Baby Thursday Review — Jan 05

The very first Baby Thursday in 2023 wrapped up the entire achievements and progresses back in 2022, and injected faith to continue HODLing and BUIDLing for future prospects!

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Come with us to have a thorough review of our Baby Thursday on January 5th, 2023 🎉

After Greetings and Introductions

Baby Ava: Let’s go with the routine first. The last Q&A of our Baby Thursday is here on Baby Whale’s Chat for you to check anytime from here. And the first Q&A of our Baby Thursday today is right here. Leave your questions there for me to satisfy your curiosity (To an extent, lol.) and erase your concerns!

Uncle Terry: New year and new week with Baby Thursday! It’s so incredible to see how time flies and how Baby has been continuing to grow strong and steady. We are not only observers but most importantly, participants to grow with Baby. I believe we will be seeing more in 2023!

Baby Ava: For sure! First and foremost, Happy New Year!! As Uncle Terry just indicated, we are all part of Baby MetaFi that accompanies its growth and basically BUIDL Baby together. Thanks for staying with Baby for so much greatness that happened in 2022. We definitely can’t come this far and do this much without each of you.

Next, thank you for coming to our first Baby Thursday today! Your attention, care, and worries motivate Baby to upgrade and optimize. Don’t hesitate to let us hear your voices. Community matters so much! And that’s how we continue climbing up with constructive and insightful ideas from babies.

Uncle Terry: A great and successful project must build upon its products and people! Apparently, we have both, correct?

Baby Ava: No one can deny that. Even in a market like this, we are progressing and BUIDLing hard! We are and will be developing more products that are thorough, profitable, secure, explorable, interesting… I can go on like this forever jajajajajaja. We sincerely wanna BUIDL the Baby MetaFi stronger with more babies coming. So you will see fascinating features launched in 2023 within or beyond your expectations.

But before we go into more about the future. Great past set the root for us to HODL and BUIDL in the right direction with the best possible outcomes. Let’s see what we have done in the last 2 weeks of 2022 for making the year perfect and fulfilling!

Oh wait, almost missed it! Let’s check out two posters and see how productive and achievable we are in 2022.

Here are the Major Products and Milestones of 2022 Q3 and Q4!

Did you find the similarities between them? Yesss, we are efficient and hard-working every quarter, every month, and even every day!! Never-resting Baby aims for the overachiever spot of the year lol. And the differences are that we are getting more vibrant and productive with over-accomplished achievements!

Uncle Terry: Totally! And as I remembered we have done so much updating and optimizing on Baby Wonderland to make it more user-friendly and comprehensive, isn’t it? Just make it in the general category but have so much hard work behind it.

Baby Ava: Great recall, Uncle Terry! We have done loads of updates such as APR calculator, Land location sharing, claimed $BABY output sharing, a more targeted filter, easier listing and purchasing on Land to Baby NFT Market, direct guide to vBABY… We basically upgraded every week on Land according to babies’ needs or feedback.

As our quarter review started in Q3 of 2022, let’s not miss out on the great work in Q1 and Q2. What’s the biggest event that occurred in the first half year? It must be Baby’s first anniversary! The newborn Baby finally grew up to 1 year and keeps climbing to the top with love, encouragement, and support along the way, Baby is now 1 year and 7 months old!

Not to mention we have deployed Smart Router for babies to trade over 90% of BEP 20 tokens on BNB Chain on BabySwap, your unique web 3 identity DID, profitable and exciting Lucky Baby to earn USDT, Baby Academy, and more in the first half!

Uncle Terry: So impressive! Real BUIDLer with unstoppable BUIDL and much more to give!

Baby Ava: Yess! We have a solid foundation as our faithful babies and a strong team to give us motivation and courage to always make breakthroughs even in the cold season.

As we have covered most of our progress in 2022, in the last few weeks, we were focusing on the BabySwap V2 upgrade! This major upgrade is mainly for our later tokenomic upgrade, shift Trade-to-Earn to Hold-to-Earn on Baby Wonderland, which involves upgrading the Farm and Pool from version 1.0 to version 2.0 and the Baby Wonderland. You can check the current tokenomics in our docs and prepare for a later upgrade here. And the tokenomic upgrade is coming next for all babies to relish!

Thanks to all the support and understanding, Baby V2 Farm and Pool are successfully launched on December 29th. Migrating your LP tokens from V1 to V2 simply means unstake your LP tokens from V1 and manually staking them to V2 with only a few easy steps. No need to break your LP tokens!! You can always feel free to add more liquidity to V2 by choosing a Farm, clicking on ‘Get LP’, and entering numbers to get LP tokens to stake to enjoy high APRs with juicy $BABY.

