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Do you want to be better prepared for the upcoming May? Follow our steps to wrap up for the productive April and have sneak peeks of our scheduled plans.

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Let’s review the content of our Baby Thursday on April 27th, 2023!

After Greetings and Introductions

Baby Ava: Thank you for coming here for today’s Baby Thursday on time! It’s the last Baby Thursday of the month, which means we are at the end of April. Cheer about the start of the new month feels like yesterday, yet we are here, where we are about to embrace another new month!

Well, let’s begin! The last live Q&A session is here and the new one for today’s Baby Thursday is freshly opened here. Meet you babies there later!

Uncle Terry: Wow, it’s time to say goodbye to April. The time actually fled even faster with the abundant and productive life in Baby MetaFi. Let’s wrap them up before we step into May!

Baby Ava: Right, let’s get started. It’s always Baby Wonderland to begin with. First of all, Land Tycoon II NFB! How many of you have claimed both Land Tycoon I and II by being in the Top 100 on Prosperity Point Rank for Main Land and Divinity Land? Shout out to all industrious landholders for HODLing strong and you all deserve to earn more! Once again, Land Tycoon NFB is as valuable as Diamond Hand NFB, which will be airdropped to the Top 100 ranks of the Prosperity Point Rank before the launch of each island on Baby Wonderland.

As stated that Land Tycoon NFB usually distributes before the launch of a new island, Wizard Land was intended to be launched this week. But due to the most babies’ feedback and ideas on postponing its launch to June from a 3-day Poll with 448 votes, we decided to do as most babies required as we are always user-centered.

We can’t BUIDL anything without the support of all babies, and we understand both parties with some babies wanting to HODL to Earn on Wizard Land as soon as possible, while the others want to have more time to digest and prepare for Wizard Land. The Baby community is full of diversities with babies who have various preferences, habits, and ideas. What we can do here when it comes to opposite opinions is to provide a democratic platform, and gather as many voices as possible to make the most equal and satisfactory decision for the best interest. Let’s embrace diversity and uphold faith! Everything will work out for the best outcome! We now have more time to merge on Main Land and Divinity Land and earn to the fullest till the launch of the next island. June is only 1 month away!

Uncle Terry: I actually voted to launch Wizard Land in April. Even though the poll result is not what I expected and I really wish to move to Wizard Land now, I do understand why many other babies want to postpone its launch. I believe that the Baby team made this decision not only because of the poll results but also with considerations to prepare the new island better for us.

Baby Ava: We are a baby-centered team, which means we take your voices into account and will always figure out the best plan for babies to earn. We appreciate your understanding and support for this decision. Wizard Land along with the rest of the 3 islands, the entire Baby Wonderland, and Baby Metaverse will be marvelous regardless of the launch time! All in Metaverse!

With that being said, our winners of Wizard Land Giveaways #1–3 will be able to claim their deserved free lands in June right after its launch. We are still waiting for some winners to DM us back with their BEP 20 addresses for the rewards claim, so the winner list will be released once all addresses are collected.

Aside from Wizard Land Giveaways, we will also reschedule a snapshot time for BabySwap x SpaceID Land Whitelist Giveaway. For babies who missed this giveaway, let me elaborate briefly! Since we now have more time till the next island launch, you all can definitely join this event! So basically, this is a special giveaway in partnership with SpaceID to give away 2,000 pieces of Wizard Land with 50% off to 3 and 4-character .bnb domain holders. The snapshot time was determined at 12 PM UTC, Apr 20th, yet it will now be rescheduled before the launch of Wizard Land. The new snapshot time will be announced! All 3 and 4-character .bnb domain holders who are being snapshotted have the eligibility to whitelist Wizard Land with half of the price, so it’s a first-come-first-serve giveaway for holders. The whitelist mint time starts with the public mint of Wizard Land and last for 24 hours. First come first serve with limited time and only 2,000 seats left!

Stay tuned for our announcements for rewards claim, snapshot time, and Wizard Land launch time! We won’t let you wait for too long!

Uncle Terry: Somehow, that becomes the advantage of the delay as we have the given event and more time to get ready!

Baby Ava: Correct! Everything works out perfectly even though the schedule is a little off now.

Before we slowed down the progress to launch Wizard Land, we announced its quantity and rarity distribution. Now let’s review and be prepared!

There will be 100 (1 of 10x10) saved for the City Center with no Prosperity Points given, just like what we have done with the Main Land and Divinity Land. As always, the Baby team doesn’t wanna take your shares. Baby will always have a base camp on every island.

2,000 lands with Prosperity Points will be saved for the whitelist mint with SpaceID that I just mentioned above. First-come-first-serve giveaway for all 3 and 4-character .bnb domain holders!

500 lands with Prosperity Points will be saved for land fragment merge. The Land Fragments left from Divinity Land can be used to merge to Wizard Land, and you can keep redeeming more Land Fragments using your TCY NFTs or get land fragments from Baby NFT Market!

