Baby Thursday Review — Nov 10th

GM babies! Another Baby Thursday has perfectly done with all supportive and curious babies, which means we just had two must-be fulfilling and productive weeks. As usual, we sorted out all accomplishments in the past weeks thoroughly, provided sweet and warm reminders and guides to have fun in our ongoing activities, and of course, our future steps on the right track!

If you missed it, you might join our Discord here to stay informed, acquire first-hand news, and gain better insight on Baby! Additionally, stay tuned for our next Baby Thursday!

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Let’s take look at the review of the Baby Thursday on November 10th, 2022 now.

After Greetings and Introductions

Baby Ava: Let me emphasize again that our live question session is now moved to Baby’s Whale Chat since last Baby Thursday for better question gathering, display, and info check, as well as future Baby DAO! Feel free to review the last Q&A of Baby Thursday on Oct 27th here.

And our new topic is now open for the live questions of today’s Baby Thursday. Let’s meet there later.

Uncle Terry: Love it! It’s more convenient to have all the information checked and learned. Always thoughtful arrangements behind every adjustment! Long story short, let’s hurry up to review the accomplishments and progress in the last few days of October and the new beginning of November now!

Baby Ava: No problem. Let’s start right away!

First and foremost, your 12 Horoscope Babes are now available on DID as PFP! Did you all change your horoscope baby? I am impressed with all designs and will use them from time to time lol. Shout out to our talented designer here! With all 12 star-sign babies covered, we definitely will cover more babies with different backgrounds, specialties, and characteristics! For example, National Baby! Remember that last time we had 5 National Babies from Puerto Rico, Iran, Turkey, China, and Indonesia? Now it’s time to expand National Baby to more countries and areas! So if you want to see your regions on the list this time, gather your local friends to join the Baby community and vote!

In case some of you may miss the post, I will leave the original post link here.

Uncle Terry: Thoughtful Ava as always.

Baby Ava: Don’t mention it, I got your back!

In addition to DID, of course, we have updates and sharings on Baby Wonderland! We have had these Land or the whole Baby MetaFi-related sharings for weeks, which I find very interesting and enlightening to read the comments. Don’t think they are just some ordinary sharings. Nah! You can sometimes find we update or make some decisions upon the ideas or just random things you guys wrote. That’s community power! I read about the daily $BABY output or some of you wrote the whole $BABY you claimed since Hold to Earn on Land, you guys exceed mine gives me more motivation to trade more and to merge jajajajajajaja. Positive community competition here! And your preference on the next islands as well as your guesses for the Resources for each island, we marked them all down. Your voices are heard! Just feel free to join our special sharing every time and to express freely!

Next, it comes to Land updates. The latest update is that we have added ‘Sell on Market’ to your land assets detailed info! What can you do with it? You can select one of your lands and check its info with the added ‘Sell on Market’, with one simple click, it will guide you directly to list your land on our NFT Market! Get a straightforward view of your locations and adjacent lands on the Land map, and make your decisions to list or purchase. No more going back and forth to check coordinates from our market to Land, friendly operations that keep abreast of your needs! Trade and merge easily and wisely!

Back earlier this week, we not only have a ‘Pending’ icon on the Swap page but are now added to the Land when you claim your $BABY output! No worries if you don’t see the ‘Successfully Claimed’ window just yet due to probably something getting stuck or an internet delay. The amount of the ongoing transactions will be shown as well. This small green icon will be everywhere on BabySwap that relates to transactions, such as vBABY, activity claim page, NFB staking, and so on, for better tracking of your transaction status. Let the little Pending icon erase your concerns!

One last! Which is not announced yet but some of you might notice when you claim your $BABY output. Remember after you claimed your BABY, you could share your claimed $BABY amount to your Twitter or Telegram account? We have added a guide that leads you to vBABY now! vBABY as we all know comes with lucrative passive incomes and privileges, and it’s another way to Hold to Earn effortlessly and effectively! We saved your time from looking around for ways to earn more! Be a vBABY holder and Landholder to achieve crypto rich with more surprises, shhh, Ava said so!

