Baby Thursday Review — Jan 19

Accomplished past weeks bring us an engaging and content-rich Baby Thursday, and of course, with our well-planned upcoming schedules.

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Let’s take a glance at our Baby Thursday Review of January 19th, 2023!

After Greetings and Introductions

Baby Ava: Check the live question part of the last Baby Thursday if you haven’t yet here. There are great questions asked by our babies that you may want to learn more about them. Today’s live question session is right here. Have your questions ready for Ava.

Uncle Terry: Woo-hoo. Ava’s coming through! Make sure to have your questions answered and curiosities erased after every Baby Thursday, and HODL tight with us to welcome a new week!

Baby Ava: Let’s first relive the noteworthy achievements of the past two weeks and then start to dive into our new plans!

First of all, as I mentioned in the last Baby Thursday, the Land sale bot is live on our Discord, which is in the same category as Baby Thursday and several channels below! Have you all checked it and kept yourself updated with the real-time trading information of the Land? To make land trading more transparent and convenient to check. From our Land sale bot, you can also get an insight into all babies’ investments and HODL!

Speaking of Land, we definitely can’t forget to mention the current floor price of Baby Wonderland! By the day we made the announcement about the floor price, it was 0.28 BNB, approximately 2,800 $ BABY, which was increased by 2.8x as the original mint price for 1*1 land is only 1000 $BABY!! Oh, I ran to our NFT Market and rechecked the current floor price. It’s increased a little but still a big rise for the landholders who purchased land for the first time!

Uncle Terry: You will never regret holding one of the best lands in crypto! And with more surprises that are upcoming? Your land will be even more valuable then!

Baby Ava: Yesss! HODL lands will always offer you the best with more to come! You can simply hold or choose to hold with more tricks that come with great profits. Did you see the newest collections with the shared $BABY output from Land? It’s quite impressive that we even have a baby who claimed over 10,000 and 20,000 $BABY!! Baby Wonderland can really return your faithful HODLing! Every amount counts. Share more of your claimed $BABY to excite the community.

And, if I ask about what exactly motivates you to merge land, everyone must say $BABY output! But there are actually hidden benefits with the merged land or not so hidden jajajajajajajajajaja. It’s not just the NFTs. Your favorite pictures can be your land profile pictures, even project propaganda, things that you want to promote, or words you want to express (no provocative nor swear words, of course, and always DYOR before making any significant financial decisions). Take advantage of land to maximize your interest! Also, being in the top places of the Prosperity Point Rank can get you somewhere. Wait for Ava to reveal later lol.

Uncle Terry: Aye Aye Captain! We will be waiting!

Baby Ava: Great. Let us proceed then!

Last week was also the week of our shining star — CryptoKit! You guys must have noticed that we now have CryptoKit’s new pal to join the best toolkit to serve and embrace millions of web 3 users to explore better the crypto world. We will have more and more new pals coming!

Moreover, the home page of CryptoKit has been updated with trending tokens in web 3 with real-time prices and a direct guide to trade on BabySwap, news feeds for all of you to get deep insights into crypto with the up-to-date news, and one last, did you find the gift box in the right bottom corner? It’s the bonus feature! Complete simple tasks: register a new Binance account to get 50 $BABY, trade with a minimum of $50 in spot to get 500 $BABY, and trade with a minimum of $100 in futures to get 1,000 $BABY. An over 1,500 $BABY giveaway with a 20% trading fee off in Binance! Don’t ever miss out on that! CryptoKit is BUIDLing more comprehensive and useful. Bookmark CryptoKit, the best tools to relish your crypto journey with mouthwatering rewards and security!

And you will be able to share your claimed $BABY rewards from CryptoKit to your web 2 social media accounts. Baby loves sharing, and we want to see more earnings from babies!

Uncle Terry: I personally love updates! Each and every update marks a new change, progress, and expectation. We are all looking forward to more advances from Baby to bring us novelty and accomplishment!

Baby Ava: Baby will make our wishes come true!

