Baby Thursday Review — Aug 4

12 min readAug 6, 2022

Have you participated in our Baby Thursday this week?

Have you filled yourself in with the marvelous updates and ambitious roadmap?

Have you joined the encouraging communications with Ava and other babies?

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No time waiting! Let’s start with our Baby Thursday review of August 4, 2022 to kick off the review period.

After Greetings and Introductions

Uncle Terry: Baby is always BUIDLing, tell us about the past two weeks, what we’ve done and what we’ve planned!

Baby Ava: I would have to say — A LOT! But first thing first! Hi August babies! A brand new month started with more expectations and marvelous updates, events and activities! Together with me, let’s retrospect the up-to-date updates to fill you in!

Let aside the bombshell-like updates first, let’s level up little by little. We are a team that wants every single detail spotless! If you have participated in Lucky Baby Scratch Card and noticed Twitter announcements, then you must know that we detected some bugs weeks ago. Data import errors occurred on Perpetual, which are fixed now. But they did cause some extra point leaking that may have led to point shortage. So we decided not to retrieve the points, but also gave more Scratch Cards as compensation!

Then, for an easier and more convenient operation and instant trading, we’ve updated The trending page with the top gainers on BNB Chain added! Have you guys all tried that out? It’s a good place to discover trending tokens in the market, especially in a bear market like this, you need a Baby Trending page to find you the gem.

Uncle Terry: Sweet! Problems detected and solved in an instant, that’s how fast BabySwap dealing with all the defects! And agree! Only people that care and take care of details well could succeed! Now I can wait to be amazed! Big updates next?

Baby Ava: Surely! To begin with, the most recent and significant feature that was most-anticipated as well — the Babyverse 1.0 is finally online! Also this is a Major Upgrade on BabySwap UI, adding Babyverse Map to the website for users to trade and earn, and at the same time keep the original web-mode. If you are into the new map, go for it! Try it out before we upgrade it to another level. If you like the original financial version better, we are also keeping it, but are also gonna have major UI upgrades on top of it.

We worked really hard on this, and from the very first peek of Babyverse, it caught so many babies’ attention! However, it will not just gonna stay as what you see now. It’s only a map?

Nah, you need to think big and bold. BUIDLing forever! In case you haven’t hung out in the Babyverse yet, check here. Stay tuned for Babyverse 1.5!!

Uncle Terry: Geez, that’s fantastic! Me personally can’t get tired of hanging around in the Babyverse! And by just looking at the whole map makes me exhilarated and anticipated for more! Baby is really making things happen and to the perfect! Surprise us more!

Baby Ava: Lol, Let’s proceed. We had the Baby’s Whale Chat on DID last week. It’s a democratic, open, all-inclusive, and hospitable zone especially designed for all babies! You can always keep yourself updated there by getting the first-hand news of Baby MetaFi, having DIRECT channels to ask questions, submit collab proposals, give advice, and file feedback! Like I said before, we only held Baby Thursday once for two weeks, the period is quite long. Now I’m gonna post as I have something to leak or tell you guys. In this way, we can communicate better! That’s our own paradise for babies.

I personally like it, cuz I just can’t keep secrets.

Speaking of first-hand news, we have posted 2 posts about the leaking of Babyverse (Now version 1 online already) and DID to Baby’s Whale Chat already. Get the news and maybe start a new topic there to start chatting with babies here.

To briefly summarize the content of two posts, one is about DID, one is about Land, but I will cover them later today. And to introduce you what each section does:

Baby Leak is generally posting leaks, by me. I will just be your first-hand reporter keep you all updated.

Ask Baby Anything is literally receiving any questions at any time, and for sure I will be answering them.

Collaboration Proposal is for you guys to introduce trending and legit projects to us, for example you want us to have pools together since you have the tokens as well, put it there!

We also have suggestions and feedback for any feature or operation related advice, and site feedback for bug reports. But we have various ways to report bugs, feel free to use the one you are familiar about.

Uncle Terry: Who doesn’t like the place to have direct communication not only to Baby but to people that share the same interests, ideas and more! Sounds like Baby’s Whale Chat is also a great place to have activities, are you planning on some?

Baby Ava: Oh yeah, how could we miss that. Of course we have exciting activities and events lined up for babies to have a blast there! As we are speaking right now, Baby Jeopardy is on set on Baby’s Whale Chat! If you haven’t heard of Jeopardy before, it’s a real popular American’s Favorite Quiz Show that has gained a lot of worldwide followers! And now, you’ve got the chance to experience the world’s hottest and greatest knowledge quiz game in the Baby version! Rewards are waiting for you to reap! Read carefully the rules before starting and good luck here!