Uncle Terry: And Terry listens and follows lmao! The great thing I see is that we are together BUIDLing Land to its best with the most friendly and profitable features and expecting the future. I can see we are on the right track step by step!

Baby Ava: Definitely! Speaking of being on the right track, our roadmap docs are updated as well. So proud to see these many boxes we have ticked ✅and features we have added! Productive Baby the BUIDLer for sure! Go check our renewed roadmap and keep track of our plans that we are BUIDLing now to achieve one by one.

Let’s continue. One small update we made on the Babyverse map, for babies who love to explore Baby MetaFi on the map mode, you can now access our Lending Network on both Web mode and Babyverse map mode. The needs and habits of all babies will be gradually satisfied!

Oh, and don’t forget our ongoing activities with bountiful $BABY as rewards! Firstly, we extended the Perpetual Position Sharing activity to this Friday! There is a small share button next to your position, you can select the relevant information to share before sharing the link or downloading the poster. What you need to do to participate and possibly be the lucky winner to share 2,000 $BABY is to comment in the original activity post below with your download position poster! The tweet is here. Have your sharing done and win BABY to re-invest in BabySwap!

Next, the Perpetual referral campaign is also in full swing with a $2,500 prize pool. Same as the Position sharing activity, it will end this Friday as well. Use your unique referral link from our Perpetual page, connect your wallet address and click on it to see the referral system there. Earn both commission and extra rewards with your friends. Baby helps Baby, and we make a killing together.

Uncle Terry: Win-win strategy is always the best with no baby left out! It’s wonderful to have our ongoing activities re-introduced in our Baby Thursday to remind babies who might miss it. Babies who grab each chance and keep themselves updated will always get rewarded!

Baby Ava: Exactly. Consistent HODLers and BUIDLers will always be recognized and treated!

Just like early landholders mint their 3*3 lands and 1*1 lands at the original price with more possibilities in the locations and rarities! Now it’s apparent the time for BWC and BBF holders with the proposal released by BWC yesterday!! No one on earth would resist Free to claim and to us, definitely the “2% of each transaction will buyback $BABY and burn as a tribute to the Baby brand.” YES for sure to BUIDL the whole Baby ecosystem! Vote if you haven’t yet. It’s a call-up for all BWC and BBF holders, a period of preparation time for non-holders to purchase on our NFT Market to get ready, returns for your persistent HODL and BUIDL, and more possibilities for Baby MetaFi! I can wait to have this proposal taken into effect. Kudos to the BWC team!

Uncle Terry: They are genius and valiant, especially during this bear market with chaos and instability. But babies can always find excitement and security in Baby MetaFi. Woo-hoo! Holding my breath now to learn more about the upcoming plans.

Baby Ava: Last one before we dive into our plans. We have just optimized it and will be upgrading it each time we add or launch anything in a timely manner.

This is a minor optimization we have done on our domain name’s title description keywords. The whole optimization benefits babies or others that are curious about Baby and search on us. You will get an adjusted and comprehensive description of certain pages and features of Baby MetaFi. More precise and appropriate definition and introduction to be specific. So that users can directly locate other different features based on their needs. We will have more features updated in the future with timely adjusted descriptions as well! Let us know if you find a place with an old definition without being revised yet. Babies are our eyes!

Time for our following steps! We postponed the Baby Tool Page a little bit to optimize it for a better presentation, which will be launched next week. For those who may not be familiar with Baby Tool Page, it’s a navigation page specially designed for babies to have direct access to many other projects, games, websites, etc. Similar to the Trending Page we have with the top gainers and 24 hours real-time tokens with the top trading volume on our home page, the Baby Tool Page can be your guide to discover the trending websites, popular games, CEX, authoritative social media accounts, and so on. It does not only benefit babies from searching around for official websites and crypto world-leading and trustworthy platforms but to avoid scams! As we all know that scams are quite severe threats to us, so we will try to protect our users as much as possible.