Most babies can only see V2 Farms and Pools except for babies who haven’t unstake from V1 yet. For these babies, V1 Farms and Pools no longer produce rewards nor are stackable. Unstake from V1 and stake into V2 within the one-month transitional period from December 29th to January 29th. During this period, you can claim your investment as well as harvest rewards with simple clicks in V1 Farms and Pools, after January 29th, you can only claim your investment in V1 and go to our Activity page to claim your rewards. To migrate now for a much easier life!

Oh, one more thing! We also waived the fees of Auto BABY pool withdrawal for now, so no worries about the unstaking.

Uncle Terry: Let me do the favor to ask for vBABY and landholders, do they need to do anything for Baby V2? And how about NFT Stake?

Baby Ava: Great catch! Just about to mention lol.

vBABY holders, no need to worry coz first of all, BabySwap V2 this time targeted Farm, Pool, and NFB Stake, you don’t have to migrate your vBABY for V2 migration, and as our VIP holders, we have already migrated for you by changing the destination contract address from V1 to V2 when it relates to Pool staking, as 5% of vBABY investment will go to the BABY Pool for vBABY holders to enjoy the Pool income. In addition, it’s the same for landholders, as Land earnings are separated from the Farm and Pool, so they won’t be affected by the V2 migration.

Next for NFB Stake. V1 NFT Stake has no rewards now as V1 Farm and Pool. But the date and time of V2 NFB Stake are yet to be determined. We will keep you updated on that. So during this period of waiting, sign your Diamond Hand as landlords on Land for multiplied Prosperity Points to add your $BABY output! Remember that Diamond Hand owns the highest multipliers of 1.5x to your PP? Seize the chance to earn on Land!

Uncle Terry: Lol, you can earn everywhere and in every way on Baby MetaFi 😉

Baby Ava: Bingo. You know the rules jajajajaja 😎

Aside from Baby V2, during Christmas time, we have the updated web page with festival decorations. So many babies are fond of it! Who doesn’t love Santa Baby with presents and snowy scenes, especially in the dark mode. How do you like it?

Coming next, we have Baby Wonderland listed on OpenSea! In the last days of 2022, we have almost all our Baby brand NFT collections live on OpenSea. Let Baby be known across all chains and welcome more people to our idyllic wonderland. At the same time, we are nominated by BSC Daily as the highlight NFT project throughout the BNB Chain NFTs on OpenSea. Check the original post here. So proud of Baby! With a Baby-centered NFT Market and re-distributed resources, Baby’s name will be heard! Oh, and don’t forget to share your claimed $BABY output from Land whenever you claim! We are collecting more of them to make a series of collections to electrify the community and breathe new life into the crypto world! We are looking forward to seeing you on the board.

The last update in 2022! A new round of National Baby is now available on DID as profile pictures with 5 more countries added. This time, we have India, America, Japan, Nigeria, and the Philippines Baby! Thanks for actively joining our vote and always keep yourself in the loop with BabySwap. You make your countries stand out!

Uncle Terry: That’s the spirit and power we need. And need more of that to expand our local community for a cosmopolitan Baby!

Baby Ava: Exactly, babies. Gather your local friends to create your local Baby community or boost up the already-existed Baby community. We always embrace all babies from all over the world without thresholds.

Woohoo, finally, time for our upcoming plans. I know you all have eyes on the second land. Ava’s exclusive leak is that it’s happening in late January if everything runs smoothly as we expect! Since it will not happen right away, which I mean now or next week, so the details of the Land settings and the Land fragments as we talked about last time will be released in the next Baby Thursday, which is on January 19th. Cannot miss that!

What will happen this week about Land is our Land bot on Discord. Actually, it’s already live on Discord now. Check the ‘Land-transaction’ channel in the same category as Baby Thursday! Being similar to the bot on BWC’s Twitter. It will automatically send out details about recently sold Land assets, giving babies more precise and up-to-date information about the land trading situation and keeping you guys informed of the most recent trades.

And one more!! Possibly launch next week or the week after. The direct purchase of Land. Some of you may still find pinning land on the Baby Wonderland page and then purchasing on our NFT Market inconvenient coz we get that you need to double-check the land coordinates, make sure it’s next to your land assets for merging, takes longer to direct to another page to trade, or some other potential difficulties. Hence, the direct purchase is here for the most convenient trading in an instant, and a more targeted purchase as well for you to merge more lands for maximized $BABY output!

Uncle Terry: With Baby V2 done, we do speed up a lot with our scheduled updates. Way to go!!

Baby Ava: Ah-huh, yep. They are happening!

Along with the crypto news feed, trending tokens with their real-time prices, and a Binance referral panel will be added to CryptoKit. CryptoKit serves a mission to embrace and serve millions of users without setting bars to Web 3. Therefore, all users need to keep themselves updated with the newest information and tokens fluctuation to get a sensitive and great sense of Web 3 and surf safely with profits and a great experience here.