120 lands (randomly pre-minted 120 of 1x1) with Prosperity Points will be saved for Wizard Land giveaways on our Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. Congrats to the winners and be ready to claim free lands in June!

Like what we did for Divinity land, there will still be 720 lands (20 of 6x6) saved for surprises later! Moving next, a total of 13,560 lands for regular mint with Prosperity Points. 20% of them being 2,712 Premium lands and 80% of them being 10,848 Normal lands. 1x1 and 3x3 lands will both be opened for public mint, nothing has changed here. As always, there will be 100 of 3x3 lands and 12,660 of 1x1 lands will be available to mint.

A total of 17,000 lands on Wizard Land are ready for magical babies to show your magic! Abracadabra!

Uncle Terry: Open Sesame! Unlock the Wizard Land for me!

Baby Ava: Have your luggage packed to move in June!

Okey Dokey, one last update on Baby Wonderland is the Private Sale! We basically separated land trading into two segments, one is from the sellers to buyers, which is the Private Sale that we launched. Another one is buyers to sellers, which is the upcoming feature Make Offer! The reason for that is to let all landholders who are either sellers or buyers can have the initiative with their land assets. Both parties can send invitations, and accept or reject offers!

What to do before making deals via Private Sale is to find buyers who want to buy your lands, or buyers can find sellers who have lands that you want. You can find the landholders via the Twitter link that they connected to on Land, or if you saw them asking for lands on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, etc. In every way that you can contact each other! Then, communicate on any platform about the price. Lastly, send offers at the agreed prices to complete the trading process! The specialty-made notification system will help to inform you of the offers and all trading details.

A detailed elaboration with pictures will help you more here!

Make Offer (Buyers to Sellers) will be launched very soon! We are testing it right now to ensure your assets are safe and operations are smooth! We are developing these features to make sure that all babies can get a certain high degree of security and certainty with their land trading. Baby will be the platform to protect babies’ interests with buyers getting the lands and sellers receiving the appropriate income! We will keep optimizing each step for the best trading experience! Stay tuned!

Uncle Terry: Baby helps baby in a secure and convenient way, right? I can still remember the barren Baby Wonderland in the very beginning, but now! The Land is prosperous and thriving with just Main Land and Divinity Land, not to mention the rest of the 4 islands. And at the same time, many features are updated according to our needs. The Land is getting more and more effortless and bountiful to live on. Baby is growing with Land!

Baby Ava: We BUIDL and grow together!

Moving forward with our past updates. As we have just adjusted and updated to a more BABY-concentrated Farm with only BABY-BNB left for all real BABY holders and traders, and to reduce selling pressure in early April. This means that April will be the last month for Gold Miner NFB distribution as it is closely related to not only BABY LP Farms but all the other ALT Farms. Can’t believe that we are saying goodbye to our monthly Gold Miner! Huge thanks for staking with Baby for all these times. We look forward to seeing you on the Diamond Hand winner list next month. Will you be there?

Oh, and don’t forget that as BABY-BNB Farm owns the concentrated BABY emission we distribute to BabySwap Farm, it now has a really high APR! As you may know that 1 BABY/block will be added to Land from Farm before the launch of each island to keep the total BABY emission unchanged. Therefore, before the BABY emission adjustment and Wizard Land launch, enjoy high and concentrated APR in BABY-BNB Farm for lucrative earnings!

Uncle Terry: Pardon me for interrupting. I am always on both winner lists of Diamond Hand and Gold Miner. Oh, and Land Tycoon, of course! Nothing much, just want to show off a little!

Baby Ava: Jajajajajajajaja, good for you and knock it off, lmao. We must have a lot of babies who win the grand slam!

Let’s continue with our DeFi features. Buy Crypto is now launched on BabySwap in partnership with Binance and powered by Binance Connect! Woo-hoo! Anyone can start their crypto journey with cryptocurrencies via the secure Baby MetaFi from then on, and enjoy a wide range of payment options as well as a seamless crypto-buying experience. One more way to discover possibilities on Baby Mateverse and the entire Web 3 without further navigation or search! Buy Crypto on BabySwap will guide you step by step.

Other than Buy Crypto, we now have the Trending Page with both Top Gainers on BNB Chain and the Top Trading Volume Rank available as a Trending window on our Swap page now. Just like the ones you used before on our webpage, the Trending window is more conspicuous to view and check without any other complicated operations, trade tokens with the most profits, and trading volumes instantly and conveniently with simple clicks! Note that the Trending window will not be shown automatically when you enter our Swap page. You need to manually turn it on by clicking on the little thermometer icon in the Setting area. We made this on purpose for babies who may not want the Trending window to be able to use the concise Swap page. User-friendly and thoughtful Baby, right?

Uncle Terry: YES! That’s sweet and very useful. Baby is really trying hard to satisfy babies with all different needs. We don’t have many projects that focus almost everything on their users exclusively, but we have Baby!

Baby Ava: Baby!! Baby will always be here!