And another change of plan is related to Bottle back with the World Cup event. I know we said the World Cup event is with Bottle, but unfortunately, we can’t make that happen because it requires a lot of staking and transaction contracts and we couldn’t make the audit in time. (Needs a long time to wait to be audited). We don’t want anything to be online without auditing, especially for a product that’s related to heavy staking. We can still expect Bottle to be back to us later this month or next, but not with the start of FIFA anymore. We made this decision because we are always trying to create a secure and stable environment for babies to enjoy and earn for a long time, of course. We will have a series of World Cup preheat and giveaways later this week or at the beginning of next week. Football fans, be prepared to share your unique football-related experiences and participate in activities! Watch breathtaking football games while interacting with fellow babies and getting rewards. Yummy! Let’s get on the field!

Uncle Terry: Yoo-hoo! Football and Baby lover’s here. That’s a win-win for me, I can hardly wait! Already opened the Baby notification on Twitter, get drinks, snacks, friends, and family ready to go!

Baby Ava: Same here! I may not be a football expert but certainly a mood-maker! Ready to have fun and enjoy the Baby and football spirit!

Let’s circle back to the plans. Our devs, the overachievers on the multi-task field are working on the Landlord and Farm & Pool V2, along with many other minor updates and upgrades! As we have promised, BWC as Landlord to increase your PP on your land will be available this month, can’t nail down the specific date, but will let you know in the Whale Chat once I got informed. Its sub-collection NFTs as BWC — Strange Seed, BWC — Garden Tool Set, BWC — Climate Simulator, and BWC — Bona, will be available at a later time. But you can always get them on our NFT Market as early as possible. As we always emphasized, the early gem finders deserve the best! Think about the proposal BWC having on $BRC, see faithful holders with patience will always have returns!

Other than Landlord, the schedule of Baby Farms and Pools V2 has not changed so far. Hopefully, by the end of Nov or early Dec. No rush on this because complicated contracts transfer, coding, organization, and many other important operations need to be done. I know you guys are eager to see and use them right away, me too! But for the best interests and display, let’s hold a little bit more! With the happening of the Baby v2 upgrade, we are about to officially embrace the upgrade on our tokenomics! You will be surprised, so don’t go far!

Uncle Terry: Land!! Never let me down. No matter how much I want to push the rate of progress, great results come first! I will stay around for the first-hand info to prepare and HODL as many as possible for better benefits later. (I guessed HODLers will always be rewarded because that’s what Baby values).

Baby Ava: Good for you. You are completely on the right track, Terry. Trust me, you won’t miss any news because you guys have Ava here and in Whale chat, yay!

Okey-dokey, lastly on Land, as the demands of security of exchange lands, or purchase unlisted lands are piling up, we are taking action! If you followed our daily posts carefully then you know that we have had a tweet to have you guys share your wanted lands. For doing so, we were actually doing a test to see if it worked out well by giving a platform for babies to discuss and go to our NFT Market to list and trade. Obviously, babies need a channel like this. Thus, before we have the official feature to exchange lands launched, we will open a specific channel on Whale chat tomorrow for you guys to make your bid and offer, and exchange lands on BabySwap NFT Market with transparency and security. Stay tuned for our announcement tomorrow and have your Whale chat, and land assets ready to go!

Uncle Terry: I am ready to trade and merge!! An excellent way to be the transfer station before our feature launch! Baby listens and never neglects our needs.

Baby Ava: That’s why the Baby community is always strong, cohesive, and supportive because you guys know how thoughtful and efficient Baby is jajajajajaja.

Before I get my morning coffee, I will meet you guys on the Whale Chat later. Thanks tons as always for babies who always encourage, support, and believe in us for every decision and step we made and are going to make. We will take the responsibility to respond to your expectation and satisfy your needs, even though it could take a little longer but we will eventually get there! We will try not to let you wait for too long! Stick around!

Time for coffee! A morning coffee a day keeps sleepyheads away.

Bye for now! Have your questions ready and meet me on the Whale Chat channel here.

Community Q&A time in Baby’s Whale Chat!

Baby #1: Hello Baby Ava!!! I have a concern, you know we are in a very crazy market these days, and yes I recognize that Binance is super solid in this bear market, they already posted their balance sheet and everything looks strong, but I have to ask this question, in case the worst happens [it is just an example and not something real] but in case the worst happened with Binance just as it happened with FTX, baby do you have a plan b to move the project to another network such as Ethereum, Polygon, etc? Thank you for the transparency and for all the work you do GO BABY!!