We now have more forms of announcements in this new year. Such as true or false statements about BabySwap, have a pop quiz to test your knowledge of BabySwap, and correct the wrong understanding if any! Also, we have our Learn to Earn campaign. The topic of our first Learn to Earn is Staking in Liquidity Pools in BabySwap. How many of you have participated in the campaign and got perfect scores? Knowledge of web 3 is crucial for users to protect, defend, and nourish themselves. Learn, be equipped with the knowledge, and get rewards!

In addition to these two, we recently added more posts that gather functions on BabySwap with the common feature. For example, do you know where to earn BABY and USDT on BabySwap? So you can earn vBABY and USDT dividends as membership rewards by being a vBABY holder, HODL to earn yummy $BABY output on Baby Wonderland, complete tasks in CryptoKit with our newly launched bonus feature for over 1,500 $BABY bonus and a 20% trading fees off on Binance, and fulfill routine missions in Lucky Baby Scratch Cards to gain up to $100 USDT. How do you like these kinds of new posts? Did you find them thoughtful and useful?

Uncle Terry: Affirmatively yes! New users get to learn BabySwap more and know straightforwardly the features of BabySwap. To our old friends, it’s a wake-up call for them to invest with Baby and a reminder of the benefits of these features. Am I right?

Baby Ava: You are right on point! And they are comprehensively included with the needed and direct access along with an introduction for all users to DYOR and make great profits on Baby MetaFi!

Possibilities and rewards are everywhere on Babyverse! Another one is our BabySwap V2. Have you earned lucratively with the high APRs in V2? If you haven’t yet, remember that the one-month transitional period is till January 29th. During the whole month, you can simply unstake both investment and rewards from Baby V1 Farm and Pool and stake them into Baby V2. After January 29th, you will have to claim V1 investment and rewards separately. You can only claim investment from V1 at that time and need to harvest your rewards on our Activities page.

Check our tutorial here if you have trouble migrating your LP tokens or add liquidity here.

Oh, and by the way, your Farm and Pool assets on DID will be displayed with all the assets in V2 Farm and Pool, not V1 anymore since V1 Farm and Pool are longer producing rewards. Grab your chance to migrate with easy operation and earn lucratively with juicy APRs and APYs. And V2 NFB Stake is in progress. Sign your Diamond Hand NFB as a Landlord on Baby Wonderland to earn $BABY during this period!

Uncle Terry: Already did! I always seize the very first opportunity to earn lol. My golden word is the firstcomers, the fortune owners!

Baby Ava: Great insight, Uncle Terry! Let’s learn from you to always grab chances.

Oh, and one more thing popped into my mind. We made one mistake last week that caused a few babies to unstake and re-stake in the $BRC vault. Our careless baby accidentally put the wrong address in Get LP for the $BRC Vault. Let me get it more straightforward for babies who might not understand the mistake. Vault on BabySwap is to use your LP tokens from PancakeSwap to stake on BabySwap. What we did wrong was to deploy the ‘Get LP’ link to BabySwap LP instead of PancakeSwap. Therefore, we took responsibility and compensate 200% of the tax cost from adding and removing the $BRC Baby-LPs. Address problem is fixed and compensation is done! Thanks for your inclusiveness and understanding!

Uncle Terry: We are here to support you! A responsible Baby is always trustworthy.

Baby Ava: Exactly. We are still BUIDLing to be stronger and more mature for a better experience and journey in Baby MetaFi.

Last Baby Thursday, I said that for the best result, we could expect more information about the second island to be disclosed. However, I still can’t say much about it today, because we are working on something big.

But one thing that I can reveal is rewards to top landholders for appreciating and acknowledging their faithful HODLing and consistent BUIDLing. A special NFB will be made and given to the top 100 landholders on our Prosperity Point Rank. Why the rank? Because the higher Prosperity Points they have, represent the larger amount of land assets they own! This specially-made NFB(1,000 BABY face value) can be signed as a Landlord to add more Prosperity Points for landholders! The more the merrier is always true!! Aside from NFB, when Resources get on the stage on Baby Wonderland, top landholders could get Resources airdrop for rewards as well.

