Baby Thursday Review – May 11th

11 min readMay 13, 2023

Wassup babies! Let Baby Thursday help to clear away uncertainty and provide you with scheduled blueprints to expect in Baby MetaFi.

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Let’s review the content of our Baby Thursday on May 11th, 2023!

After Greetings and Introductions

Baby Ava: Yooo babies! Glad to have babies here today with us for another Baby Thursday in a brand-new month. Did you realize that we are almost halfway through 2023? That’s impressive, right? This means Baby’s 2nd birthday is approaching as well, even more mind-blowing, jajajajajajaja. I know we all can’t wait for the celebration. Baby is excellent at preparing surprises and arranging parties! Stay tuned for that!

Okey dokey. Ready to move on with us? Once again, we have all the live Q&A sessions of Baby Thursday well-organized in Baby’s Whale Chat here. You can always find all kinds of fabulous questions asked by our babies there. Or ask Baby anything yourself! The channel for today’s live question session is newly opened, click here to leave anything you wanna ask or say to Baby.

Uncle Terry: Baby is growing up steadily, healthily, and lustily! Our 1st anniversary was like yesterday with the newly launched Lucky Baby, BabySwap DID… Oh, as I recall, Baby Wealthy Club was announced around that time! The Baby brand is really expanding and getting more comprehensive and marvelous within a such short span of time.

Baby Ava: That’s how Baby grows! I believe what makes Baby different from other adults is the strong vitality, jaw-dropping growth, unshakable confidence, and unmovable determination. Baby doesn’t know much about how brutal the world is, but to hold tight and strong no matter what. Let me share some details with you later today to learn about Baby’s scheduled huge steps. But first of all, let’s wrap up our past accomplishments starting from Baby Wonderland!

Let me shout out to our talented and enthusiastic babies from worldwide! In the past weeks, Baby has collected several awesome works made by babies from the Wizard Land Giveaways and shared them with the community and the crypto! It’s proud and ecstatic to see the creativities, diligence, and expansion of our Baby community. Love to see them and always expect to collect more to share with everyone! Baby is never shy about showing off our strong and supportive babies, and would love to share more splendid views with you guys. Show your hands, babies! Any works you made, photos you took, just anything related to Baby. Share with Baby and allow Baby to exhibit to the crypto! Babies can always make Baby proud!

Next, Baby invited more friends to Baby Wonderland to HODL to earn with us! Have you noticed them all? Our new landholders are DEGO, BurgerCities, and SecondLive, whose Logos are well-uploaded and direct links to their home pages or Twitter accounts. We are working together to make a two-way channel for our babies to visit our friends directly, and their users to our wonderland without any troubles! Visit them on Main Land and be neighbors with them! Merge your lands and upload your Land profile pictures to let our friends know your locations. Let’s gather to show our friends the cohesiveness of our Baby community and the prosperity of the Baby Metaverse!

Uncle Terry: Yeah, let’s show them! No one can underestimate the power of babies! As more islands will be unlocked, it’s time to attract more potential landholders and BUIDL the wonderland for the most earning via effortless HODLing and unshakable faith.

Baby Ava: That’s true. Baby Metaverse is expanding, more residents are highly welcome to HODL and BUIDL with us! Join Baby Wonderland without thresholds but with the maximum possible freedom and best-gaining experience.

That’s not all for land, of course. Now we have more time to digest Divinity Land and accumulate more Prosperity Points and assets by trading and merging lands. To help babies to be better prepared for Wizard Land, several Land related events are being hosted now on our Twitter, Telegram, and Discord! Juicy $BABY and free lands are up for grabs. For example, this week on Twitter, we would like babies to merge for larger-sized lands and share with Baby to share $BABY rewards, on Telegram and Discord, there are activities in relation to using Private Sale to trade lands with security, transparency, and certainty. Pick one or two that you would love to join, or participate all to take all the rewards! Events will be changed next week for freshness and more fun! Stay tuned and have yourself ready for Wizard Land.

In addition, to help babies get ready for Wizard Land, we enabled the feature to get landholders’ addresses on Baby Wonderland directly! This feature is actually from babies’ feedback. When babies fail to contact the buyers or sellers for trading lands, you can now select the lands that you want to trade and copy the owner’s address to make direct sales via Private Sale (Sellers 👉🏻 Buyers). If you could contact the seller directly on any social media accounts, then discuss with each other at the agreed prices to send the invitations. If not, send selling invitations to make a deal by copying and pasting the address directly. Both ways work to trade lands! Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Uncle Terry: Woo-hoo! That’s always the part that I love about Baby – To listen to our voices, respond timely, act fast, and respect all differences! Good work, Baby!

