Baby Thursday Review — Aug 17th

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Come to re-experience the worthy preparatory work on Baby Wonderland, mind-blowing updates, and expectant future!

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Let’s review the content of our Baby Thursday on August 17th, 2023!

After Greetings and Introductions

Baby Ava: With all the spotlights focusing on the approaching Scorpion Land, are you ready to wrap up with us for the warm-ups and countdown together for its official launch? Not only the upcoming new island launch and exciting events, but more mind-blowing updates happened in the past weeks and others will be online in the near future!

Before we go, just always remember to go to our Baby’s Whale Chat after every Baby Thursday for our Q&A session. The new channel entrance is here. Busy Ava could be late but will never be absent! Okey dokey, let’s start our Baby Thursday now!

Uncle Terry: I am already all hyped up! We have experienced great weeks that were full of excitement and accomplishment. Baby never let us down. Let’s dive right in now!

Baby Ava: Aye Aye Captain! Well, first of all, it’s always our marvelous Baby Wonderland. Did you participate in all 4 Scorpion Land giveaways? Hope you did as they have all come to an end already and winners were selected! Thanks for participating and congrats on winning. Winners will be able to claim their deserved FREE lands after the launch of Scorpion Land. We will make it quick after collecting all winners’ addresses so that winners can enjoy greater $BABY output earlier! Stay tuned for our announcement to claim!

In addition to Scorpion Land giveaways, are you qualified to mint Scorpion Land with 50% off as an eligible Lifeform avatar holder? Yes, this time Baby is working with Lifeform to provide exclusive privileges for Lifeform avatar holders to whitelist-mint Scorpion Land. We have massive eligible participants who have the chance to mint with 50% off this time, a total of 141,908 Lifeform avatar holders will be seizing the opportunity to whitelist-mint only 2,000 reserved Scorpion Land! Be the first ones to mint! First come first serve with the whitelist mint duration being only 24 hours after Scorpion Land launch. Mint early to enjoy a cheaper price for profitable lands. Check if you are qualified to whitelist Mint here. Get ready for the launch!

Uncle Terry: Already fully prepared for my favorite Scorpion Land! Regular and whitelist-mint, 3*3 lands mint, and land fragment merging! I won’t miss any of them!

Baby Ava: Oh, so Scorpion Land is now your favorite! I feel like I have heard that Wizard Land was your favorite island before, lol.

Uncle Terry: Every newly launched island is my favorite jajajajajajaja! I always expect and fall for new updates on Baby Wonderland!

Baby Ava: Lol gotcha! A very typical Unlce Terry jajajajaja.

Well well, as your favorite Scorpion Land is approaching, we need to make sure our preparatory works for its launch are done! Other than Scorpion Land giveaways and our exclusive whitelist mint chance with Lifeform, Land Tycoon III NFB is claimable! If you are one of the landholders on the Prosperity Point Rank as the Top 100 at 1 PM UTC, August 7th, you can go and claim your new Landlord and privileged Land Tycoon III NFB in our Claim page! Sign in as a Landlord for boosted Prosperity Points and $BABY output on Land or stake it in BabySwap NFB for a juicy return. Make your call and earn lucratively in Baby Metaverse!

Moreover, the new images of Normal and Premium Scorpion Land have been released! I personally love it soooooo much, especially the Premium land. So luxurious and spectacular just looking at it! We have also received tons of great comments on our newly released Scorpion Land images as well. We are so glad that our babies love it and so looking forward to our new island!

Uncle Terry: Exactly! Feeling like a wealthy land tycoon by viewing the images not to say owning them! We are coming to the luxurious and mysterious Scorpion Land!

Baby Ava: Welcome on board in 1 day only!

Besides the preparatory work that was mentioned above, we have also released the quantity, rarity, price, and Prosperity Points of our upcoming Scorpion Land for babies to manage their $BABY wisely to mint lands!

First and foremost, let’s talk about the quantity and rarity distribution on Scorpion Land. They are actually exactly the same as the quantity distribution and rarity of Wizard Land.

We have saved 1 of 10*10 land for Baby’s headquarters as always.

140 (140 of 1*1) lands for marketing activities which include the Scorpion Land giveaways on Twitter and Discord here.

500 (500 of 1*1) lands for our land fragment merging. The land fragments that you have redeemed using TCY NFTs before can be merged into Scorpion Land.

720 (20 of 6*6) lands saved for surprises later! The hint here about the surprises is that more strong BUILDers will be coming to Baby Wonderland to HODL and BUIDL with us, and more use cases will be announced!

2,000 (2,000 of 1*1) lands for whitelist mint with Lifeform this time. As mentioned above, the snapshot was taken at 1 PM UTC, August 10th that includes all eligible Lifeform avatar holders who are able to mint Scorpion Land with 50% off! Note that we have a huge amount of eligible participants this time, first come first serve with only 24 hours after the Scorpion Land launch! Don’t miss out!

13,540 (12,640 of 1*1 and 100 of 3*3) lands for regular mint! As always, no threshold to hinder all landholders’ way to HODL effortlessly with great gains! One can mint up to 10 of 1*1 lands and 1 of 3*3 land at once, and you can mint as many as you can as long as you have enough $BABY in your wallet!