Remember you need to sign via discord.

Uncle Terry: Rush to the Chat right after this! Let’s circle back about the updates in progress we’ve talked earlier. Baby Thursday special benefit and routine! Let out some plans for us!

Baby Ava: As you wish!

As you all know that DID is one of the significant features that we will give considerable attention to. And as we’ve mentioned in the previous Baby Thursday, we are making our promises to come true! So soon you guys can link and access your Web 2 social media accounts on DID easily, to integrate their Web 3 profiles and Web 2 lives together. Email and Twitter authentications will be available first around next week. Stick around for the opening of Discord, Telegram, or more social media authentications! Credit yourself with unique identifications, and together we are BUIDLing the Baby Metaverse as a whole with each of you in every place!

Additionally there is one more function — Baby Achievements Board is scheduled to be initiated not far from now! Let us know if your brilliant minds have any ideas on that. Stay with Baby to widen your horizons and electrify the market!

Oh one more thing! National Baby default profile pictures on DID will be live next week! Heart-throbbed to see what your national baby looks like? I can only say that they are all adorable and stunning! They are the national pride and power that you guys show!

Uncle Terry: BabySwap HODLing and BUIDLing so incredibly!! Respect to the real BUIDLer! I believe everyone keeps Baby Wonderland in their hearts, what’s new about it? We are so eager for it to be revealed!

Baby Ava: Baby Wonderland! That’s what you’ve been waiting for. Let me give you more info related to land. As I said in the last AMA, and here I quote: Land can be acquired using BABY, or via airdrop (pretty limited). Land will be the core assets of Babyverse, and it’s valuable in several ways. We will also have a huge tokenomic upgrade, it means that how BABY is going to be produced is highly related to Land.

I’m gonna talk about the land itself today. Hear me out!

We have 6 islands in total, Main Land, Scorpion Land, Frosty Land, Ghost Land, Wizard Land, and Divinity Land — They all have different advantages and buffs. The first round will be all about the Main Land, and we do allow users to combine neighbor blocks together into 3x3, 6x6, etc.

The land has its own power, it will eventually change from 2D map to 3D map and you can chill in your own lands in the 3D world, just like baby driving in the Babyverse. That’s why I said no rush on the map thing, it’s just giving you a thought of how it will look like in the future.

Ooooops, that’s all I can mention today. I’m expecting the feature in late August. Let’s BUIDL step by step, and alway deliver the best. Y’all should know that the more I reveal, the closer the launch date is

Uncle Terry: Baby never let me down! That’s what I always believe. Anything else that you wanna share before we pop into the Q&A section?

Baby Ava: We are in the midst of a long and silent HODLing and BUIDLing period. It may be tedious and painful, but it will all be worthwhile in the end! The market may not be doing well, but not Baby MetaFi. Things will come around, in the crypto world, we sow in the winter and harvest in the spring. All you need to do is HODLing and BUIDLing with BabySwap. Trust your guts, and we will always be here!

Community Q&A time!

Baby #1: Does our Babywonderland would have a gate to the rest BNB chain ecosystem?? We can bring brands and real life products.

Baby Ava: Yes for sure, that’s like the phase 3. Phase one — have our lands, phase two — be a more comprehensive BabySwap, Phase three is what you mentioned

Baby #2: What is team plannings of token burning?

Baby Ava: We now have regular token burnings, but i know the more the better, so we will be having more burning mechanism, especially after the piggy bank gets updated.

Baby #3: I just wanna congratulate the Baby Team on the Amazing Job you are doing during this Crypto Winter, you Keep Buidling and making Partnerships, i’ve never seen a hard Working Team like this Babyswap team, Baby 2 The Moon!!!

Baby Ava: Shout out to Puerto Rico too! Your national baby profile picture is really good, i just had a peek, stay tuned.

Baby #4: In the “trending page” can we add the “trading volume”?

Baby Ava: Yes! Definitely! Still testing the APIs to get accurate trading volume ranking, but it’s around the corner.

Baby #5: There are too many tokens and they must be destroyed. The team should set an example in destroying them, otherwise the price will never go up. Do you have any plans?

Baby Ava: Same as the previous token burning question, baby!

Baby #6: Can we srpead Babyswap presence in BNB chain and other chains, to integrate Baby AMM to other platforms so they use our smart router directly from their space?

Baby Ava: That’s a solid idea, many integrator and crosschain protocols are actually using our router, and we will try to get more.