Baby Ava: Baby is the best listener and executor!

With that being said, Make Offer (Buyers 👉🏻 Sellers) is launched as well! Unlike Private Sale, which needs to enter the buyer’s address to proceed, Make Offer allows you to select either land to send trading offers effortlessly and make a deal efficiently, no other information is required! Just like the use cases of Private Sale, babies can either communicate to agree on prices or send direct offers using Make Offer. You can find these land assets around your land, and make offers to get your desired lands to merge for high Prosperity Points and $BABY output! Let Baby help baby to HODL to Earn to make our wonderland thrive via the efficient and safe Make Offer, Private Sale, and Baby NFT Market! Cheers to convenient, secure, and transparent tradings on Baby Metaverse. Check the tutorials here for Make Offer 👇🏻

Note that if you are buyers who have just made land offers, the corresponding assets will be locked as an advanced payment. Like the poster shown above, if you made an offer using 0.1 BNB, this amount of assets will be taken from your wallet as an advanced payment. If the offer was accepted, you don’t need to pay anymore, the assets will be automatically transferred to the seller’s wallet address. If your offer was rejected or canceled by yourself, your assets will be returned to your wallet address automatically! SAFU with Baby!

If you are a seller, please check the notifications tab in the upper right left-hand side for all the offers timely! Buyers are waiting for you to process. Let’s help each other to merge and trade for more amazement on Baby Wonderland!

Uncle Terry: Excellent! An impressive feature and guidance before the launch of Wizard Land. It will definitely boost land trading and help each baby to HODL and earn profitably! I have tried it out already, smooth and convenient. Have babies started to make more deals?

Baby Ava: I bet they are! They are waiting for Make Offer, lol. We made it in time for babies to trade and merge! More related features are in preparations for babies to better HODL on Land.

What’s coming next? Our concentrated BABY-BNB Farm! As our feature with the second-highest APR (Baby Wonderland has the highest for sure!!), seize the exclusive chances to enjoy the focused 7.5 BABY/block emission and APR on BABY-BNB. If you haven’t moved your assets from ALT Farms, go to BabySwap Farm, and find ‘Finished’ to remove them. Let your assets circulate to make more money on Baby MetaFi. Oh, and one more! We still have babies who haven’t claimed their rewards from V1 BabySwap Farm and Pool yet. Don’t leave your assets uncared for! Move your ALT Farms assets and claim your V1 Farm & Pool rewards from our Claim page. Make your money brings money by staking on BABY-BNB Farm, Auto & Manual Baby Pools; HODL to earn on Baby Wonderland and vBABY, and more to be explored and announced!

One last thing to mention is about BabySwap DID. Don’t you wanna unlock more fashionable Babies in different styles? Would you like to say no to more default avatars to decorate your DID? We have seen several excellent ideas about the next series of Baby default avatars from babies already! How do you like the idea of Sports Baby, or Baby Gods in honor of Divinity Land? Kudos to WB1913 and Roberta77973663 for sharing your fabulous minds! Babies, if you like these 2 ideas, give a LIKE to them, and let’s see which one gets the highest votes. If you have any other thoughts, leave them here for us to vote and collect. Brainstorm now and Baby will let your idea happen!

Uncle Terry: I wish I still have assets to move and rewards to claim, want to stake and HODL more on Farm and Land! And it’s so hard to choose! Can I have them both? Baby is literally suitable and stylish in any costume.

Baby Ava: Lol, that could happen! Let’s see which ideas babies like or if there are any other ideas to take into consideration. Still collecting more ideas, share with Baby!

Here comes your most anticipated part! What surprises are laying ahead of us? First and foremost, Wizard Land for sure! Baby will help babies to digest and accumulate assets and embrace the launch of the new island. June will be the birthday month of Baby and the launch of Wizard Land!

As Ava has mentioned above about Private Sale and Make Offer, they are both made for babies to trade with security, transparency, convenience, and efficiency! To assist babies to better HODL to Earn on Land, more related features will be added for the best trading experience and most friendly operations. Such as the listing and trading of non-1*1 lands on Baby NFT Market, and of course on Baby Wonderland as we already launched Direct Sale on Land. You will find both places applied with comprehensive trading mechanisms, list in batches, trade without shifting from pages, and more.