Baby Ava: We definitely have plan B, actually for everything because the crypto world is a place filled with surprises and uncertainty. But we believe that Binance will always survive through all scenarios even in the worst case! Don’t worry let’s keep HODLing and BUIDLing, and we will let you informed with anything happens. Plus, we are a decentralized platform, which makes us stronger! That’s the point of DeFi, isn’t it?

Baby #1: That’s Right Baby Ava, Thanks for your Response LETS GO, TEAM BABY!!!

Baby #2: I think you mentioned this before but I’m not 100% sure. Is the BWC rarity going to be a thing in order to determine the amount of PPs to be earned? Also, why not integrate the sub-collections at the same time?

Baby Ava: I will leave the BWC-related questions to the BWC team. But the sub-collections we saved for the Resources, that I can tell u.

Baby #3: Hi Baby Ava, I hope the team is doing great. My question is, what is it that we are trying to accomplish with BRC? Will they have a utility for RL events or community internal purchases like apparel? What is the endgame for BRC? Thanks in advance.

I also almost forgot to ask, Will BWC lucencys and metalics be able to manage more lands than the regular ones? Starting with the 1/1’s to lucency down to regular? That would create a lot of value for investors increasing the FP of BWC.

Baby Ava: I will leave those questions to the BWC team! They will be much more professional in answering $BRC-related questions. But to us and to the whole Baby Eco, it brings opportunities and privileges to BWC and BBF holders, along with more possibilities in the future, and definitely, buyback and burn on $BABY!

Similar question to the one above actually. We will do calculations and arrangements on that to make it more fun and profitable with the BWC team together, but will leave the BWC team to answer related questions.

Baby #4: When will the coins of the rich babies come out?

Baby Ava: I believe after the $BRC proposal passed, the team will soon release more details about it. Keep close updated with their announcements for that!

Baby #5: Are we going to have different NFB sports collections besides soccer?

Baby Ava: With different international sports competitions being held, we will accordingly have related activities and corresponding NFB collections. For now, FIFA is right around the corner. We will see when other sports competitions get on the stage!

Baby #6: Hello Ava, BabySwap is prepared for the recent and upcoming Drops in this Bear Market. Have sufficient funds (cash) for sustaining the ecosystem?

Baby Ava: Like what I replied to another baby above. Yes, we surely have plan b for everything to protect our babies as well as ourselves. But as a DeFi project, we will be much stronger on incidents like that. We can’t foresee any of this coming, but we will definitely keep our healthy income model (All kinds of fees) to survive in any kind of market.

Baby #7: Good afternoon Ava. When will it be possible to build anything on earth? Will the earth be moved to the 3D world? This is all in the roadmap, but unfortunately without deadlines. Can we see the roadmap execution dates?

Baby Ava: If you are indicating land, we can’t say a specific date for that because it’s a huge project that requires precise data, calculation, contracts, and coding, as well as coordination and collaboration with different departments. Great efforts and time are needed for sure for the best presentation and experience. Not even to say, for each land, we have different specialties. Each step we make will be as accurate as possible. Also, we have to adjust accordingly due to users’ feedback, and such. So please be patient to keep HODLing and BUIDLing with us, Baby will not let you down. And for question 2, YES!

The End of our Baby Thursday

Baby Thursday is always a great place to have our past progress organized and reviewed, and the promising plans displayed. Not only to babies but to us as well, to recall how much we have done and to keep BUIDL in the correct direction with babies to monitor and follow along. Be with us for every exclusive Baby Thursday and have all your concerns erased and your faith strengthened. See you guys at the next one!

Thank you for taking the time to read through, babies. Your thoughts matter and your caring help Baby grow!

Once again, join our Discord here and Baby’s Whale Chat here for the most recent updates, to get the primary news without having any ‘jet lag’! And stay with Baby to HODL and BUIDL a splendid Babyverse as we promised. 💗

Principal’s Note







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