time for some more info to add your confidence and expectation to our future! The Baby Tool Page is already online and named CryptoKit just a few hours ago. You are the first group of babies to know this because we haven’t announced it to the public just yet! That’s always the charming and exclusive part of Baby Thursday. Be the first one to know at all times!

As we have stated a few times before, it’s a navigation page specially designed for babies to have direct access to many other projects, games, websites, etc. Similar to the Trending Page we have with the top gainers and 24 hours real-time tokens with the top trading volume on our home page, the CryptoKit can be your tool kit and guide to discover the trending websites, popular games, CEX, authoritative social media accounts, and so on. It does not only benefit babies by saving time to search around for official websites, crypto world-leading, and trustworthy platforms but to avoid scams! As we all know that scams are quite severe threats to us in the crypto world. Baby will protect our babies as much as possible.

CryptoKit is also our way to explore more possibilities in our business and marketing field. The stronger Baby is, the more confident babies are!

Speaking of which, our Baby Price Bot Pro on Telegram groups will also be available for our partners to use. It has the same functions as our Baby Price Bot in our main TG group for users to check the real-time token values, contract addresses, direct access to buy with one click, market price, total supply, and market cap. Like what we do in our group, our partners can use our Baby Price Bot Pro to benefit their users by checking tokens and trading them in an instant. But with a more customized model. Another way to expand our business! Unstoppable Baby!

Uncle Terry: Wow they are something new and significant to our ecosystem as well. We are getting more comprehensive with well-equipped and all-covered features!

Baby Ava: That’s where we are heading to! See how much Baby has grown and will grow, we have huge potentials to be explored!

Aside from that, as I have mentioned above about the Pending icon on BabySwap. The Stake NFB page will have the little green icon added soon next week. You can expect to see more of them in the near future!

And as the 5 new National Babies are now voted on by our community, they are Baby USA, Baby Japan, Baby Nigeria, Baby Philippines, and Baby India! We will have the same procedures for Professional Baby as well. Get ready to vote for your Professional Baby to get well-designed and available on our DID!

Moving on, don’t worry babies, we have all your needs noted down and scheduled, such as accessing Baby Wonderland on mobile, Zap, the accomplishment board on DID, and such. The Bottle is ready to come back, yet since we separate it at the start of the World Cup, we haven’t got a perfect application environment for it yet. We will have it online when there’s a better opportunity to use it (such as more gem products are here on BNB Chain), and the function will also be related to Baby DAO as said!

Uncle Terry: Baby DAO power!!

Baby Ava: Yes, you heard me! Therefore, no need to worry because we have all things scheduled and prepared.

Circle back to what we are working on. We pay great attention to our Land upgrades with Landlords, Baby Farms, and Pools V2 upgrades, and the most significant tokenomic upgrades right after. That’s huge and we really need to focus and put our hands there as our priority. We are actually getting closer each day! December will be the month for dope and new leaps and stages!

But for BWC, Diamond Hands, and BBF Landlords, they will be available to add your Prosperity Points on Land in December!! Just checked the calendar, next week will be the end of November and the start of December! Which means it’s really around the corner.

Uncle Terry: Hooray!!! BWC, Diamond Hands, and BBF holders for the win! I am having a great vibe that the community will be thriving to the peak again.

Baby Ava: Same here! And that’s what we all wish to see.

Coming next, with the tastes of the direct channel to ‘Sell on Land’ and ‘Buy on Land’ features on Land that benefits babies to trade easily without switching over and searching around from page to page, and more targeted sell or buy without filtering back and forth. We will have the main course — click lands on Baby Wonderland for direct purchase online around the period of the middle to the end of December!

And moving to the last one of today’s Baby Thursday! Don’t be sad coz we will meet in the Whale’s Chat later. What we can expect is 3*3 lands trading on our NFT Market! Because the whole 3*3 lands need more complicated operations, contracts adapting and adjusting. We will have more hands on this to secure our assets after our Baby Farms and Pools V2 and tokenomic upgrades. They must be your priorities as well lol. What we do is always to protect babies and present the best to you guys. So trust us on this and stay tuned!

Uncle Terry: Trust unconditionally! Baby is always our prop to support us and actually, I believe so do we! We got your back as well!

Baby Ava: Awww! What we do is worthwhile! The whole market may suffer or fluctuate greatly, which will impact us as well for sure since we are all in the same industry. But downs or ups, we never stop doing the same thing — BUIDL. Nothing will hold us back. Not the cold season, not challenging and long development, nothing.

Every month in the Baby MetaFi is worth anticipating! December Baby will create unforgettable moments and breathtaking updates for babies as well! Wait for the call.

The coffee bell is ringing! See you guys in the Whale’s Chat here later here.

Community Q&A time in Baby’s Whale Chat!

Baby #1: When will stake BABY earn ALT?

Baby Ava: The whole market now isn’t really in an ideal condition yet with not many high-quality tokens for babies to earn. What we expect is to provide more stable and secure ways to make babies earn more from Baby MetaFi. So accumulate your assets for more surprises that are upcoming!

Baby #2: What is going to be the overall goal of the CryptoKit? We know a couple of them like protecting investors but what are some long-term goals?

Baby Ava: Binance and BNB Chain are always dedicated to attracting web 2 users, and as one of the strong projects on BNB Chain, we want to do our bit and have a share in this. So the overall goal of the CryptoKit would be to embrace all crypto newcomers and serves millions of users in web 3. To make crypto more easy access with no threshold.

Baby #3: Nice, should incorporate/partner with different projects to add this to their platform. That way BabySwap can stand out and get known in other communities. Similar to the Baby Price bot on telegram. Also, when Bifinity integration? For direct crypto payments?

Baby Ava: That’s definitely on our schedule! Currently, we are quite busy and focused on the development and BUIDLing of our own ecosystem. We are waiting for a great opportunity in a better market condition, most importantly, with a stronger and more comprehensive Baby. We will have you guys notified when it’s time in our Baby Thursday!

The End of our Baby Thursday

Long story short. Thanks for leaving great questions or comments to us and always being there for us whenever! We have so much to wait and see at the end of the last quarter of the year and 2022!

Thank you for taking the time to read through, babies. Your thoughts matter and your caring helps Baby grow!

Once again, join our Discord here and Baby’s Whale Chat here for the most recent updates, to get the primary news without having any ‘jet lag’! And stay with Baby to HODL and BUIDL a splendid Babyverse as we promised. 💗

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