Uncle Terry: From the launch of Main Land, we basically BUIDL up from nothing. Each and every feature is the best accomplishment that demonstrates the progress of Baby Wonderland. We progressed from a barren land with few friendly features to a constantly thriving wonderland with every possible function. All in Metaverse!

Baby Ava: Yes! All in Metaverse! We are not just shouting it out but BUIDLing for a sustainable Baby Meta Finance!

How? Let Ava the leaker start to reveal, lmao. Aside from the plans we scheduled on our updated roadmap, the immersive metaverse with Buildings will be gradually revealed. Can’t say too much for now but just know you will be experiencing a more engaging, interactive, cohesive, supportive, and lucrative life in Baby Metaverse with your probably chosen neighbors (Well, why not? Anything can happen!). To have more features to customize for yourself and to relish the higher and new level of freedom. Make Baby Wonderland unique and special for you! You will not be feeling like BUIDLing an entire Metaverse, for it could be burdensome, but BUIDLing your own homeland with all your preferences. Baby Wonderland is your home.

Even though I was told not to say it, I insist on leaking it! The larger land you merged, the more privileges you have. Not only about the $BABY output but more powers to do something! That ‘Something’ is to be announced!

To achieve everything mentioned above, the entire UI and UX of Land will be gradually updated then! They will be much more friendly and convenient to check with concise, straightforward, and content-rich information! Anyone can have access and get on it easily. More options to choose from and more channels to learn more!

Uncle Terry: New to me! Ava, you kept those so well from me! You know that I can’t keep secrets, lol. I am so desperate to see and experience them now. Can you let us know how long we need to wait?

Baby Ava: From these leaked pieces you know, an immersive Baby Metaverse will be huge. They will not be happening tomorrow or next month. Just know that our devs are all starting to work on it together! Even though you have to wait a little longer for the entire immersive metaverse, features will be launched one by one for you to enjoy! As it is also written on our roadmap, let’s expect it to happen in Baby’s 3rd year! We go all out now for babies to experience it as early as possible!

Last but not least, do you recall the establishment of the new and special team named Web 3 Baby Alpha Team? Let me remind you a little about the team that we talked about in the previous Baby Thursday.

“As a 2-year-old platform with an abundance of Web 3 experience and resources, community support, and professional skills. The Baby team decided to adopt internally to keep up with the latest Web 3 trends with a new Web 3 Alpha Team. Innovations from this special team will be totally independence from Baby and not limited to BNB Chain but all-chain protocol. Any new assets will be based on BABY for the maximized values and return to real BABY users.”

I am mentioning this because our Baby Alpha Team is taking action. After researching and analyzing the current market conditions, studying thousands of projects, and learning experiences, Baby Alpha Team has filed its innovation and is ready to show to the crypto! A new product will be launched which is developed by this special Baby Alpha Team – A multichain product for everyone to explore! Once again, note that this Baby Alpha Team is independent of Baby, but Baby will provide full support for our babies to be able to earn more! Also, it will benefit BABY for sure!

Uncle Terry: OMG! Shout out to Baby Alpha Team! When will we expect the launch of this product? Gosh, I am getting hyped up!

Baby Ava: I totally got you! It will be launched by the end of this May, as the gift to the 2nd anniversary.

As each and every feature will be needing hands to develop and no one can go all smoothly with precise coding and development. Let’s be flexible and allow some fault-tolerant space here with the schedule. And since these features all lay heavily on our devs’ shoulders in the beginning, we may not be able to get 100% details and progresses so quickly since we don’t want to be pushy or disturbing. I’d say, let’s start to use Baby communities and Baby’s Whale Chat more to get first-hand information, and stay updated on our Twitter for all important announcements! Ava is the leaker is every platform. I will be here to answer any questions!

The End of our Baby Thursday

We HODL and BUIDL regardless of the market fluctuations. Just so you know that we are nonstop BUIDLers who want the best of Baby MetaFi without a doubt. Huge gratitude to faithful babies who always encourage, supervise, and support us! Baby Meta Finance will be worth your while to HODL and BUIDL.

Thank you for taking the time to read through, babies. Your thoughts matter and your caring help Baby grow!

Once again, join our Discord here and Baby’s Whale Chat here for the most recent updates, to get the primary news without having any ‘jet lag’! And stay with Baby to HODL and BUIDL a splendid Babyverse as we promised. 💗

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