Baby Thursday Review — May 25th

11 min readMay 27, 2023


GM, all birthday babies! Follow us to see the splendid Baby MetaFi that is bubbled with exultant parties, blessing messages, and the stable progress of the past week!

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Let’s review the content of our Baby Thursday on May 27th, 2023!

After Greetings and Introductions

Baby Ava: It’s the end of May already! OMG! June is coming, which means Baby’s 2-year-old Birthday and Wizard Land are both on the way, not to mention the big surprise from our Baby Web 3 Alpha Team. Without further ado, let’s start to learn a little more about our 2nd anniversary and new island details!

Leave your questions, excellent ideas, suggestive feedback, constructive pieces of advice, and ANYTHING even including things that you need help with in Baby’s Whale Chat. Let’s make Baby’s Whale Chat active with more babies involved! The new channel for today’s Baby Thursday is right here. Check the previous one here. We got great ideas there last time! Like it to show you would like that to happen as well, or drop yours!

Okey okey! I will start now!

Uncle Terry: Finally it’s my turn, lol. Thanks to Ava for pointing out the purposes of Baby’s Whale Chat. Take it as your secret base to share whatever you wanna say to Baby, or make it useful as your personal folder to check info, a forum to discuss with fellow babies, and so on. Anyway, let’s all start to use it more!

Time to wrap up a bit for the past 2 weeks! Go Ava go!

Baby Ava: Here I am! For the last 2 weeks, we basically have 1–2 updates each week to make the Baby MetaFi a better place to trade, have fun, and earn. And as we are getting more and more comprehensive (2 years already!), so many of our updates are based on our new features or babies’ feedback. If you didn’t see many updates in a week, that’s a good sign as we are either developing new features, or Baby MetaFi is more stable with products. Woo-hoo!

Since we have already started to celebrate Baby’s 2nd Anniversary and we all know that Wizard Land is upcoming, it is important to make BabySwap more friendly, easy-access and operate, thorough, and perfect!

First of all, in order for all landholders to be able to use Make Offer (Buyers 👉🏻 Sellers) and Private Sale (Sellers 👉🏻 Buyers) to get their desired lands to merge for Prosperity Point and $BABY output, we make your communication procedure much easier! Connections of Discord and Telegram have both been added to Baby Wonderland. Babies can now connect Twitter, Discord, and Telegram accounts to Land to open the channels to communicate with each other to discuss prices and make deals. I already saw many landholders who have linked all 3 social media accounts! Good for you!

Communication is just one important method to start your land trading business! There are always multiple ways in Baby MetaFi. One another way is to make direct offers or invitations. Enter the prices you think are reasonable for you and send your offers to see the result (reject or accept) without communicating ahead. Save time to communicate but spend a little more gas fee or communicate in advance. It’s your choice to make!

No matter if you want to sell or buy lands, Ava would highly recommend you all connect Twitter, Discord, and Telegram accounts! BabySwap will provide you with security, convenience, and transparency, you can use newly added features to accelerate your asset accumulation progress!

Uncle Terry: I did!! It’s really effortless to trade directly and instantly! With the smooth and friendly operation, we can tell how much effort Baby has put into it. And many babies are very content with these updates. Love it!

Baby Ava: Aww, that’s the reason Baby is here! To make babies happy and satisfied.

Oh! Speaking of operation, note that when you use Make Offer, once you have made offers, the corresponding assets will be locked as an advanced payment. It means once you have successfully sent a land trading offer, corresponding assets will be taken from your wallet as advanced payment. If your offer was accepted, you don’t have to make another payment anymore, the locked assets will be automatically transferred to the seller directly; but if your offer was rejected or canceled by yourself, your assets will be returned to your wallet with simple operations! Your assets are SAFU with Baby!

In addition to that, to optimize the entire trading experience, we have adjusted the simple displaying look with your Baby brand NFTs only on the ‘My Land’ page to a much more detailed exhibition with the total number of your NFTs and filters of ‘All’ and ‘On Sale’ NFTs. To save you time from checking the number of your Baby brand NFTs and scrolling down to count the on-sale ones, as well as making your trading in either Baby NFT Market or Baby Wonderland effortless and efficient!

What you need to do is simple! Just go to ‘My NFT’ under the category of ‘NFT’ in the BabySwap navigation bar, and ta-da! You get to see everything straightforwardly and manage your NFTs conveniently! No one can resist easy operations, right? Cheer for a comprehensive Baby MetaFi for BabySwap’s 2nd birthday!