Moving on, we are also developing the Swap function to be more friendly to operate and check! Soon, the Swap page will have USD value displayed with straightforward conversion. You can trade any tokens without checking their equivalent value to USD in advance, but get the direct value by entering the number of the token that you wanna trade. Moreover, a dragging bar to select the percentage of current assets in your wallet will be added as well. No further and inconvenient calculations are needed!

Adding more to that, you will be able to add your commonly used tokens in the common bases when you select tokens to swap. As of now, we have BABY, USDT, BNB, and BUSD set as the common bases. But in the short future, aside from these four tokens, you can customize by adding more tokens according to your needs and preferences. It’s like a bookmark for amicable and fast operation.

One last. Not finished yet! We will have our expert mode on BabySwap! To those who are not familiar with the Expert mode, it’s the forthright, professional, and comprehensive mode for users to check the price trend of the token you are ready to swap, analyze the trading history on-chain, view the pair’s liquidity, and use extra trading tools. With the thorough statistics we provide, babies can better DYOR to trade, manage wisely your assets for your best interests, and of course, save your time from checking elsewhere for all the info!

Uncle Terry: Baby’s growing!! To cater to all babies’ demands, and adsorb strong points to BUIDL the Babyverse!

Baby Ava: We are the Baby that is flexible to upgrade, change, and at the same time, live free and easy! We have more to learn and huge potential to grow, and we are taking advantage of that to make things happen. To babies, early gem finders keepers, and BUIDLer winners!!

Okey dokey! We have perfectly finished wrapping up 2022 and start to expect the 2023 prospects. Thanks for being with us in 2022 and keep accompanying us in 2023. Let’s achieve more together! Now, drop your questions in Baby Whale’s Chat for Ava here.

Highlighted Community Q&A time in Baby’s Whale Chat!

Baby #1: Hi Baby Ava. Thank you and the team for all of your hard work this year. I have taken a look at the latest audit on farm and pool v2 and we are still being pulled up on centralization. What are the plans from the team to resolve this in the future? What measures do we have in place now to protect funds in the pools and farms?

Given the fallout from major players in the industry this year, keeping babies funds SAFU is critical for us to adopt new users and maintain the trust of our HODLers.

Baby Ava: We have a time lock for the centralization part already and CertiK also notes it, anything that makes changes to the smart contract itself will go through the 48h timelock which is trustworthy. We also have CertiK SkyNet to monitor us 24/7, and CertiK is a great partner to work with that they will offer help and notify us if anything suspicious. (Like last time the trade mining) SAFU is definitely critical and this is assured in BabySwap.

Baby #2: Hello Baby Ava, noticed BNB Chain has partnered with AllianceBlock to help create a bridge between Defi and traditional financial systems and I was wondering if that partnership also includes helping BabySwap in that aspect. Or will BabySwap need to create its own partnership for this? I asked because this could open doors for a lot of money to come into Defi/BabySwap

Baby Ava: Traditional finance is definitely an important place for us to explore, considering there are more users and assets there. Now that we are welcoming assets and users from other chains, with a few integrations development undergoing, that’s not enough. So this partnership will definitely benefit us as we are helping all the BNB Chain projects to grow, as a DEX. DEX will be their best entrance to the crypto world.

Baby #3: Hi Ava, Happy New Year 2023! What about the stake NFT section? Some news, please.

Baby Ava: Just ran to our devs about the schedule. Stake NFT is in the works, but we need to have things done step by step, so it will be V2 NFB Stake first, then tokenomic upgrade, the second land, and others!

Baby #4: Hello Baby Ava. They said a while ago that they are creating a USD ramp in the protocol with a Binance partnership now I don’t remember the name. How is that work going? I ask because yesterday I saw the news that in Uniswap you can buy direct crypto with USD.

Baby Ava: Hi! It’s being handled by our legal department when it’s related to fiat. So we are still trying to find a way to push the progress. We will let you guys updated once we figure this out.

Baby #5: Is it still 20 baby Emission/block now?

Baby Ava: Yes for now. Tokenomics will be upgraded with just a few more works.

The End of our Baby Thursday

BUIDLers always HODL till the last and win the most. Let’s continue at our pace and together grow strong in any market condition! Our vision and goal never change. We will get there step by step!

A bright and worth-anticipating new year! Let’s dive right in 🛫

Thank you for taking the time to read through, babies. Your thoughts matter and your caring help Baby grow!

Once again, join our Discord here and Baby’s Whale Chat here for the most recent updates, to get the primary news without having any ‘jet lag’! And stay with Baby to HODL and BUIDL a splendid Babyverse as we promised. 💗

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A supportive Baby MetaFi including AMM, NFT, and GameFi for newborn projects on BNB Chain.

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A supportive Baby MetaFi including AMM, NFT, and GameFi for newborn projects on BNB Chain.