Baby GamePad INO: Tiny World on stage

2 min readFeb 22, 2022


Hola babies!

Tiny World INO is on stage!

INO refers to Initial NFT Offering that helps projects best issue and launch NFT in game.

More is welcome, check this out to submit a request.

Baby GamePad Initial NFT Offering 🎮👶

Project: Tiny World

Starting Time: 1 PM UTC, Feb 25th, 2022

Ending Time: 1 PM UTC, Feb 26th, 2022

Total Mystery Runes Amount: 1,500

Initial Price: 0.05 BNB


Each Mystery Rune can be redeemed to one tiny hero in Tiny World. Players will not only use tiny hero NFTs to play the game, but also to participate in Tiny Farm mining to earn DeFi rewards. Tiny hero NFT is the first kind of game asset released that supports Tiny Farm mining.

The Mystery Runes are divided into five different Rarities -

SSSR(0.5%) | SSR(2.5%) | SR(8.0%) | R(25.0%) | N(64.0%).

What is Tiny World?

Tiny World is a fully trading game universe based on historical legends from across the globe. It combines Play-to-earn and effective DAO governance with quality gameplay. Tiny World has a complete product matrix including; Tiny Games (Tiny Kingdom, Tiny Dungeons, etc.), Tiny Farm (combine cool NFT heroes with DeFi to produce a seamless GameFi experience).

To learn more about Tiny World, please visit their official social media:







How to Participate in INO?

Be sure to have enough tokens for purchase in advance.

You could transfer your Boxes or redeemed NFT to other addresses as well.


Please be aware of potential scams that might result in a financial loss for users.

Principal’s Note





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