Baby Thursday Review — Aug 31st

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GM, babies! Come to review the best wrap-up of our past weeks and expect a bright near future together!

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Let’s review the content of our Baby Thursday on August 31st, 2023!

After Greetings and Introductions

Baby Ava: Weee! Here we go to wrap up the significant updates and remarkable accomplishments on the last day of August, as we farewell the past and are ready to embrace the new beginning. Are you all set? Let’s review together as there were uncountable achievements you can’t forget!

Before we dive right into the review session, our Baby’s Whale Chat is open to various voices, constructive feedback, and sincere suggestions. Let us hear you as babies are the foundation of Baby MetaFi. We grow together! Feel free to enter the newly opened channel exclusively for the Q&A session of today’s Baby Thursday here: Guess we are all ready to go! Hit the road now, babies!

Uncle Terry: Let’s gooooo! The stunning and marvelous accomplishments of Baby Wonderland are marching toward us! The best posture to congratulate each contributor is posted.

Baby Ava: You really need to show us your pose right now, jajajajajajajajaja.

Let’s put aside our professional mood maker Uncle Terry first, and start our accomplishments review now! First and foremost, Scorpion Land is finally launched with unbelievable records again. Shout out to our rich land tycoons who can always create incredible history in Baby Metaverse! If you have followed our announcements closely during the time of the Scorpion Land launch, you must know that our 3*3 lands on Scorpion Land were all sold out in just 1 and a half minutes!!! We deserve a loud ‘OMG’!! Not sure if you can recall, last time on Wizard Land, 3*3 lands took about 4 minutes to be minted out. 1 minute and 30 seconds! That’s a number that we can brag about for months!

Not only our 3*3 lands but our 1*1 lands on Scorpion Land were all sold out in just 14 hours and 45 minutes. Thanks to our faithful and vigorous landholders for making such noteworthy and unforgettable moments! BABIES ARE DOPE!

And you know the drill after the land sold out! 100% of the regular mint incomes from Scorpion Land on Baby Wonderland, which is a total of 1*1 lands (12,660*1,000) + 3*3 lands (100*20,000) = 14,660,000 $BABY were all burned! We actually burned more than 14,660,000 $BABY as that was whitelist mint incomes included as well. Anyway, we burn big again and are looking forward to getting more tanned next time!!

Uncle Terry: Indeed, we must kudos to our devoted landholders! All our unshakable belief yields headline-grabbing results on Baby Wonderland. We already can’t wait for the next island launch and exciting feature updates along the way!

Baby Ava: We have them all scheduled! You will definitely be able to see them one by one in the near future.

Well, well. Let’s continue with our Scorpion Land accomplishments and Baby Wonderland updates. After the sell-through of Scorpion Land, the whitelist mint has come to an end as well. The whitelist mint time was scheduled to last for 24 hours only and began with the Scorpion Land launch. Therefore, after the due date, we have released a 48-hour countdown to mint the unmined lands out of 2,000 for whitelist mint and unmerged lands out of 500 with the termination of the land fragment merging on Aug 28th, 2 PM UTC. Land fragments can still be stored and used on the next island! All these unminted and unmerged lands were minted by the BabySwap team and listed on the Baby NFT Market already!

You can always monitor each and every transaction in these 2 wallet addresses! The prices to trade these minted Scorpion Land on Baby NFT Market are:

Normal 1*1 land — 0.06 BNB

Premium 1*1 land — 0.08 BNB

Normal 2*2 land — 1.2 BNB

Premium 2*2 land — 1.6 BNB

Shop now for more available lands and merge to larger-sized lands for the most benefits, profits, privileges, and of course, further use cases as we have promised! Don’t wait for too long coz many of the listed lands were sold already! Get the best spot that you want on Land and purchase at the drop of a hat for the immediate interests!

Go go HODLers! Let’s HODL to BUIDL!

Uncle Terry: HODL to BUIDL!! Thanks to the BabySwap team for always making the utmost effort to fully take advantage of every piece of land and bring profits as well as opportunities to us.

Baby Ava: Yippee! We are glad that almost every baby seizes the opportunity to HODL and earn with Baby! Faithful baby takes all.