Uncle Terry: We all love convenient operations and of course, BIRTHDAY!! All children enjoy birthdays! What birthday gifts can Baby get?

Baby Ava: Just one more thing before we go. The next type of Baby default avatar on BabySwap DID is Sports Baby! Thanks to our baby WB1913 for providing such a nice idea! Babies, now it’s your turn to make the vote and pick the top 5 sports here. It’s your call to make these Sports Babies on the stage and lead the crypto fashion again.

Time for our celebrations for Baby’s 2nd Anniversary! We have already launched several events on Twitter and Discord, more are happening for sure. To remind babies of our launched events first. So if you haven’t caught up with our pace for thrilling events, now is the time to be updated. We will be celebrating our 2nd Anniversary in 3 parts: to review and retrospect the accomplished past, to embrace the innovation and future, and to live and focus on the moment! You can see their connections and specialties as we proceed with all events and release announcements. Let’s start with the earliest warm-up event, shall we?

The 1st one is a call-up for all Diamond Hand and Land Tycoon NFB holders to share the Diamond Hand and Land Tycoon that you signed as Landlords on Baby Wonderland. Diamond Hand and Land Tycoon bring the highest multipliers out of the rest Landlords to your Prosperity Points, and they are your passport to privileges and priorities in Baby MetaFi. To recognize the faith and effort these holders contribute to Baby Metaverse, the RICHEST landholder with the most Diamond Hand and Land Tycoon NFBs signed as Landlords gets 5 FREE lands, the 2nd one wins 3 FREE lands, and the 3rd one wins 1 FREE land! Enter the event from here.

Uncle Terry: Uncle Terry never misses any Baby events. Count me in! Let me see who can transcend me!

Baby Ava: Looking forward to seeing the result! If you are not on the list…

Uncle Terry: That’s impossible! Let’s wait and see.

Baby Ava: No problem! Babies, mark down Uncle Terry’s ego here, lmao.

The 2nd event is the grand BabySwap 2nd Anniversary Event for all users to earn exclusive and limited-edition 2nd Anniversary NFB and FREE lands! Basically, it’s an event that we first acknowledge all consistent HODLers who are holding ALL Firstever Baby NFB, 1st Anniversary NFB, and above 2,000 $BABY in their wallet address at the snapshot time on May 22nd (3 requirements must be fulfilled at the same time); rich Baby collectors who are Diamond Hand receivers (Purchase in the secondary market doesn’t count), the Top 100 vBABY holders, and the Top 100 places in Prosperity Point Rank; and our community contributors who showed their great love and faith in Baby no matter what with their special Discord Roles and of course, our laborious admins and volunteers! Thanks for your love and patience to accompany Baby to grow in the past year. You deserve to be recognized and appreciated!

Coming next is for all babies who are not eligible with the above requirements, or anyone who wants to celebrate Baby’s birthday with us — Change your Twitter and Baby Wonderland avatars to Baby birthday avatars! You can find all tasks here. Complete tasks to win the 2nd Anniversary NFB, and 10 landholders who uploaded their Land avatars to Baby birthday avatars will be randomly chosen to share 10 FREE lands! Check all the event details and download those 2 Baby birthday avatars here.

Uncle Terry: Thanks for acknowledging! We never regret on HODLing and BUIDLing with Baby!

Baby Ava: And we never forget to return faithful HODLers and BUIDLers with huge love and surprises! Stay tuned for them!

The 3rd event we released yesterday is for collecting fabulous stories in relation to Baby. That’s our drill as Baby loves listening to stories. Share your best memory with Baby in the 2nd year, from June 1st, 2022 till now, and 10 random winners to share 10 FREE lands! Go to the party room from here.

Moreover, the last one, as of writing! Not the last one for the 2nd Anniversary, lol. The rescheduled snapshot time for BabySwap x SpaceID Land Whitelist Giveaway is now announced, which is at 1 PM UTC, May 27th! For babies who missed the last snapshot, don’t miss this time! Once again, this special giveaway in partnership with SpaceID will give away 2,000 pieces of Wizard Land with 50% OFF to 3 and 4-character .bnb domain holders. These 3 and 4-character .bnb domains can be purchased from SpaceID before 1 PM UTC, May 27th. We will take the snapshot for all the holders who will all have the eligibility to join our whitelist mint after the launch of Wizard Land at half of the price.

But note that not every holder can mint with 50% OFF! Why? Because we only have 2,000 seats reserved! First-come-first-serve is the key! Each address can mint 2 lands at most and the whitelist mint time starts with the public mint of Wizard Land and last for 24 hours only. First come first serve with limited time and only 2,000 seats. Run faster then!!

