Baby Thursday Review — Jul 21

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Have you always tracked our Baby Thursday about the latest Baby MetaFi updates, and been involved in our sincere conversations?

As a biweekly section on BabySwap Discord, it benefits us as well as our babies to always have heart-to-heart communications, and always keep babies updated with the freshest information and innovations. 🥳

We just had a marvelous Baby Thursday with babies! If you haven’t got the chance to participate, we especially organized everything for you to check easily!

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Now, as the curtain is rolling up, we will begin with our Baby Thursday review of July 21, 2022.

After Greetings and Introductions

Baby Ava: Before talking about the latest updates. Let’s have some real talk since I know if I don’t mention it in the AMA, you guys will still ask about it.

First off, MVB V. Y’all have been asked about it, and might be disappointed in the ‘selected projects’ post. I honestly think there’s nothing to worry about. As I told you guys before, MVB invited us to join the MVB V, after we said we’ve been in the monthly star of MVB III, they insisted that we should apply for it because it’s always a great shot. That’s why I talked about it last time, but you can see that we didn’t announce anything on Twitter to make it official because we were still thinking about the ways we support the MVB V. Many projects that have participated in the previous MVB have announced that they applied for MVB V but also didn’t get selected.

If you’ve seen the numbers, there were more than 650 projects applied. So, how are they gonna select the projects and what the BNB Chain team sees as the most important thing? I’d say it’s the freshness. The BNB Chain team has their own consideration of what kind of projects that need the incubation from MVB the most, they are doing a great job. After a few rounds of calls with BNB Chain, we decided it’s better that we support these newborn projects as a DeFi service provider.

We’ve already been in contact with many of them, and we will provide services for them in NFT and DeFi Staking as well as trading. Not as a competitor if you know what I’m saying. Starting from MVB III, we’ve been providing services for these projects. We got a lot of projects in from BNB Chain’s connection with MVB IV, and also this time, the MVB V.

The BNB Chain team is doing an amazing job to connect all the sources, and we’ve been contacting each other a lot. In such a case, there’s absolutely no worries on MVB V. Truly, Baby is more than one year old, we don’t compete, we support, like a mature baby. MVB V is an incubation program, as well as an evaluation system; it varies in different dimensions. Simple as that, Stephen Curry ain’t got 6 rings, but you can’t say he’s not good, right? Same thing here, MVB V is not for us to compete, but for us to support.

Secondly, about price. I’m sure that many holders have their faith, but the bear might KILL YOUR PATIENCE — we’ve all been there before.

So some might wanna say that ‘you do a lot but price is dropping’, ‘others are pumping but you are dropping’. First off, you might have heard this in the opposite way — ‘Others are dropping but BABY is pumping’. Many think the bull comes back, as my personal experience — not yet. (NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE).

Besides how the mainstream pumps with Ethereum and Bitcoin, we have to check if there are two new things in the market: A LOT of new projects, and A LOT of funds from outside of the market. None of these happened yet. What I’m trying to say is, the crypto market has its limited funds and balances right now, many go chase the short term profits, and many stay in the protocol they know as long term holders. Long term holders always win, they have few chances of being rugged. But this depends on your investment preference, no judging at all.

This is a free market, users can come and go. Our job is to keep more users and attract more users by proving ourselves, but we can’t force anyone to do anything. Words being said, this is also why we don’t have fixed staking (considered about it before), because we don’t want our users to be under pressure, but always follow their own investment logic. We want you to do free trading here, while we are proving that we are BUIDLing and becoming stronger. For the BUILD part, I will leave it till later in the AMA.

I have to apologize because the period we talk to each other is like a 2-week period. So if something like MVB V hits, you won’t know anything from us directly. That’s why we are gonna push our Baby forum online, which I will be talking about later.

BUT, as you can see I’m brave enough to talk about the price and market, because I’m so confident in how well we can survive in the long-term. Better than any projects. That’s why I bring this up today, at the very beginning.

Uncle Terry: This is real talk babies! We fear nothing. This is also how confident we are in the crypto industry. The long term holders will know it’s all worth it. Now, moving on to the latest update, tell me about them, and tell me about why we chose to launch them first.

Baby Ava: We keep our progress and pace of BUIDLing, so we did several updates in the last two weeks, while developing other features that will be online soon. You may have noticed we changed the whole interface with better user experience in finding features you want, as well as the more convenient mobile display where you can find the most used features at the bottom. This is the first step of UI/UX upgrading, it’s online just now to be more adaptive to the map online next week.

Another huge update is we launched Baby Price Bot last week.

Baby Price Bot is a Telegram bot powered by CoinMarketCap and deployed by Baby Metaverse. You can track the price of all BEP 20 tokens and explore what’s trending in the market by adding the bot to your Telegram group, or DM the bot directly, and enter ‘/token ticker’. If you can’t find your tokens using the ticker name, try the contract address first. After the token is checked using the contract address for the first time, you will be able to search their tickers as well. Click here and you all should be trying this out.

Uncle Terry: So why are we having a bot like this? Is it only for users’ convenience?

Baby Ava: Yes, of course for users’ convenience. But that’s not all of the story. If you click Trade Now, it will direct you to the BabySwap trading page, with tokens selected for you. Since we have a Smart Router, we are able to trade almost 90% of BEP 20 tokens on BabySwap. More users would come in for trade, and remember you all share many trading fees, in your LPs, vBABY, and vBABY dividends. We are on the same page! More trading, more shares. Our goal is to have 10,000 groups that use Baby Price Bot.

Uncle Terry: We are always sharing all things we have with our core users. Trade with Baby!