Moving on, in addition to the Scorpion Land launch, the Land Tycoon III NFB and Diamond Hand NFB of August have been distributed to eligible HODLers! If you are qualified for both privileged NFBs, congrats on multiplying your Prosperity Points by the highest multiplier of 1.5 x, which means your $BABY output on Land will be greatly boosted as well. Sign your claimed Land Tycoon III NFB and Diamond Hand NFB of August as Landlords on Land and lay back to wait for your lucrative income!

More on Baby Wonderland is the updated Land Bio with the exclusive eligibility for all 4*4 or larger-sized landholders to edit their own Bio. You can now personalize your Baby Wonderland by uploading your unique Land PFPs and editing your personal bio! It’s one of the best features to express yourself, share your voice, and stand out the most. This is a special privilege for 4*4 or larger-sized landholders only as they not only HODL but consistently and faithfully BUIDL the Land with us! More features will be released to make your life in Babyverse effortless, bountiful, and carefree.

Uncle Terry: Trade on both Baby NFT Market and Baby Wonderland will better help landholders locate their desired lands and merge for the best profits as well as privileges. Experience-wise, I think both Baby NFT Market and Baby Wonderland have their strong points and functions for us to trade efficiently. Combining their advantages and use them wisely for the most benefits!

Baby Ava: Woah! Thanks for sharing your personal experience and strategies! We always try to make every feature as comprehensive as possible, however, just like what Uncle Terry has mentioned, different features have their focuses. Make the most of each and earn with Baby!

Oh, and don’t hesitate to share your unique strategies or tips with us if you have any about trading, HODLing, BUIDLing, earning, and more in Baby MetaFi. We love diversity, information exchange, free idea expression, and… Your voices are always what we have been waiting for!

Okey dokey, the last thing to mention about the past Baby Metaverse is the excellent artworks and mouth-watering Land $BABY incomes sharing! Baby is a devoted collector and the sharing season in Baby MetaFi never stops! More brilliant and incredible Baby-related work is highly welcomed for Baby to show off the talent of our babies and store them in the Baby Museum. Also, share your jaw-dropping $BABY output from Baby Wonderland after the Scorpion Land launch, we will collect them all and organize them as the best motivation for babies to HODL-to-Earn on Baby Wonderland. Let us meet your work and effortless income!

Uncle Terry: I have already seen the art gallery of the work on Scorpion Land not long time ago, and now I am already expecting to see the next round! We do have many creative, capable, and gifted babies in Baby Family!

Baby Ava: Of course we do! Our babies are one of a kind in this crypto with impressive talents and resolute faith.

It’s time for some preview peeks of our development schedule! We have been completely occupied with several major updates recently, as we are about 2 months away from the next island launch, which is the Ghost Land in October with the matching concept of Halloween. Hence, we will be gradually launching several updates for babies to enjoy before Ghost Land for a convenient and efficient life in Baby Metaverse.

Features are like listing your lands directly on Baby Wonderland instead of jotting down your land coordinates and switching to Baby NFT Market to list. Just like the direct purchase of Land, your land trading experience will definitely be improved with this direct listing! Oh, not only direct listing but direct cancellation on your listed lands as well! They will both be accessible on both Baby Wonderland and Baby NFT Market!

Moreover, we will enable landholders to directly transfer their lands to a different wallet address or other landholders on Baby Wonderland. Like the listing and trading features, these were originally only available on the Baby NFT Market. But we will deploy them for the most convenience soon. In addition to these 3 upcoming features, the pop-up reminder of the notification on Baby Wonderland will be available soon! We have received feedback from landholders about needing higher exploration of the Land notification for better viewing of the offers or invitations of land trading. We will manage to work this out for a more strong and targeted reminder to corresponding landholders! Stay updated with our announcements for more info!

Furthermore, both the immersive Baby Metaverse UI and Baby Wonderland use cases are in development! They apparently take time and effort to build but Baby will never ditch you! We are in the last month of the 3rd quarter and 4th quarter to go in 2023. Be with Baby and stay close to get all the first-hand info and grab the very best chances every time.

Once again, we appreciate your support and love at all times! Baby will surely hit your spot with all the desired features and performances. Come and embrace a brand new month together!

The End of our Baby Thursday

Thank you for taking the time to read through, babies. Your thoughts matter and your caring helps Baby grow!

Once again, join our Discord here and Baby’s Whale Chat here for the most recent updates, to get the primary news without having any ‘jet lag’! And stay with Baby to HODL and BUIDL a splendid Babyverse as we promised. 💗

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