Uncle Terry: Hooray, confident Uncle Terry is here again. Last time, I missed the chance to mint 3x3 lands as they were sold out jaw-droppingly fast! But not this time, I will be pinned to my computer for Wizard Land!

Baby Ava: Jajajajajajajaja, bother to show us how to pin yourself?

Anyways, celebrate Baby’s 2nd Birthday and grab your chance to win all mouthwatering rewards! More gifts are to be brought to you.

After asking about our Web 3 Alpha Team’s opinions on if we can leak some information related to their product first, they prefer to keep the best till the last! Unknown brings expectations and surprises. The thing that I can say is, it’s also a birthday gift for Baby and all babies, so you can infer its launch will be soon, like really soon!

Other than that, our beloved Wizard Land! Since we have already determined to launch in June, to celebrate our 2nd birthday, we will try to launch it asap!! Just from these disclosures, you can tell that there will always be parties in Baby Metaverse for the following weeks! You gotta be here and enjoy.

Uncle Terry: My guesses of those 2 dates are approximately before June and one after June 1st! Am I right? Party babies, show your hands!

Baby Ava: You could be and you will see!

To make the birthday atmosphere better in Baby MetaFi, we will be adding birthday effects on the BabySwap homepage and Baby Wonderland! Let’s gather to celebrate our big day with everyone!

OMG, I have a good idea! The birthday effects on Baby Wonderland will be perfect for babies to screenshot the changes in the Land from different colors and personal avatars to exclusive and consistent Baby birthday avatars! That would be incredible! Share on Twitter to show the crypto how powerful and cohesive we are.

Aside from that, we have received feedback from babies about checking the offer history on Baby Wonderland after using Make Offer and Private Sale. We realized that especially with the feature Make Offer, it’s difficult to re-locate those lands that you have sent offers already if you want to check their statuses. We will always remind sellers to check their notifications for offers and to close the offers as soon as possible, but at the same time, we will develop the trading history on Land for your reference! Thanks for bringing it to our attention. We appreciate and welcome all feedback!

Uncle Terry: Thoughtful Baby! Babies love Baby out of uncountable reasons, and it must be one! Always upgrading and optimizing.

Baby Ava: Surely! For babies, a thousand times over!

More to come. The Wallet tab on the BabySwap website will be optimized again! Not just as the new entrance for BabySwap DID, but with more functions for easy access and convenient operation. You might not find it necessary but you must be better with it! Baby always put ourselves in your shoes and upgrade everything as your desired, if we missed one or two, feel free to remind us!

One last before we go to Baby’s Whale Chat to chat further. Limit Order is in progress! To users who are not familiar with it, unlike the Market Order, which is executed at the current market price as quickly as possible when a user places the order. A Limit Order is an order you place with a specific limit price on the order book. It will only be executed if the market price reaches your limit price (or better). You may use limit orders to buy an asset at a lower price or sell at a higher price than the current market price. Let Baby make your journey in both DeFi and Mataverse fields effortless and efficient!

Uncle Terry: Woah! I love the concept of “You might not find it necessary but you must be better with it”. Thanks for being so meticulous! And for Limit Order, we can use more features in Baby MetaFi in the near future. Baby just can’t stop being stronger each day.

Baby Ava: We will never stop! Never stop growing and appreciating! Thanks for being here with us today and accompanying Baby along the way! Baby loves you and let’s wait to embrace more wonders in Baby Meta Finance! Don’t forget to leave anything you wanna say to Baby in Baby’s Whale Chat here. See you all there!

Uncle Terry: Wait a sec! Let’s not miss the most important part!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our 2-year-old Baby! Be the happiest and richest Baby in the world!

Baby Ava: Yay!! Happy Birthday to Baby and all babies! Let’s achieve crypto rich together!

The End of our Baby Thursday

Thanks for being with Baby to witness and experience each and every significant step and accomplishment in Baby MetaFi in the past year! Let’s keep it up to hop into our promising future and wonderland. Baby never lie and never let you down. Wait to see how this 2-year-old Baby is about to thrive mind-blowingly!

Thank you for taking the time to read through, babies. Your thoughts matter and your caring help Baby grow!

Once again, join our Discord here and Baby’s Whale Chat here for the most recent updates, to get the primary news without having any ‘jet lag’! And stay with Baby to HODL and BUIDL a splendid Babyverse as we promised. 💗

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