Baby Ava: Other than Trade, we also fixed and updated several small features, such as: Direct link added for ‘Get Token’ button in Pools and Vault, List Mode added to Pools, Hotfix of Scratch Card Display…

Speaking of Lucky Baby, we wanna have an updated lottery mechanism, so we took down the Piggy Bank temporarily. Now you can still complete the tasks and scratch the cards, but are not able to join the Piggy Bank for now. Stay tuned for the upgraded mechanism!

Uncle Terry: Let’s talk about them one by one!

Baby Ava: Other than the updates I mentioned above, we are also developing Babyverse Map, Baby Wonderland, Trending Page, DID, and Forum.

As I said above, Interface upgrade was online just now to be more adaptive to the map online next week. Testing right now, hopefully we will get it online right on time. This is the first step of Babyverse as well as the pre-lesson of Baby Wonderland.

We predict that the crypto market will be warmed up after a longer period, at least not for now. During this period, Baby’s work is still BUIDLing the fundamentals and creating the Babyverse. The fundamentals contain: DeFi service optimization, services towards the Altcoins in the market, user’s experience optimization, and finally becoming the key fundamental protocols related to AMM, DeFi, SocialFi, and NFT Market on BNB Chain.

The Babyverse creation includes: your identity (DID), your profile (BWC), Land (Baby Wonderland), and gradually complete the core modules of Metaverse to combine them together, and be the best-themed Metaverse in Web3 and all over the world.

Uncle Terry: You mentioned Baby Wonderland so many times! Can you share more info with us?

Baby Ava: BOOM! I always keep my words. Land can be acquired using BABY, or via airdrop (pretty limited). Land will be the core assets of Babyverse, and it’s valuable in several ways. We will also have a huge tokenomic upgrade, it means that how BABY is going to be produced is highly related to Land. That’s a lot of info in these few sentences. Take a good look into the above. But I can’t say more about it until the Map gets online.

Uncle Terry: Wow, I didn’t expect you to say this much. But at least our users know the direction of Land and the whole Babyverse!

Baby Ava: Other than these two bombs, we will also have social media connect in our DID soon. Other than that, Whale’s chat room which is Baby Forum I mentioned above will also be available. So that you all won’t have to wait 2 weeks for me to talk about all the matter. In the forum, we are more efficient and effective in communication. We will leak the upcoming features on it as I do on Baby Thursday and answer all the questions.

Community Q&A time!

Baby #1: Despite what you said ‘you do a lot but price is dropping’ … I still say the following. I hope you can help convey the opinions of Chinese baby holders. At present, it seems that the recent update functions of baby’s did and nft markets are only used by their own users of baby, bwc, and tcy. We are sure of the team’s efforts, but we hope The team can consider and implement what is more conducive to adding new users, the current roadmap seems too conservative. Has the team considered changing the roadmap from did or land ? The most important thing is that DID and update nftmarket functions can’t attract new users. The final form seems to be a web page similar to debank.

Baby Ava: DID and land are surely under development, so it’s upcoming next, and i think it’s a huge step in attracting new users. I do agree that new users are important. There will be a few more features & collabs related to exploring the new market, I assure you that.

Baby #2: We can probably imagine what DID and land look like, but we are afraid that there will be something missing to attract new web3 users like baby’s nft market.

Baby Ava: I understand your concern, but you have my words. Remember that BabySwap was born in ‘DEX Season’. There were many small DEX in the market in June last year. Guess who’s still here? Us babies! Diving into a developed industry and fighting for a place is hard, but we have the experience. And I don’t think all these lands and DID have been well-developed or well-operated enough. So we still have the shot.

Baby #3: I have a suggestion, we can share our AMA on twitter or TG. More people will know and understand BABY.

Baby Ava: Actually, we asked our local volunteers to share the translated version to Telegram! But yes we can definitely have a review posted on twitter 2 days ago on weekends. How’s that?

I always want our DC users to get the fresh news. So I prefer not to have the review on the same day. Probably Saturday will do!

Baby #4: Any clue about the mysterious seeds hahahaha, tell me in the form of a riddle.

Baby Ava: Jajajajaja! Killing me again, it’s called the mysterious seeds because they are mysterious right? Not gonna tell u now 👶 You guys can try to spam Trippy’s DM 😉

Baby #5: Would you visit me in the Babyverse? 😂🙃

Baby Ava: All I need is a location, and I will run to your house for goods 🔥

Baby #6: What about baby token listing, when it listed more exchanges, to increase more hype in buyers and investors.

Baby Ava: Totally, scheduled like 3 calls next week with CEXs

Baby #7: How is the progress of the FIAT ramp going?

Baby Ava: Still in progress, but we are communicating with them about the restricted countries and areas, cuz a lot of users of BabySwap might be restricted to use the FIAT feature due to their limitation or law.

Baby #8: How long does NFT staking take?

Baby Ava: Almost done, looking for partners who demand the service!! If you have any suggestions for projects, you can always DM us.

Baby #9: Please increase marketing in asia 🌏

Baby Ava: We’ve done marketing in the Persian area, and are planning to do more, as well as expanding to ASEAN, India, and China. So Asian crew was well prepared! NA/SA and Euro marketing are also in progress.

Baby #10: With the purchase of the land will you burn the baby? 👀

Baby Ava: I think we will have the detailed BABY distribution later when we release our map first!! Stay tuned babies!

The End of our Baby Thursday

Indeed, there will be endless concerns and questions in both the bear and bull market. Worries will never go away, but we take them as motivations and guidance to HODL, BUIDL, progress, and success 🔥

As we always say, talk less and do more. Baby talks a lot, and we do even more! Look at us, we never stop moving forward.

Thank you for taking the time to read through, babies. Your thoughts matter and your caring helps Baby grow!

Once again, join our Discord here for the most recent updates, to get the primary news without having any ‘jet lag’! And stay with Baby to HODL and BUIDL a splendid Babyverse as we promised. 💗

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