Baby #7: What happened to the cex enlistments?

Baby Ava: Regarding CEX, I really don’t think we should be worried that much. CEX means more users coming in to buy — YES. But we are a DEX ourselves, our basics give us the advantage of not rushing to CEX. Natural advantage! But yes, we will try to get more users from CEX definitely.

Baby #8: You should send a person in charge of the Asia Pacific community to do market docking. The Asia Pacific region has a large number of people and should be well maintained.

Baby Ava: It’s actually in discussion, we’ve been with marketing agencies already.

Baby #9: Baby is lacking in popularity, market recognition and confidence. You should give confidence to market holders.

Baby Ava: Solid idea, will definitely mark that down. As I said, you think we need to improve on something, you name it, we improve it. Anything matters!

Baby #10: Coingecko needs to update our Baby info. They have Baby info with 50k market cap.

Baby Ava: Yeah we’ve been in meetings with them for many times, now in line waiting for update.

Baby #11: Can you tell us about the tokenomic upgrade??

Baby Ava: Tokenomic upgrade comes with the land, hopefully I can leak more in the next Thursday AMA.

Baby #12: I wanna know why did baby stop stacking pool. I mean stacked baby to earn other token.

Baby Ava: You will realize, every time we had a BABY-earn-’others’ pool, we had farm offering for them as well, stake their LP earning BABY. This is like an exchange of interest, but now we don’t add more farms anymore, to control the output. So now we only accept ALT earn ALT as a DeFi service. We will see if we can get the snack pool back after the tokenomic upgrade.

Baby #13: Regarding the forum, whether the discord robot can not recognize the baby in the baby farm-lp and vBABY, holder-verify does not reflect the identity.

Baby Ava: Nope, DC robot is kinda silly now. But you will soon be able to connect your DID page to Discord, and then it can be recognized. Gonna rely on our own bot eventually lol

Baby #14: Is the bottle coming back?

Baby Ava: Not a good one in the bear market. I remember when it was bull, there are like 100+ projects launching in one day.

Baby #15: It would be good to make some twitter spaces.

Baby #16: Agree! Twitter spaces very good idea.

Baby Ava: It’s a great idea for Twitter Space, we are also considering about it.

Baby #15: We must!!! Use some baby style voice editors.

Baby #17: Everytime I Look at baby website is so juicy and attractive. The team is doing a great job.

Baby Ava: So your advice really matters, and we will definitely be better and taking advice from the community.

Baby #17: It is appreciated when the team take advice from the community because community safer above.

Baby #18: The baby project party should cooperate more with the relevant departments of large centralized exchanges such as binance, improve the visibility, increase the confidence of the holders, and really do something practical. Don’t just focus on the present, and the pattern is bigger and stronger.

Baby Ava: Definitely!

Baby #19: The secret of plants and tools is kept ….??? It will be for the lands… some sign…

Baby Ava: I’m not supposed to represent BWC, but yes it will be related to Land for sure. Common questions are: Will BWC get Land Airdrop? Can all the tools and others be used in Land?

- Yes, but we have requirements for that. Once you meet the requirements, you are eligible for the airdrop

- And yes, but no more spoiler please be easy on me lol

Baby #20: The baby metaverse webpage is not clear enough on the computer (4K resolution display), and the whole page is only useful for swap, more like a navigation page.

Baby Ava: Canvas rendering now is not really adaptive for 4K display, yes you got that point! But we are working on the rest, also the resolution.

Baby #21: Can you also leak anything on the updated Tokenomics?

Baby Ava: Nice try lol Answered this above, it will be coming after the Land, since it’s related to the Lnad

To wrap up:

  • Web 2+Web 3 marketing
  • Burn
  • Token upgrade
  • Snack Pool
  • Babyverse resolution

The End of our Baby Thursday

Really enjoyful and energetic chats with babies on Baby Thursday last week! There have been so many fascinating conversations about BabySwap, and excellent suggestions for HODLing and BUIDLing Baby MetaFi together!

We are a such sweet and powerful fam with countless possibilities and capabilities!

And all the compliments we received from our closest and dearest babies, which showed us how significant our efforts worth! We will definitely go on and on HOLDing and BUIDLing, and we are confident that you will stay with us!

Thank you for taking the time to read through, babies. Your thoughts matter and your caring helps Baby grow!

Once again, join our Discord here and Baby’s Whale Chat here for the most recent updates, to get the primary news without having any ‘jet lag’! And stay with Baby to HODL and BUIDL a splendid Babyverse as we promised. 💗

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