Uncle Terry: A bit sad because not much info can be released, but totally understandable. Thanks for notifying us! We know the second island, and things about Baby Wonderland are important. So much work needs to be done, so in order to present us with the perfect result, more time will be required.

Baby Ava: Yes! And we know how desperate we all wanna know more about the second land, so it will be quick!

Not sure if you remember that we still have some updates in our schedule. For instance, to exchange lands and make offers on BabySwap, Baby Wonderland on the mobile phone version, trade and list 2*2 or larger size land on Baby NFT Market. They are all planned after our major update — the second land! Please stay tuned and you will meet them in the short future!

Uncle Terry: We are waiting for the call!

Baby Ava: Lovely! What’s more. There are several updates that will be happening next week.

$BRC from Baby Wealthy Club will be added to Baby NFT Market for trading! Did you start to trade or list your NFTs? Note that only Wealthy Baby and its sub-collection NFTs are tradable and listable with $BRC. So $BRC holders, shop to get your Wealthy Baby and related props for surprises, possibilities, and profits in BWC space and Baby MetaFi, for instance, sign as Landlords! Let Baby Wonderland return your HODLing of BWC and Land.

Moving on is the most-expected direct purchase on Baby Wonderland. You can simply filter the lands that are listed on Baby NFT Market and purchase them directly from Land instead of going to our NFT Market to complete the purchase. Convenient locating, targeted needs, and easy operation! Even when the second land is launched, the Main Land always has the most Prosperity Points. So get your desired land and merge for more!

Highlighted Community Q&A time in Baby’s Whale Chat!

Baby #1: Hey Baby Ava, with regards to what you mentioned about “Something Big” you guys are working on. Can we get a hint of what it has to do with?

Also, recent projects related to AI have been pumping and are expected to be the new trend in 2025. Do you guys plan on developing something around that niche? Thanks!

Baby Ava: “Something Big” is gonna be mind-blowing! And we know babies are super smart at finding clues and making brilliant guesses, so we will have to keep it for now! Don’t blame your intelligence lol. But since it will be coming up soon, won’t hold your breath for too long.

We have noticed that as well. Thanks for bringing it up! We will definitely explore everywhere we can and bring the best to Baby MetaFi for our babies. Stay tuned!

Baby #2: Further you can add more than one NFT in your land to increase the pp? Are the NFB to 100 top holders going to be distributed every month like the diamond hand?

Baby Ava: For single land, it will only be able to sign one Landlord. The multiplied PP will be quite a lot especially when you sign on a merged Premium land. We will have more factors kick in that affect your PP, such as Buildings and Resources, and they will be reasonably adding your PPs while making your earnings juicy!

Great question! But in this case, the specially made NFB to the Top 100 landholders will be more like the NFB of the Art Collector which will be distributed periodically instead of monthly.

Baby #3: Hi Baby Ava, any plan to build the game upon the land, eg. the Monopoly?

Baby Ava: Monopoly is something that really fits the land!!! If any of the ideas can be applicable to the setting of the land, we will have you guys informed! Feel free to share any great ideas to us as well. Always welcome!

Baby #4: Is divinity island going to have the same mint process or going to have some restriction per wallet?

Baby Ava: Similar process but slightly different with something-that-I-cannot-leak-yet added. No restrictions at any time since it’s a fair game for everyone. First come first serve!

The End of our Baby Thursday

Kudos to all babies who HODL strongly and tight with us no matter what. Hold on call for ‘something big’, which must gonna be worth the wait and breathtaking! Baby will never let you down. You gonna wait and see.

Thank you for taking the time to read through, babies. Your thoughts matter and your caring help Baby grow!

Once again, join our Discord here and Baby’s Whale Chat here for the most recent updates, to get the primary news without having any ‘jet lag’! And stay with Baby to HODL and BUIDL a splendid Babyverse as we promised. 💗

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A supportive Baby MetaFi including AMM, NFT, and GameFi for newborn projects on BNB Chain.

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A supportive Baby MetaFi including AMM, NFT, and GameFi for newborn projects on BNB Chain.