Speaking of user-friendly and thoughtful, a straightforward pop-up reminder for switching chains is also updated! This is made because BabySwap is currently only available on BNB Chain, and we have made our first step on multichain expansion with Baby Bridge earlier, babies could encounter wallet disconnection or invalidation due to that we can’t support using BabySwap on non-BNB Chain yet. You may not find out the reason for disconnection or invalidation in an instant and feel confusion or frustration after, hence, we added the non-closeable pop-up reminder to well-address this potential concern! No worries, Baby will clear the way for ya!

Uncle Terry: Yoo hoo! Time for our future plans? Don’t know about you guys, but all I want to know is about Baby Wonderland since Wizard Land is coming!

Baby Ava: It will be about Land!

The first thing I have mentioned is the feature of Make Offer from buyers to sellers on Baby Wonderland. It’s currently in the testing stage for a better display and operation! I’d say it will be launched approximately in early May! Let me know if I made the correct guess, lol. It may be earlier than I thought!

Moreover, we want Private Sale and Make Offer to do the best work for trading more targeted lands and merging lands at an accelerated speed, so we will add more social media account channels for babies to connect Web 2 accounts on Land. Since we already have a Twitter connection now, we will add Telegram and Discord to increase opportunities for babies to contact other landholders to send and accept offers conveniently! Connect your Twitter, Discord, and Telegram accounts when they launch to help babies and receive assistance to HODL to earn together.

Uncle Terry: Let us all get connected to push forward the merge process for the launch of Wizard Land. Once again, all in Metaverse! Let’s make a killing together either from trading or HODL lands, or both!!

Baby Ava: I guess you desperately need some lands to merge! Am I right? But he’s correct, since we have more time till the next launch, let’s start merging and HODLing more!

As Wizard Land is scheduled to launch in June, we also have more time to prepare for the launch of other relative supporting features such as several updates and optimizations mentioned before. The first one is My NFT with a more convenient and user-friendly operation and display to use which meets the current demands in a Baby-centered NFT Market. Then the filter update on our Baby NFT Market in mobile version will be available as well before the new island launch. Lastly, babies will be able to copy and paste landholders’ addresses directly as Private Sale and Make Offer will need to enter the address of buyers or holders. This feature will be extremely helpful when it comes to landholders who haven’t connected any of their social media accounts to Land. Send offers and our notification system on Land will have landholders well-informed!

Babies can access everywhere on Baby MetaFi regardless of devices, locations, etc, and enjoy the smooth operation and comprehensive features to trade, HODL, and earn.

One last before the Wizard Land launch in June! Many babies are hyped up with the announcement of the joining of Baby’s friends! We now have DEGO, SecondLive, and BurgerCities, more besties will be coming! To better welcome them to Land during this waiting-for-Wizard-Land period, we will upload their Logos along with direct links to their Twitter or webpage for babies to explore! And during this period, we will not stop but bring more activities for babies to have a blast on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord! Baby Metaverse will be saturated with laughter, fun, and mouthwatering rewards!

Uncle Terry: Waiting for the call! I know that Baby won’t let us just wait and do nothing. Baby always BUIDL beyond our expectations!

Baby Ava: BUIDL beyond expectations. I totally love that compliment! That’s what Baby always wants to do — amaze babies!

Friendly reminder! While waiting for Wizard Land, don’t miss out on the ‘Immersive Baby Metaverse Upgrade’ that was written on our Q2 roadmap. Something really fascinating is on the way! Let Ava find an appropriate time to leak more! Just know that ALL IN METAVERSE will never be wrong!

Highlighted Community Q&A time in Baby’s Whale Chat!

Baby #1: Can we take a poll to see if we should reduce each island’s pp going into Wizard Land? It makes lands more valuable for every new island if the Prosperity Points reduce each island.

Baby Ava: The Prosperity Points on each island are not coming from another island! Remember how we added 1 BABY/block to the total land BABY output from Farm (0.5) and Pool (0.5) to keep the total BABY emission unchanged before the launch of Divinity Land? The Prosperity Points on other islands won’t be affected in a bad way by a new island launch at all, instead, more islands open with more landholders, we together increase the global PP and more BABY will be added to the Land with constant total BABY emission! As we have just adjusted our Farm with BABY-BNB only, before the launch of Wizard Land, we will add 1 BABY/block from Farm to Land. More BABY output on Land with unchanged total BABY emission!

Baby #2: Hi Baby Ava. Could the team do the same as they did on Swap and put on land output/Rewards to collect the amount you have in dollars?

Baby Ava: Hey baby! Just forwarded your idea to the team! Thanks for sharing it with us 🤩

The End of our Baby Thursday

April is a month bubbled with thrilling updates, joint events, strategic collaborations, and high efficiency! No matter how things went unexpectedly, we never go off track! Uphold faith and BUIDL the Baby Metaverse with joint efforts!

Thank you for taking the time to read through, babies. Your thoughts matter and your caring help Baby grow!

Once again, join our Discord here and Baby’s Whale Chat here for the most recent updates, to get the primary news without having any ‘jet lag’! And stay with Baby to HODL and BUIDL a splendid Babyverse as we promised. 💗

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