For rarity, we always keep 20% of all lands being Premium in order to keep them rare and precious and 80% being Normal. You will mint lands with random rarity and location via regular and whitelist mint and land fragment merging. If you want specific lands, feel free to use Private Sale and Make Offer on Land or go to Baby NFT Market!

Uncle Terry: I was thinking about the original Baby Wonderland with only the launched Main Land in the beginning, not so many features were updated yet then. But look at our impressive Land now! We have so many options and ways to trade and earn efficiently! I always look forward to seeing the Tomorrow of Land, which I believe will be dope!

Baby Ava: It will surely be dope! Let’s wait and see!

Furthermore, the price and Prosperity Points remain the same as Wizard and Divinity Land. 1,000 $BABY for 1 of 1*1 land and 20,000 $BABY for 1 of 3*3 land. And the Prosperity Points for Scorpion Land are half of the Prosperity Points on Main Land, which is 50 PP for 1 1*1 Normal land and 60 PP for 1 1*1 Premium land. Mint with the best prices at the best time and merge Premium lands for multiplied PP and increased $BABY output!

Uncle Terry: Way too economical while profitable for us!! Grab your chances on August 18th at 2 PM UTC to mint!

Baby Ava: Go babies go!!

In addition to all the revelations, the most crucial warm-up that happened yesterday is the adjustment of $BABY output on Baby Wonderland! Just like what we do on Land every time before the new island launch, we have added more $BABY to Land with 1 BABY/block from BabySwap Farm. And the total 18 $BABY output stays the same! Enjoy high APR before the Scorpion Land launch and get prepared to earn more effortlessly and efficiently with our new island!

What now? The official countdown is live on Baby Wonderland! As usual, starting from the 48 hours countdown, we will accompany you to walk through the countdown full of expectations and thrills! Set your clock and stay updated with our announcements to make sure you seize the chances to mint with a whitelist and regularly, get 3*3 lands, and merge land fragments for lands! Oh, note that both the and are workable as our official websites. You can enter our Baby Wonderland on either site and explore every feature! Countdown with Baby! The land is coming through!

One last update on Land is that N*N land trading is available via Make Offer now! All buyers are allowed to send N*N land trading offers to potential buyers and you can cancel the offer at any time as well, just like the convenient trading with 1*1 land! In conclusion, all lands whether they are 1*1 or N*N are tradable via Make Offer and Private Sale on Land, and on Baby NFT Market! Kudos to convenience and efficiency in Baby Metaverse and make your trading with the best price, as well as merge your land effortlessly!

Uncle Terry: Woah! That’s a lot! As we have updated either information and features on a daily basis, they do not seem to be that many. But when we put them all together, Baby is unbelievably productive and high-efficient! We love seeing Baby HODLing and BUIDLing so we could expect more.

Baby Ava: Baby will never stop HODLing and BUIDLing! We have BUIDL through 2 years and are continuing BUIDLing in our 3rd year. Rest is never something that we will consider! Rest assured that Baby will always prepare and present the best for babies.

Let’s move on to our last update in the last week! $BABY is safely landed on Base, Optimism, and Arbitrum in partnership with LayerZero Labs! Yes, you are hearing it correctly. $BABY is not only BUIDL on BNB Chain but available on multi-chains and will be able to let babies explore more use cases there soon! What you can do now is to bridge your $BABY via BabySwap Bridge here, and then you can trade $BABY on Uniswap by searching $BABY token directly or entering our token address here: 0x53E562b9B7E5E94b81f10e96Ee70Ad06df3D2657. We will deploy more possible ways to spread Baby brand awareness and expand Baby Meta Finance to the entire crypto world. Stay tuned for more opportunities and profits!

Also, we have heard your voices on the specific chain that babies want to explore our Baby Metaverse on, we will work hard on that as well to bring all babies options to choose from and freedom to discover everything! BabySwap always BUIDL beyond.

Uncle Terry: Baby BUIDL beyond! We always uphold the faith that Baby will do better and be the best! Show us, Baby!

Baby Ava: Not a problem at all! Hand over your needs to us and we will do the rest.

Moving forward, as we have all the attention on the upcoming Scorpion Land, the launch of Scorpion Land is definitely our priority in the near future. Remember to enter Baby Wonderland as early as possible before 2 PM UTC, on August 18th via or .io websites. Have your $BABY ready in your wallet and check your internet before the big time! Baby will be waiting for you in our Scorpion Land with jaw-dropping $BABY output and enjoyable life.

After the Scorpion Land launch, we will put more of our focus on developing Baby Wonderland use cases. Ava can’t say much on this just yet but will inform you with more details in advance for sure.

The End of our Baby Thursday

Thank you for taking the time to read through, babies. Your thoughts matter and your caring help Baby grow!

Once again, join our Discord here and Baby’s Whale Chat here for the most recent updates, to get the primary news without having any ‘jet lag’! And stay with Baby to HODL and BUIDL a splendid Babyverse as we promised. 💗

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