BABY & SHARK NFB Sales Recap

Baby and Shark are hanging out together!

Did you get one for yourself?

I want you to know that this is not only an NFB for staking but also an NFB used for some meaningful little things

Recap on Sales

Today, July 9th, we had an exciting sale on BABY & SHARK NFB on Treasureland! The sale started at 10 AM UTC time, and ended in only 25 minutes!!

Details of the NFB is as follows:


Category: Mates

Price: 0.1 BNB

Face value: 100 BABY

Quantity: 143


  • Stake to earn BABY in NFB Pool.
  • Dedicated to the meaningful little things!

Start listing at: 10:00 AM UTC, July 9th

Finish listing at: 10:25 AM UTC, July 9th

Sold out at: 10:25 AM UTC, July 9th

Cheers to BABY & SHARK and all the users!!


Baby Shark is the first project who works with BabySwap on Mates Meaningful NFB. They always support our ideas and willing to build a wonderland with BabySwap.

Many of you may be curious about what we are going to do with the sales profit. Well, we give it to babies.

We mentioned in the article about those meaningful little things. Hereby, I announce, BabySwap Charity will be the place we distribute our funds!

In the following months, we will continually work with our mates and friends. The selling profits will be donated to children through an official authoritative organization monthly. The donation will be proceeded at the end of each month.

About Baby Shark

Baby Shark Token is a community-driven, audited & secure autonomous DeFi protocol harnessing the power of the classic children’s song featured in Newsweek, Fortune and Bloomberg News.

While many cryptocurrencies rely largely on fossil fuel-based mining, Baby Shark Token is a carbon-neutral cryptocurrency generating funds to help rescue the oceans. The team, community, and focus of Baby Shark Token is global in scope as we all work together to make an impactful difference towards the environment.

Our novel deflationary tokenomics help to clean the ocean through decentralized fundraising and partnering with nonprofits, while rewarding holders through reflections. Each transaction distributes 3% proportionally to holders, 3% is locked away into the liquidity pool and 2% is added directly into the charity wallet in the form of BNB.

Baby Shark Token is an official partner of the Gili Shark Conservation as well as a primary donor of the University of Miami Shark Research and Conservation Program.

We’ve recently launched our official partnership with the Gili Shark Conservation and have also adopted our own shark via the University of Miami Shark Research Center affectionately named Elon Musk.

To learn more about BabyShark, our principal advises you to visit their official communication channel.







Thank you again for Baby Shark’s support and participation!

Baby is the future, and let’s support the future.

Principal’s Note




A supportive Baby Metaverse including AMM, NFT, and GameFi for newborn projects on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).